Easter Energy and Lent

JE Group Discourse
Easter Energy and Lent
February 17, 2016

It was brought to my attention today that we are in the second week of Lent. Last Wednesday was the first week of Lent and now we’re in the second week of Lent. To tell you the truth, I totally forgot about it. Totally, 100%. I’m not one that pays much attention to Lent, with the exception with trying to find something that I can do in support of my spiritual growth. Whether it is to meditate more or whatever, whatever happens to be what I need to do.

So, hopefully, I am going to suggest that you all pick something in support of your spiritual progress whatever it is. Um, I don’t know. It’s yours to do, whatever it is. So, I want you to think about that because this is really great, because in the next five weeks will be stirring and things, and it doesn’t seem possible that it is going to be Easter in just five more weeks. But that’s the way the ball bounces and hopefully we will have gained some new insights on ourselves as we always…

I think, when I decide I’m going to decide something on a regular basis, like every day, well this goes way back 40 years, but journaling, making sure I journaled every day even if I didn’t have anything I had to say. Just making some sort of commitment to myself. Read something from one of my books that I enjoy, every day—something, something or other. Maybe look in “Ponder on This” every day and let Spirit lead you to the chapter you should be looking at … see what happens.

Because I feel making a commitment to yourself that you’re going to do it every day, brings up any resistance that you have, which is always important … it helps you grow and deal with those restraints, so-to-speak. “Well, I haven’t done this, then I really can’t go out and do something else, because I haven’t completed this yet today.” I mean, it gives you focus. And I think having focus for this next five weeks is going to be important, because I believe you’re going to be able to find something within yourself that is either resisting it or liking it, or it will be so good that you’ll continue it after Lent is over.

Sometimes I found some wonderful things that were very supportive of me … that I’m very happy that I took up, because they became, just from that six weeks that I was developing that, I found out how much it really supported me. And now that I’m thinking, one of the things way, way early in the late 1960’s, one of the things that I wanted to develop was my intuition. One of the things that I made sure about was that I always worked on my intuition every day. I would kind of tune in and ask, “Who is going to call me? Can I intuit somebody’s going to be calling me today?” Or, “ Something that I have to deal with today?”

I just started testing myself any way I could to see what would show up and that was powerful for me, because I realized when I spent time centering myself and listening to my intuition, it was very supportive of everything. And when the six weeks was up, that was a habit. So, lots of times what you do for six weeks becomes a habit.

I gave up ice cream once, a long time ago, but after six weeks, I went right back to eating again, so, hey (laughing) it doesn’t always work! But that was way back in the 50’s. My father asked me to give up something for Lent and I told my father I would give up ice cream for six weeks, so, (laughing) he thought that was great. Now I think there’s bigger things for me to give up, or commit to doing.

It’s not exactly giving up something … you’re going to commit to doing something that’s important to you. I don’t know what it is because you’re each different. You each have different things that would resonate with you. So, I suggest you figure out something for yourself tonight after group, and just kind of put it down on a piece of paper and say, “I’m going to commit to reading one page in Meher Baba’s book, Discourses … I’m going to read one page in Ponder or whatever. Anything, anything! “I’m going to run every day. I’m going to do something every single day.”

Good luck, guys. I think this is really, really good to support. Maybe some of you have ideas about what you do. You could also say, “I’ll watch a spiritual movie once a week and I’m going to meditate on that movie to get all the juice out of it.” I don’t know—HEY, to each his own! To each his own.

So, anyhow, I’m just interested, I haven’t done this in a while … I’d like to kind of go around the group and find out how things are going, because we’re already six weeks into the new year, maybe a little longer, I’m not sure. But, I think it’s about six weeks, because it’s the 17th of February, so I’m thinking it’s been six, almost seven weeks and counting.

Since the first of the year, since the new energy came in, could you share something with the group that you found that you were able to do, or something that is not too personal to share, but, however, if you want to share it, that’s ok. I want you to think about that just for a minute and give it some thought.

Of course today we are going to continue reading…(discussion paused.)

