Jane Elizabeth Discourse
Detaching from the Merry-Go-Round
Wednesday, July 9, 2014

We are about being responsible for ourselves. How we respond to things; how we look at our life; how we listen; how we keep ourselves above a 5 when we want so badly to go below a 5 and lash out. That doesn’t help anybody. Worst of all, it doesn’t help us; it doesn’t help anybody in the family…it doesn’t help.

Always watch that high-watch for yourself; it is so important. Be constantly observing the higher self. Be constantly aware of how easy it is to fall into the trap of the drama of life. How easy it is to let that control your emotions and control your decisions and the decisions you make for your family. It is very important as a spiritual student … as just a human being … but you are spiritual students, so there is more responsibility that you have for your choices.

But for human beings it is very important for them to be in integrity with themselves. When they get out of integrity, their thermometer goes down and goes down and down and down deep into the recesses of the subconscious. And it can pull up garbage and bring it to the forefront of the consciousness. And when you have not been diligent, garbage can come up and rule your life. It can make you believe that’s who you truly are in that moment, and it’s the biggest lie.

You live in the world of illusion and we all know this to be true. This is a dream that you’re in, and it seems real and it’s supposed to seem real. It’s supposed to seem like it is what it is; it’s very real. And we believe the dream that we’re in but we must believe in that dream in order to get the lessons we need from that dream. And when we go to sleep, we have dreams, and those dreams, now that you are spiritual students, are divinely directed to help you move in consciousness.

So when you wake up from your dream states (sleep state), and you have had a dream, it’s there to help you know more about who you are…if you’re running away from something or you’re falling off a cliff or in a train that’s going crazy…all these dreams have spiritual information for you. So don’t let the dreams that you are having while you are sleeping be ignored. Have a little pad next to your bed so you can jot down a little bit of that dream when you wake out of it so that you can consciously remember, when you are out of the dream, what the dream was about and then juice it. Find out what that dream has to tell you.

You are in this third dimensional dream state illusion and this illusion goes on from this life to the next life from another play to another illusion. The only way the illusion can be broken is when we desire, from the essence of our heart, to move out of the limited consciousness that we’re in and understand: “I’m in a dream…I’m in a dream, I know I’m in a dream. I need to find out why I’m in this dream and how I can support myself in this dream because I have a program in this dream that I’m in, and I’m living an illusion with the people that I’m with. They’re here to teach me something and they’re here for me to give my love to and for me to understand that they’re in a dream also.”

Some are so involved in the dream that they’re having, that they can’t look outside the dream, even if they have a lot of spiritual understandings. When you get caught up in one of these dream states, in the third dimensional world, and it takes over your life and you feel that this is where you are—you know right away that you are on the merry-go-round.

You are on the merry-go-round.

The merry-go-round that goes around and around and around and it takes you this way and that way and this way and that way and you can’t get off the merry-go-round. Because you are stuck on the merry-go-round and you’re afraid to get off of it. But you don’t like being on it, and nobody around you likes being near you on the merry-go-round because they see you flailing and screaming and yelling, and they can’t wake you up out of your dream!

However, you as a spiritual student can help others wake up out of their dream state when they’re on the merry-go-round. So we begin to understand that we’re spiritual beings … we can wake our friend, our buddy … up … by walking away from them or just say, “Stop!” That’s what you hear me say to you when I catch you on the merry-go-round and I say “Stop it!” and that way I can break the energy. Because it’s an energy; it’s a pull. It will entrap you and make you feel like you have every right to be in this terrible thing that you’re going around in and you can’t move yourself out of. Love each other enough to say, “Stop! I see you on the merry-go-round…Stop!”

Now, you’re going to say to me: “How do I do that with my children or my wife that doesn’t believe in any of this stuff or my husband that doesn’t believe this or my friend that doesn’t have any idea about this—what do I do as a spiritual student?”
That was my big question when I was learning about this…what do I do, how do I help them when they don’t know anything about being on the merry-go-round. I’m talking about family members of yours that do this on a regular basis. They talk about the same subject twenty times and they go from one part to the next part and they don’t know how to get off the merry-go-round; this is part of their life, you see, it’s part of their life.

