JE—CFE Video
Easter Energy
March 31, 2013

Happy Easter. We’ve been waiting for 40 days for this day to come, and Easter is here with this new energy and new vibration and a new opportunity for all of us to expand our consciousness. I am so excited because we’re changing. We’re vibrating at a new level. Our consciousness is moving. I am thrilled because we are moving together as a group. We are moving together as a cohesive energy force.

Now let me explain that a little better to you. Energy, vibration—we are made up of units of energy. Our whole body temple is a unit of energy, light, power, strength…all the wonderful things that vibrate with this universe. This universe vibrates on a very high level and we are moving to vibrate in the same vibrational level that all the Masters on this planet vibrate on.

Do you have any idea what that means? Well, if you don’t, I’m going to tell you and this is how it goes: You are a unit of vibration and energy. Everybody on this planet, even the stone is a vibration of energy. Fish, everybody, everything, every animal, everything has a vibration and energy. The moon has a vibration and energy. The sun—Wow!—we can see that; we know that it vibrates and shines on us and supports us.

Well, the Easter energy that is here upon us, I want to talk about how to take advantage of it, and I know you want to take advantage of it because it is a beautiful flow. We have been working for 40 days to prepare our body temple to take on this energy. We have made commitments to our meditations, we have made commitments to read certain things, we have all done certain things in preparation for Easter Energy.

So, let me talk to you a moment more about the Easter energy. You can see it is super fast! It is very fast and it is potent! It’s very potent, and since you are vibrating at a certain energy field, when this super energy comes in, what it does is it pushes us faster. It reveals things to us quicker and we are able to respond to that subconscious that’s below the surface in a more conscious way.

So, embracing that energy force—and it’s a force of energy, it’s a powerful force of energy—and it will shake, rattle, and roll your energy field. Now when I say shake, rattle, and roll, I mean shake, rattle and roll, and I’m not kidding about this! Because when you come up against that force, and it is a force of energy—it pushes you further and faster. But the good news is, with that force pushing you faster, you are going to be able to process the things you need to process in a quicker way, a faster way, a dynamic way—I need to use a big word here—YES, it’s like a hose. I was out in my back yard sprinkling my flowers with my hose and it trickles along and it sprinkles. Well, picture me with my hose and it was a fire hose, you know those big things that the power rips through and it puts out flames and makes you safe! Well, this energy is like the fire hose. It’s powerful and it will energize everything in your body temple.

I want you to look at this little poster that I have here: This is the energy field, the conscious vibration, body temple that you are in. You are in this white light. This white light is shining in and through you. We are a body of light. You are the light of the world. Your light lights your world. And when all the lights get together on the same frequency, so much more happens because there is this group of like-minded souls moving in consciousness, opening up the door of their consciousness to take a bigger step in their total awareness.

So get ready, because we’re moving. We’re moving quickly, and all the Masters and all the help on this planet, and all the out-of-body teachers and all those that have gone before us are supporting us. This is a new vibrational energy that hasn’t been on our planet until NOW. Why? Because we weren’t ready for it. We were not ready mentally, emotionally, spiritually, ready for this type of push. We are now.

We are now!

This is our hour to shine. It is our hour to put ourselves in the flow of the Christ energy—the flow of that. When you’re in the Christ energy, what happens is you move faster, quicker in every aspect of your life—every aspect, if you are the observer of this.

Now, we’ve been working very hard to become wonderful observers of ourselves; seeing our patterns, seeing the problems that we make for ourselves, seeing us on the one side of the opposite and then on the other side of the opposite, and trying to take ourselves to that zero point—that point where we are in the now moment rather than in the opposite moment fighting ourselves, or in this other moment where we are happy and euphoric. That only lasts for maybe an hour, maybe six hours, maybe for two days, but then it dissipates because it’s not real. It is not real any more than the horrors of your subconscious on the opposite scale where you are angry, upset, frustrated. That’s just an energy that needs to be dissipated, as well as the good and the bad, because you want to be in the flow, in the constant flow, detached from this third dimensional world that grabs you up and shakes you around and pushes you from one side to the other all day long.

