Jane Elizabeth Discourse on Detachment
August 14, 2013

Now it is so important that I bring this to your attention and for you to start reading the Discourses, because you are going to have much more imprint. The word I want to use for you is imprint from Baba. He is going to be helping you to get what he is saying quicker and he is going to be there advising and supporting you in a lot of the things that I have already said in this book.

I want to talk to you about detachment right now. And I know Ive talked to you about detachment before. Detachment comes with every step of the way. Along the way you have to get detachment because detachment is of utmost importance. To give everybody an example of this was when we were all going to go to New York, and we had the interviews, we spent at least two/three months doing meditations, taking our homes, our cars, and our businesses up the Seven Steps. Then,we went to New York and after we went there, after a few weeks, it was No, this is not where we need to go; we need to go to Detroit.

But you had to be able to move quickly from one thing to the other. And so much of being detached is about not being so involved in the outcome. Because then youre mad because it didnt come out the way you thought it would. And then you have to waste a week, or two weeks, a month or two months getting over your anger at the fact that you didnt get to go to New York when you wanted to, or you didnt get to go to California when you wanted to, or you didnt get to go to different things.

In my process, I think the biggest thing that I went through at the beginning, and you all know this story that I was given that [husband] was dying. Well I thought it was a physical death, and you all know this story, and I took him up the Seven Steps, I did all these things and two years later he asks for a divorce. But I had all of that preparation of letting him go, etc, etc. and still it was the biggest shock that he asked for a divorce. And I told you I went through the process of being very angry because I thought for sure this was whats going to happen, and I had to forgive God for treating me for what I thought was, so badly.

That was the beginning of me learning in 1969 that this is the truth, you have to be able to move with this. And since then, my Teacher over and over and over again would sometimes tell me that Im going to do something, so Id put all of my eggs in one basket and the basket was full and then the basket got pulled out from under me, and I had to readjust and move on.

The reason, the reason that this happens is so that you will be so obedient that you will do what you need to do and in a moments notice, switch gears and not spend a week or five days or any time being angry about it. Well, you might be angry for a moment or two, but its so little that you dont get involved in spending so much time in it, that it takes you off your focus.

So, this trainingand Baba is really going to be pushing you on thisthis is why Im telling you about it because he said, Give them this lecture because I am going to teach them how to move on a dime. A lot of them get stuck on and get angry that something is not going their wayor on the outcome you thought was going to come.

I got to where I always gave my outcomes to God. Because I knew I had to give my whole self to what I was asked to do and if it came forth, it came forth; and if it didnt, then there was something new for me to move forth in. So I want you to know this up front, so that you are aware that there is always this challenge that the teacher gives you so that you arent all invested in the answer. So that you can move without anger in one thing or another, especially with your out-of-body teacher. Ive done that to all of you! To all of you throughout the times. Asked you a question and you tell me what you want, and then I tell you that you really dont want that I want this, so that you could move. So that you really werent invested in where you were going to go to dinner or what movie youre going to go to, or if youre going to go to California or if youre not.

And the problem beingTHE PROBLEM BEINGyou need to hear this guys! The problem being is that you cannot get into complacency: Oh well, what the hell, this is probably just a test and I am not going to put myself into it. Because the moment you do that you BETTER KNOW that your apple cart is going to be dumped out. Because you wont be readybecause you dont know when its the truth and when its not the truth. Everything is designed to move your consciousnessto take out the ego that expects certain things because certain things are supposed to be a certain way according to YOU.

So, let me help you with that so that when Baba starts pushingand I remember when I got all ready to go see Sai Baba with somebody paying my way, and I had my bags packed and I had my passport, and I knew what I was going to take. It was just a few weeks before we were going to go and the tickets were going to be bought, it was like: No, youre not goingyou dont need to go. Sai Baba came to see me and that was quite a beautiful thing and that was easy to let go of.

But, there were other thingswhen one of my friends asked me to go to Paris, France, and everything would be paid for. And I really thought this would be a wonderful thing, especially since I had had past lives in that part of the world. But it was like, No, youre not going, you have to stay home. I had three months where my children were in Toledo with their father and we were going to go to Europe for two months. All of a sudden, I am not going to Europe, I am going to be home, by myself, and just be with Miss Jane. And that was the most beautiful experience for three months I really, truly got to know Miss Jane. I was taken into a totally new concept of myself and worked daily with my spiritual partner as we had a particular project that we had to do for those three months.

