Through meditation, a bridge is built between your "everydayl1 self and your soul.

Intuition is the "fourth dimensional intelligence" of your soul. You need intuition to navigate in the spiritual realm, because it is not a world of logic. You are designed to go to the highest dimension of yourself. You have the intuitive equipment to do it! It's always been there, but you haven't put it to use, like having a power tool and never using it.

As you persist in your meditation practice, you'll notice intuition "seeping in" to your everyday thinking. It is helping and guiding you. Learn how your intuition works. Explore it, experiment with it. For instance, you may suddenly want to take a class you've never thought of taking. You might attend and wonder why you did, since nothing seemed to come of it. Four years later, however, you find the information you learned fits in with an amazing opportunity, and you're ready to go for it! The more you pay attention to that "little voice", the stronger it becomes and the more frequently it speaks to you.

(See also “Listening to Guidance”)