I’m going to share a little something with you that’s very important since the first of the year to me, and helped me a great deal because of the situation that was with my children, with their father, and helping them deal with his leaving. And my grand- daughter, who you met last week, had been such a wonderful support system to the family during this particular time. My goal had been to support my daughters to move through releasing their father, spending time with him, so that when his time came, they felt they had completed everything they wanted to do with their father.

So, they were on fast track the last couple years, to visit him more often, to help him to do things and be there more present with him. That was very, very important to me to help them to deal with those kinds of things and grow from that experience. And I saw huge shifts in my children. (Daughter) is the most spiritually evolved, not saying that (other two daughters) aren’t, I’m just saying that she was raised by me because I got divorced when she was five. So, she was raised by me and she got a lot more information from me at that time.

So, with that experience, the girls ended up feeling very complete … very complete. However, they will miss being able to talk to their father and seeing him … but they feel they completed that which was theirs to do, each one of them. And (grand daughter) too, completed that which was hers to do. I feel that my experience with that for them was very, very rewarding and I’m very grateful. And I realized and have always realized how important the Seven Steps are, and how (granddaughter) didn’t know much about the Seven Steps, but she did them when I asked her to a year ago, and continued to release her grandfather over and over again as his illness got more.

In some ways, I have a little spiritual student here, (granddaughter), who really after spending 10 days with me, wanted to know more. Wanted to understand about past lives, wanted to understand what happens after death, wanted to understand what karma she had with her grandfather that made her so happy to be able to help him. That was really wonderful to be able to share those things.

And the reason I’m saying these things to you today is because I want you to know, as you help your family, maybe they don’t always understand where you’re coming from, but they watch your life. They will watch you and I will say, my children were always very supportive of me when they were younger, when they were teenagers. When they were 20, 23 and 25, they were not too supportive of their mother and her journey when I became more actively, spiritually growing.

They were not too happy with me, because the things that I automatically taught them, I taught them way back when I was married, that their father knew best. Father knew best and all of a sudden, I have to take the role in a different way. I have to be strong and I have to be independent and I have to be helping them. And that was a huge adjustment for me and they didn’t like that very well. They didn’t like me changing my position … my older girls didn’t … so, I had a lot of wrestling matches with them as they grew.

However, they watched me throughout the years and all the things I did on behalf of my spiritual growth and the commitment I made to self-awareness, to growing and changing. They looked at that and they watched that and they were very, very, very grateful. They told me at the funeral how grateful they were that I’d been “steady-eddy” for them all the way. They knew what they could depend on, they knew what they’d get from me, and they knew what I said I would do, I did, and what I said I wouldn’t do, I wouldn’t do.

So, I’m telling you that with your children or with your family or with your co-workers, whatever. Who you are is going to speak much louder. And I’m going to tell you, way back then, (two oldest daughters) were not happy with their mother because they couldn’t brow-beat her anymore or blame her for their problems. I would not allow that, and then they had to deal with themselves, and they told me, they told me in the last month, “Thank you, Mom, you made me grow up. I had to look at myself. I couldn’t no longer blame you and dad with what’s going on with me.”

I’m just saying that just to encourage you, that have families, and that you’re working very hard to be with. And my single people, they still have families that they are with, and they still have responsibilities to their families. And being clear about what you will do and what you won’t, being supportive and being clear with them where you’re at is extremely, extremely important. And it will bring wonderful rewards, if not today, maybe 10 years from now.

And I thought when my girls (two oldest) left the house, they were mad at me and they were furious, and they went off and did some stupid stuff because I challenged them and I thought they would never like me ever again. But, I couldn’t let that stop me from loving them and supporting them on a higher level, because it’s not about supporting their behavior or getting mad at them for lack of cooperation. It’s not about that. You want the higher love.

If you give higher love, you know it’s going to be respected and loved by their soul. Maybe not their personality, but their soul will love and appreciate you for calling their game or work with what needed to be worked with. I was very, very pleased over this last year… this last year … how my girls worked together as a cohesive group with the same goal. I’ve seen them do that at parties, I’ve seen them do that, but not on a big deal like their father’s dying. So, there’s a lot of good stuff that came out of their spiritual journey—that was a spiritual journey for them.

