Being in the Now

From "Words from the Hart" weekly email
April 2008 - May 2011

Our Mind Is Like A Search Light

June 16, 2008
Our mind is like a search light. It can focus in the past, the future or the NOW! Staying focused in the NOW we are consciously present in any given moment and are able to access our higher consciousness. Ponder on this: What are you doing to stay in the NOW moment?

Celebrate Your Life in God NOW!

June 10, 2009
There is no time like the presence to celebrate your life in God!

Universal Knowledge Becomes Universal Wisdom

June 15, 2010
The only way to make this transition from knowledge to wisdom is to focus on the "NOW" moment. It allows us to use our Mind differently. Why is this important?

The mind, when it is in the state of NOW, is an electrical energy, vibration and a powerful tool. It is a search light that can focus upward and attract Wisdom and bring understanding to our consciousness at a higher level.

Action to take:

Be consciously present of where your Mind is, and take charge of it. Then bring it back to the NOW moment.

By doing this we are able to move into the higher vibrations of the abstract Mind, which is Universal Wisdom.

Connect with Divine Wisdom

August 18, 2010

Our mind is a unit of electrical energy, a vibration and a powerful tool when used rightly. The mind is like a search light that can focus in the past, the future or the NOW. In the NOW the mind focuses upward, attracts and coordinates ideas, and brings them into consciousness. Every time we still the mind and simply surrender to the silence, even for a minute, we are connecting with the higher vibrations, our intuition kicks in and we are able to solve our everyday problems with divine wisdom.

Action to take to solve a problem:
Observe your mind, and what it focuses on. Then still the mind and go into the NOW moment and connect with that divine wisdom and get your answer.