Now, how is it you can stop them…well, listen to the first round. If they start repeating themselves to you (your children), if they start repeating themselves to you, say, “Stop, let’s rethink this” … if you have a child that you can talk to like that. Now, if you have a husband or a wife or a co-worker that this is what they do, how do you talk to them? You can be more direct with your children because they are under your care. What you do with your family members that have no comprehension and it’s Greek to them, what do you do?

Well, the only thing you can do is simply put your light and love on them and don’t try to stop them because they don’t know how to stop. But, with your love and your light and your energy on them as they go through this, with your patience, they will soon get some of the light you’re sending them. Maybe it will take six months…they will soon get some of the light on their merry-go-round in their dream. Then, maybe they can start to rethink some of the things that they are talking about that they go around the merry-go-round on.

That is true with your ministry (speaking to student). My goodness, the people that you work with everyday. They come with their problems, the same old problems that they had six months ago and you try to help them and you try to explain things to them. And they can’t drop it. They’re still mad at their father, their sister, their brother or their employer. You just have to keep, slowly but surely, keep moving forward slowly but surely. Telling them to get off their merry-go-round, they probably will fight you. They say, “I’m not! What’s the matter with you? You’re not thinking like I’m thinking!” That’s what I got from my father…when I tried to tell him he’d say, “You don’t know what you’re talking about; you don’t have the vision I have.” So what did I do? I just had to listen to my father and not say anything because there was nothing to say but to love him where he was. Love was the best remedy for some of that.

But, boy, if you have your spiritual family here, which YOU DO, you are responsible for stopping them. Walk away from them because if they get mad at you, then they also know that they are mad at you because they didn’t want to get off the merry-go-round and they were resenting that. It’s all a part of this, you see. So this is why you love them enough to poke at them and say, “you’re on a merry-go-round—come on—stop, please stop, you don’t realize it.”

You have that perfect right to say that to your spiritual family because they should know when you say, “you’re on a merry-go-round, wake up” that should be a sign to them to wake up and stop. So, those are the words that you say to your spiritual family, your spiritual friends here: “You’re on a merry-go-round, stop it.” And walk away from them. Let them cool down; you owe it to them.

This is what you do. We can support each other on this. And this is such an important gift that we give each other because we all have a goal to become enlightened; to wake up from the dream, to have greater vibration, greater energy.

As you know, there are many phases that we go through on our spiritual journey and every veil that is lifted, every step that we take…you know, we talk about veils, we talk about steps, we talk about plateaus, we express all different ways to talk about the ladder that we’re going up…there’s all kinds of ways to say the same thing. Sometimes I get tired of talking about the veils and I start talking about the steps. It’s all the same, it’s all the same…it’s stepping out of your illusion.

As you grow spiritually and as you become more detached, and this is your goal to become detached, but the warning that I’ll give is when you start to become detached from your family and your friends…it’s very uncomfortable, an uncomfortable feeling. I can only speak to myself and my students, but we no longer are attached and we start to see them differently from a higher point of view. It is very hard because we start to feel like we are judging them. And the truth of the matter is you’re not judging them, you have a different, higher viewpoint and they don’t have the wool over your eyes as they had before.

It’s resignation…letting go…moving into higher awareness is all about being able to stand on the next step, looking down, and seeing how detached we are from the third dimensional world. And it’s slow but sure. But you’re more detached from the third dimensional world now then you ever have been. You’ve been working on this, whether you know this or not, you’ve been working on this for years (and it does take time).

First of all, it feels so strange when “the love of my life and all the things he means to me” and all that stuff suddenly does not seem the same. You see it differently. You see it all on a spiritual level than on a physical level. That was very hard for me, especially with my children because they were MY children (I think I’ve talked to you enough about children) but they’re MY children! And when I started to get detached from them and saw them from a different point of view, that helped me a great deal.

I didn’t like it at first. I will tell you quite frankly I did not like it at first. It felt like I was disloyal to them or I wasn’t loyal to myself. Or I wasn’t the kind of mother I felt that I should have been; the kind of friend that I should be. But that’s detachment. You have to have a period of detachment before you begin to see from a higher point of view. Because you have to know that you are detached and that’s a very important thing that I said to you right now: There is a moment or two or days that you go through this detachment and then you look at your life, and you don’t feel about it the same way that you did before and it feels strange and uncomfortable. This is part of your spiritual growth. You are moving out of human-hood. You are moving out of human-hood and into a greater awareness of your soul and spiritual-self.

