Don't let your thoughts run wild -- it's a waste of energy. These types of patterns are unconscious and make you sad, aggressive or whatever without you knowing why you feel as you do. You're so used to it that you don't even hear the tape of those thoughts playing. Then you can take the wheel of your mind and choose your thoughts consciously.

Go into the silence and listen. There is a great power supporting you. There is so much help available to you! Meditation is essential in order to move through this third dimension. If you don't meditate, your mind will boggle you, and hold you back. Discipline your mind with meditation. Listen to the subtle voice of your soul, not the clamoring thoughts of your head! Still your mind and align with the higher vibrations that are trying to support you. Those energies have been there for all your lifetimes, but you had to evolve until this point in order to begin to make use of them.

When you're in trouble and can't slow your mind, start yelling, "God! Stop my mind! I want to focus on You!" Try repeating "Om", "Love" or "Thank You God" throughout the day. Make a list of your thoughts. Become aware of the boring and repetitive way your mind moves in circles.