So, who you are, who you are speaks so loudly. It speaks loudly to them, and your consistency is extremely important as a parent, as a friend. You have to be consistent with your friends also. If I say this, I mean this and I promise to do this, but I won’t support you if you keep doing something, I don’t care what it is, I could name a thousand things, but you know, you know what I’m saying to you—you know what I’m saying to you.

So, that was a wonderful thing and I wanted to share that with you tonight because that was a beautiful acknowledgement for spiritual growth for them, and that I didn’t need them to tell me I’m OK, but it was awfully nice to know that they were helped by my example, you see? You are examples and lots of times they didn’t like the example that I was. But I tell you, they did finally like what I was doing … so, just to mention that to you.

Well, it sounds like everybody has done very well for the last six weeks or so, and we have another six weeks here that’s coming into the Easter energy. And you know, it’s an energy. Easter is an energy. There’s a lot of things that people are working with all over the world. Each one of the different religions do different things for Lent and each one of them is important to their congregation. And each individual person who is committed to do something important for themselves, no matter if it is quitting smoking or giving up ice cream or not drinking beer or not biting your fingernails. It doesn’t matter what you’re giving up, it’s important to have this six week time that people all over the world are having … to look at themselves a little … big—a lot—it depends on where their development is.

It is about the energy that’s coming in at this particular time to help all … all human beings to deal with their inner-self, and I call it the inner-self. The outer-self, you know, is very third dimensional, but when we have to deal with our inner-self, it’s much more productive of our good because we’re making changes that are huge for our inner-self. We’re taking that responsibility that we have committed to for six weeks.

People all over the world, I don’t care what they’re doing, as I said, it could be giving up cigarettes, not biting their fingernails, or jogging rather than walking every day … everybody that is in any kind of church, there is something happening at this particular time. Which is really more important than Christmas, if you will. And why would I say that? Simply because when you have to give up something, for Lent, and that’s your church’s decision that you need to do that—or it could be like ours - a choice that we’re making … well, CFE is saying that this is an important time, so I guess in some ways the Center is just as much as a church as a Methodist church or whatever. Of course, I don’t think of this as ever being a church.

Nevertheless, the point is, you and probably half the people in the world are having this experience if they are in any religion that honors this part of the going into Lent and Jesus dying on the cross. So, there we are! This is an important time, more than Christmas, because Christmas is giving love and buying presents and doing all the wonderful kind of things like that … this is something that’s more, it’s deeper, it’s deeper because you have to look at yourself.

Even if it’s simply going to give up smoking for six weeks or I’m not going to bite my fingernails for six weeks—that might seem like a funny thing, but you know what? That’s important if you happen to be one of those people that do one of those things. That’s a commitment to yourself—not to do something that you like doing. Biting your fingernails is something you don’t even pay any attention to … you just do it. Now you have to pay attention to it, which makes the difference—you have to give attention to yourself and be accountable to yourself.

And so this is why I always consider this time of the year to be the most important time of the year for spiritual growth for everyone. It’s their commitment. It’s their personal commitment to themselves. So, this is very, very wonderful. So, with that said, I want you to be thinking … you don’t even need to share it with me … I don’t care. If you care to send me a text or send me an email on this is what I decided because you want me to support you on that, just keep that in mind.

When I think about (student), I’ll think, “Oh she’s doing this … oh, (student), she’s doing this,” because I put energy on that. So, if you want to share what you want extra support in, I’ll be happy to support you in it. It’s like, “I need prayer for something. I need prayer for the next five weeks to my goal.” Which, (student) said she’s going to journal every day. I’m glad she told me that. I will think about that every day because I journal every day anyhow … because there’s always something that comes up for me even if I think there’s nothing, there’s always something … something happens and it’s been happening for 45 years. So, I’m in, I’m in for that.

With all that said, let’s spend some time in meditation. 15 minutes we’ll meditate and be one with each other and one on this journey together.