You are 1/10th conscious and 9/10th subconscious. Your conscious mind draws conclusions about yourself based upon the third dimensional day-to-day world. However, you're only conscious of 1/10 of who you are and what you can become. In order to realize your wholeness and "God-ness", you've got to understand that there's plenty of things hidden from your conscious mind. The subconscious contains the entire history of your soul's evolution. All of your past lives, as well as the experiences and talents you’ve developed in previous incarnations are stored in the subconscious mind. It stores all the decisions you've made, all the desires you've ached for, and all the resentments you've held. It also contains the driving force behind your spirituality -- your powerful desire to be fully aware of your God-Self!

Your conscious mind and subconscious mind are separated by a veil. Information and emotions can pass through the veil, causing you to think and behave in baffling ways. Imagine an iceberg. A small part if it is visible above the water. The vast majority, however, lies hidden from view beneath the surface. That section is very treacherous -- it can sink a ship as solid as the Titanic! Believe it or not, your soul is very similar to an iceberg! You are only aware of a small part of yourself, and your thoughts and behaviors as mostly dominated by unseen forces rooted within the depths of your being.

Regardless of your best intentions, you often respond emotionally to most situations. Your subconscious constantly leaks information to your conscious mind. It brings up foggy memories from this life and from past lives. It’s like a program on a computer disc. You run whatever program gets put into your consciousness.

When you meditate, you begin to lift the curtain to the subconscious. Emotions and experiences from your past lives will bubble up into your conscious mind. Even if you don't have past life images, you may notice you react differently to people and situations. This means you are tapping into various parts of your subconscious. These pieces of yourself are arising from the murky depths in order to be healed. Healing consists of forgiveness and release (see the Seven Steps)

You must heal your soul, since there is so much from the past stuck in your subconscious mind. Those memories can keep you from being loving, from being adventurous or from knowing that you're One with God. Many subconscious factors come into play and trigger you in ways you don't even realize. You’re not as free as you think!

As you work through these subconscious pieces of yourself, you will become 2/10th conscious, and eventually 3/10th conscious -- and then, slowly-but surely, you will become 100% conscious of your whole being. Then you will realize that you are part of God in a very real way. You will experience the God Presence within you. You will live from that Presence and you will be that Presence. Right now, the subconscious mind is in the way of perceiving your Oneness with God!

When you are off the karmic law you are fully awake and aware. You become one with another part of yourself that's been there all along. It's like a baby that is born and it can't see, it just sees bits of color. But we look at that baby and know it will eventually see clearly; we know it has the faculties to have clear vision. This is how 4th dimensional Masters see you. You've got the faculty to have the God experience you want.