The spiritual-self does not get involved with the dream. It does not get involved in the third dimension: cause/effect, anger/resentment, doesn’t get involved in it. It stays beyond it. It knows, “What’s the use? There’s no use for me to get involved in it.” The personality is involved, and when you let go of that personality that’s getting fed, in that drama … then as you let go of that, what happens, is you begin to get more detached from this world.

Because we live in two worlds…there’s two worlds, as you know: there’s the third dimensional world and the fourth dimensional world and that’s all we’re going to talk about because there’s many other dimensions, but we first have to get out of this dimension before we can go any further. And that’ll be my advanced classes, but first, right now we need the detachment that we need, we need to be able to observe ourselves—that’s why it’s been so important to observe, because you can’t be detached from something that you don’t know anything about. You first have to observe yourself and your attachments so that you can move out of the hold—and I do say hold—the hold that it has on you.

So, as you go on and start to live from this other point of view—it is another point of view—and it’s a way of looking at your life, and it’s an important way of looking at your life. Because, as long as you are stuck in the dream that you are in, you can’t wake up and lift the veil so that you can see the dream that you are in from a fourth dimensional understanding. So, that’s what we’re going for…fourth dimensional understanding…fourth dimensional understanding is everything.

That is the part where you no longer use your third dimensional intelligence … you are developing your intuition, and the higher vibrations, understandings and revelations that help you to move out of the complacency or the dream that you’re in. The only way that you can walk out of the dream that you are in, you see? So keep that in mind as you’re moving through your day: “I’m in a dream; I’m in a play.”

That’s why so often I say it’s a play, because that spoke to me. A play meant something…it’s the same thing as a dream, but I call it a play: “I’m in a play and right now I’m playing this part and I see my children playing this part and I’m observing myself in the play. I want to move myself out of the play. Let my lower-self participate in the play with spiritual knowledge.”

I said something really huge there—HUGE—HUGE, HUGE!

Spiritual-self is where you want to get. So, remember those words, it’s important. That’s the best way that I can talk about it. Because you are on a journey…a journey you’ve never been on before! You have NO way of measuring your journey.

I gave you sign posts, but you have to go to that sign post and see it and understand it yourself. I can help you to get there and give you information, but you have to use your own intelligence and your own intuition and your own desire to understand because I cannot give it to you. You have to have that yourself, because every revelation is your revelation in understanding, not my revelation for you—it’s YOUR revelation.

There are things in your past that I’ve been able to tell you about yourself; how things work…but now it’s your responsibility to get things in gear—all of them yourself, because at the end of this journey you have to own it yourself. Ok, I’m going to say it this way, you’ll be at the pearly gates and God’s going to be there and say, “OK, how did you do?”

Well, we know that’s not exactly the way it happens; it’s got the same principle, but you’re going to have to look at your life, decide what you liked about what you did and what you wish you had more intelligence about. Maybe it could be…well, you’re all different (students), so I cannot even address it because you are all different, and this is so important. And we were all created differently; we all have different experiences.

But each one of you have had experiences differently, and we build on…we build on…and we build on it again and we tear the veils down that keep us stuck. And those veils slowly but surely move, and move, and move, and move. And when you get to a certain point in moving those things, you become all of it.

You become all of those things that you’ve been working with…you are IT…you experience IT. There’s no barrier to anything you are doing. There’s freedom; it’s freedom all the way. You get to see yourself in the play, experience it however YOU choose to experience it and for the purpose you want to do the play. But that’s way beyond right now.

But, there’s a time where you will be in charge of your life, as God, expressing God, individually.

But, there’s a lot of work to be done, because there’s a lot of ego to be let go of … because you can’t take that into the higher realms. I’m trying really hard right now to take everybody into the higher realms. You have been sorting out your personalities for a long time now and I know that to be true.

So, as we move forward on this journey, and there is an energy here; the energy in this room…there is a vibration in this room, a vibration on my screen up here, a vibration coming through you and it will support you on your journey immensely. It’s another poof to wake you up from the dream … as we close our eyes and move into the silence of our being-ness.