You know, I was sad for a day and then I realized, Hey, theres another purpose. So, be spiritually savvy here. Be spiritually savvy. And be able to move from one thing to the next and not say, Oh well, God is probably going to take it away from me anyway so I dont care. Thats not the attitude to take because that doesnt get you anywhere. That says to your out-of-body Teacher, Im still a little baby, Im still a child here, Im still doing childish things. And if you can recognize that, that will help you to move faster.

Because its the ego that always gets in the way and has to have its outcome the way it thinks its outcome should be. So, if you can learn to pivotand I know Ive talked to you about this Ive had you read Detachment, I sent articles to you, but it goes on and on and on. You have to be able to be detached but be involvedbe involved but you have to be detached. You have to give it your all because you are being processed so that you can move from one thing to the other with the greatest of ease and not be stumped by any of these things. They cant pull you down to a five on the Spiritual Thermometer for five days trying to get out of the anger. Or you get into rebellion; you start rebelling because youre angry about some situation that happened to you spiritually or whatever. Thats a waste of time because youre not going to have the opportunity you are being prepared to take. And then that opportunity dissolves and it will be another few months before they can set up another scenario to help you pass through something you need to pass through.

These are all important things I am telling you and I am hoping that somebody will type up this dissertation soon so that I can send everybody a copy of this because I think you need to have it before you. You need to see this. What is in my way? What is stepping in my way of moving on? Although you all have had opportunities to switch gears, theres going to be more opportunities to do it. And as you move clearly into your soul-self, your ego-self becomes more aggressive--and I say aggressive--and it wants its own way in the process. It wants its own way.

So, you have to give all to whatever you are doing, with your whole heart and soul in it, with no, absolutely no expectations. You cant think, The outcome has to be this way and if it isnt, man, am I upset about it. Youre all too old, too advanced for that. Every one of you are too advanced for that behavior. And you will find yourself being tested on this so Im giving you forewarning because its going to come into your face maybe three weeks from now, maybe two months from now, maybe tomorrow.

Baba is going to work on you on this because Baba wants to get you very flexible. You have to be flexible. You have to be flexible because if youre not, its going to take you a lot more time to move through things and you miss opportunities. Then you get into a space where its kind of a void, where you cant find the right job, or you cant find the right house, or you cant find the right car, or you cant something because you didnt work through it fast enough, and that opportunity already passed and you didnt get the opportunity to grab hold.

Its your ego that will keep you stuck. Its your ego that gets angry, angry, angry because its not going your way. This is not what you expected on the spiritual path, so you expected to have more kudos, more gifts, more whatever. Even though you know, each one of you knows thats not where its at. Its about moving your consciousness from your limited self to your Unlimited Self. And youre not going to get to your Unlimited Self at all until you let go of these childish things that keep you stuck. Because then the child rebels, it gets angry, and then it wastes a lot of time being rebellious.

Sometimes some of you get stuck in that type of consciousness for months, and Ive seen that with some of you. Youve been stuck for months in rebellion and anger about something that didnt happen according to your plan. So, just be careful here, be careful. Recognize that the ego is trying to take charge. The ego wants to have its own way and the ego wants certain outcomeswhen it wants this, it wants that. When you go to the ice cream store, you want to be able to buy ice cream. But if you go to the ice cream store and its like NO, you just walk away, you walk away. Im just giving that silly example that seems trivial, but thats obedience too. Its obedience. How can I be more obedient?

The reason you have to be obedient, and I cannot say this enough to you, is because if you always kind of flip-flop through things, or you are obedient really, really well for a certain length of time, and then you pop off and you do a little rebellious thingThey dont know, but after a while, They know what you are going to do!

Oh, its going to take so-and-so six months to take a step because theres going to be rebellion, theres going to be this, theres going to be that, theres going to be the next thingoh well, ho hum, the Teacher says. Ill just wait, wait until they are ready. And you dont want that! You dont want that from your out-of-body Teacher, you dont want Him or Baba to say, Oh well, let them go and play.

