The Active Observer

From "Words from the Hart"
April 2008 - May 2011
by Jane Elizabeth

Become the Active Observer

May 25, 2008
Become an active observer. This means developing the ability to observe your actions and your thoughts. Begin to observe your thoughts as you go about your daily activities. By practicing this you are able to witness your thoughts before taking action. This enables you to work in the best interest of your soul.

Ponder on this: Are you ready to become an active observer of self?

Observer Self Helps Break Old Patterns

July 28, 2009
On our spiritual journey it is very important to become the observer of our thoughts before we take action. This will help us make better decisions and break old behavior patterns that are not working in the best interest of our soul.

Observe Your Way to Better Choices

November 18, 2008
By observing our emotions we are able to learn about ourselves. So, let’s embrace our emotions without indulging in them. Learning to be the observer helps us make better choices.

Being the Active Observer

July 28, 2008
Revelations help us to be the Observer of our life situations so we can make new choices that support our soul.
Ponder on this: What have you observed about yourself this week that has helped you make new choices?

The Spiritual Thermometer

August 25, 2009
One of the tools that helped me the most was the spiritual thermometer because it helped me to be the observer of myself. By using the thermometer I was able to gauge my thoughts and actions to make better choices.

SpiritualThermometer CMYK.jpg

Develop Your Observer Self

November 4, 2009
It is now time to develop our observer self. The reason this is such an important spiritual tool is because it helps us to observe our behavior and actions with others. By watching ourselves in action, we can stop ourselves from falling back into old patterns and make better choices.
Action to take: Think of your life as a play you are observing and watch yourself in action. See yourself as the actor and director watching the "play." By doing this you can observe your personality in action. Now you can make different choices about how to handle your life situations. As you develop this skill, it becomes a very important ability and supports your spiritual journey in many ways.

Developing Utter Detachment

November 17, 2009
Now that you have connected with your observer self and have practiced watching yourself in action, you are developing utter detachment. This brings freedom from worries and suffering. When you are attached to your outcome, you can't observe yourself properly and this is why it is important to develop the skill of detachment.
Action to take: Continue to observe yourself with detachment.

Stop the Emotional Yo-Yo

November 19, 2009
As we move forward on this spiritual adventure, we are beginning to understand the value of being the observer self and why detachment is so important. By now you have begun to notice how emotions play such an important role in your life and color your decision making process. Emotions have great power and we swing back and forth and feel out of control. If we watch this yo-yo effect, we can stop the yo-yos before they get out of control. By taking this action, you will be regaining your power.
Action to take: Continue to observe yourself with detachment.

On Fire for Moving Forward!

January 14, 2010
Our souls are on fire to move forward to experience all that we are in every aspect of our life.
How is this done???
Action to take: By becoming an active observer or a witness of physical and mental happenings, we develop utter detachment and this lifts us out of our judgment of self and others. We remain aloof from the events that are happening. Through this exercise of self examination we gain greater understanding of ourselves.

Dethrone the Limited Ego

January 24, 2010
Last week's Support For Our Soul was about observing our ego self in action. Our ego keeps us so involved in the desires of the limited self and always justifies its behaviors and actions. It is very tricky.
Actions to take to dethrone our limited ego:
Continue to observe and witness your ego behavior. Keep a notebook or journal and write down what you are witnessing. This will help you discover how your ego operates and begin the detaching process.

Observe How the Ego Measures & Compares

January 26, 2010
The ego lives in the opposites--joy, sorrow, love, hate, etc.--and feels inferior or superior according to its judgment of the situation. The ego constantly measures its limited self with other limited selves because the ego wants to feel special and unique. Since the beginning of 2010, we have been examining the limited ego and becoming more aware of its control over our judgment and behavior.
Action to take: Start observing how often you measure yourself in comparison with others.

Observe, Adjust and Evolve!

September 22, 2010
We are consciously assisting in the evolution of our soul when we become the active observer of our self. We cannot change anything until we can identify what needs to be changed. The active observer is the guardian and support system that watches over the personality self, and helps realign the behavior that is not working for us. So by taking responsibility for that aspect of our self, we are able to take huge spiritual steps forward on our journey of self discovery.

Action to take:

Observe your behavior. Then make a conscious effort to change that behavior. It takes effort but it has great rewards.

Move Beyond the Opposites

July 7, 2010
Our ego was created to live in the world of opposites. We evaluate ourselves from this point of view: pain and pleasure, love, hate, joy, sorrow--all the different experiences in the opposites.
There comes a time in our evolution when we no longer need to experience them and desire to go beyond them. At that point we are ready to dismantle the existing ego.

If that time has come for you, here is the action to take:

Become the observer and watch yourself in action.

Impersonalize this by pretending you are watching a movie. You are the director of this movie, and you are watching the actor play its part. After a few days start journaling what you are observing.
You will begin to see a pattern forming around your activities. Your Ego will not want to follow through with this unveiling, but your Soul is delighted that you are making this effort.

Watch Your Thoughts before Taking Action

September 1, 2010

We have the power to choose where our mind takes us. With that knowledge, it is important that we watch over our thoughts before we take action. Our mind is constantly moving between the opposites. When we let go of things coming out in a certain way-good or-bad, we are empowered. All actions taken must be for the highest good for all concerned.

Action to take: Be consciously present with your thoughts and watch over them carefully.

Daily Experiences Shape the Development of Your Soul

October 14, 2010

Your day to day experiences may seem trivial, but they are really experiences that are shaping the development of your soul. Become the Active Observer of yourself. It will help neutralize your reactions. It allows you to make unemotional choices, instead of reacting unconsciously to a situation, and helps you see the big picture within the small event.

Action to take: Practice with small things at first. Observe your thoughts as you drive to work, clean your house, or do the dishes. It takes practice to constantly stay in the Active Observer. You are learning a new skill and you might be better at it some days than others.

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