Jane Elizabeth

I Am the Lamplighter of Souls.je crop for banner.jpg

Since the time I was five years old, my entire life has been dedicated to an inward spiritual quest to understand my Soul in God.

Through the process of meditation, I discovered that I was a soul in evolution and had lived many lifetimes. This insight was freeing and led me to uncover my soul’s many incarnations. With the direct knowledge of my soul’s history I was able to bring new understanding to my present life.

When I consciously set out on my spiritual path, I had no idea of the magnitude of the journey I was undertaking. I could not comprehend the changes that would take place in my consciousness and throughout my entire being. I stumbled and fell many times, but somehow, I found the courage and tenacity to keep going.

While I was in the midst of this intense struggle to conquer my limited self, I always wished I had a teacher, guide or helpful book to let me know I was on the right track. I yearned to know that I was not alone in this endeavor to be fused with my Higher Self. I vowed that if I were victorious, I would do everything I could to help others equally committed to overthrow their lower self and win this revolution in consciousness.

It is my deepest desire and greatest joy to now support your spiritual journey. I am dedicated to educate this and future generations so they have a road map to God-Realization, to becoming a soul infused with infinite knowledge. Center for Enlightenment provides a platform for this world service.