Thats what I do with youlet you go rebel. When you come back, Ill take you back and see where were at, but you may have missed some opportunities and that I cannot fill in for you; I cant do anything about that. I cant reproduce the opportunity maybe for six months or two more years. Because it wasnt taken when the door was just about to be open. The door was open, but you couldnt walk through it.

So, we have to be diligent, we have to use that Observer Self in a big way now. Youre too far along on this path not to have that Observer Self always before you, always-- never ever, ever, ever, ever make a decision without checking out where you are on the Spiritual ThermometerNEVER EVER, EVER! Because if you do make decisions from the lower part of yourself, just read what it says! Its not going to come out right; its not going to help you. Its going to take you, maybe, a lot of time to recover; a lot of time to recover from that decision.

So, are there any questions from anybody?

[A student asks a question.]

Ok, (student), you have two possibilitiestwo roads you can takeyou can take a road to California or you can take a road to Alaska. And each one of them is going to require something different from you. If you go to California, you need suntan lotion and be patient in driving, etc, etc, etc. You need certain equipment to go to California. You also need certain equipment to go to Alaska, you need your snow boots and all those things. Two different things--totally different.

And you are obviously talking about a crossroads that you have been given from your out-of-body teacher, these two crossroads. I have been where you are, (student), many, many, many a time, and the only way I could get through this was to evaluate: Ok, if I go to California, this is what Im going to have. And this is what They are asking you to do to write down: If I do this, then this is going to happen; if I do that, that is going to happen. Because they are two different things like going to California and Alaska and you dont know what to choose, and youre afraid youre going to choose the wrong thing, Im sure about that. And I always said, Baba, youre putting me on the hot spot because youre giving me a choice.

And the choice is always about your souls journey. And, so, you need to sit down and figure out which one of theseI think you said where you would do the most good, right? Yeah, Ok, hes saying yes. I would list where I would do the greatest good for the greatest amount if I go to California or Alaska. Then, and I mean down and dirty, you think of every possible thing: what would your family go through, all of the above. Because They are putting this on you, They are happy to help you go wherever you want.

Now, because youve got a heart that got opened, youre going to have to look at this through your heart eyes, OK? Your intellectual eyes just went blur. It is your heart that has to speak here; the heart is going to make the decision because we just knocked out the intellect. Because if youre trying to intellectualize this, thats going down the foolish path here. Youve got to do a heart thing: What will fulfill my heart? What can I do to fulfill that yearning in me? To learn or to grow or to stand on your head? Whatever it is.

And thats where youre stuck. Youre afraid youre going to make the wrong decision. And there is no wrong decision, (student)! There is no wrong decision! Dont worry about it, theres no wrong decision, both are right decisions. They just want to know what you want to do so They can support it. There is no wrong decision here! If you think youre going to make the wrong decision for the Masters, youre crying up the wrong tree. Its about (student)its about (student)its about what (student) needs. The Masters dont care if you go to California or Alaska, doesnt matter to Them because either one is good! You just have to wear snow shoes to one and sandals to the other. And thats just the difference. And They dont care if youre wearing sandals or snow shoes, its up to you.

So you have been honored to be given this opportunity to make this decision. And I support you in making that type of decision. Write down the consequences and joys, the joys and sorrows. How much work would I have to do if I did A? How much work would I have to do if I did C? How do I feel about how much work Id have to do?

You are guaranteed for success in either way you choose to go. Now that, (student), is a BIG, BIG thing I just said to you: You are guaranteed, (student), for success either way you go. I want you to hear me! YOU ARE GUARANTEED FOR SUCCESS NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO WITH EITHER CHOICE, YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL! So, you decideand they are both good.

Hey! I wish They had told me that a couple times when I had to make those decisions! Nobody came and said, Both would be good, Jane! I had to--poor me--I had to figure it out for myself! So, youre getting better treatment than I did (laughing loudly) in fact, Im going to complain! Im complaining! How come (student) got better treatment than I did?! (full of laughter) They know Im teasing Them. Im glad for whatever I had to do; its fine.

Ok, so does that help you answer? So now you have to decide if you want to wear snow boots or sandals.

The wonderful thing is, when you go with the flow, youre going to have what you need when you need itwhatever it is. So, if you can move with that as effortlessly as you can, youre going to find out that its going to work for you. Its going to support you.