You cannot get free from it because it is part of the third dimension. The Christ consciousness, the Christ energy, the higher vibration can support you in moving out of the limitations of the third dimension and the opposites. We can get caught up in the opposites so quickly and that’s why you had to become observer of yourself when you were in the opposites. And we’ve been practicing this and practicing it and working on it, because it’s so important that you are able to define yourself in the opposites.

That’s the only way you are going to get out of them is to see that, “Oh, I’m in an opposite and that opposite is drowning me. Good or bad, it’s drowning me. I need to make wise decisions for myself. I can’t make any good decisions on either side of the opposites, even for the good”, because you’re all pumped up, “Oh, I can do anything!” Or, “Oh, I can’t do anything. Life is very hard and there’s no way for me to get free.” “OH! I am magnificent and I can do all kinds of wonderful things! I’m going to go out and do something wonderful!” And within the hour you may be right back in the other part of you, “No, I can’t. It’s impossible. How can I get out of this mess I put myself into?”

Well, there’s a way out—there is a way out! And that way out is to recognize that you live in the opposites. Every single moment of the day you are in an opposite, and it’s up to YOU to decide which side of the opposites you are going to be in and bring yourself to the now, to that moment in time when you have “clear think.” You can think clearly about where you are and what you’re doing.

You have a connection to God. You have a connection that will support you as you move through this process. You are not alone. You have out-of-body Teachers that are there for you. You have friends that are on the spiritual journey that are there for you, and this Easter energy is coming in and it is going to help you to move.

It’s going to bring you revelations if you hear, and if you see, and if you use and take the advantage of having those revelations, and not just poo-poo them and say, “Oh well, did I really hear that?” I want you so well- equipped to say, “Yes, I heard this and yes, I stand on it and yes, I will do that which is mine to do about it!”

That’s the only way you are going to move … otherwise you’re stuck, you’re stuck in the glue. You’re stuck in the third dimension. Christ died showing us the way out of the third dimension, demonstrated to us: “The Father and I are one.” What is Jesus talking about? What are all the Masters talking about—Buddha—all the other great teachers we have had in the past, what are they saying to us? They’re saying that we are God-creatures waking up to the infinite possibilities of God consciousness which lives and has its being in us.

But, we have to do our part to uncover it because if we don’t do our part and step up to the plate and say, “I am a God-being, I want to know more about who I am in God. I’m going to not look and listen to the third dimensional world to tell me who I am”, because they’re living in a little, tiny square themselves, and they’re judging you according to their own standards of judgment. What a ridiculous thing that is. What stupidity it is! WE let other limited consciousnesses judge us according to their past lives with us, perhaps, where they see us as an evil person that was in their life 600 years ago or the grand person that was in their lives 1000 years ago.

What is it? Where is the balance scale here? Where is it? It’s right here within you. You are your own center of enlightenment … it’s Easter! Christ died and resurrected to say to you that you don’t have to stay stuck in the third dimension, but move into God consciousness—“The Father and I are one.” Please don’t let his sacrifice not help you to see who YOU are. That’s why he sacrificed, so that you would learn that there is a Higher Power here within yourself that you can pull up and become conscious of.

God is in every inch of your body temple. God is every vibration that you are vibrating on. God is beckoning you to WAKE UP to your God-consciousness.

Wake up, humanity! You are one with God! You are not this limited, limited soul floating around on the third dimension letting the waves of the world and the ideas of the world push you from one side to the other side, to the other side of the opposites.

I empower you to pick up your consciousness in hand and move to the next dimension of your being-ness, which is the Christ energy of your being-ness. It isn’t way out there where you can’t reach it. It is right in here within you! It isn’t any further; it’s right here! It belongs to you!

Wonder if you had a beautiful home that belonged to you but you never went in it. You lived in the little shack down the road and every once in a while you walked by, and you saw this beautiful house and you say, “Oh, that is so beautiful. Oh, my goodness, it is so filled with light and I can feel love from that house. I could never have a house like that. I could never afford it, but I’ll go by it once a week and love it and pay homage to it. But I can’t have it … I’m just a mere mortal.”

Well, if that’s the way you feel about yourself, then that’s the way you’re going to stay looking at the God Consciousness of something that you can never have. Well, I say, walk into that God Consciousness and let that God Consciousness teach you everything that it is … Infinite Consciousness, Infinite Intelligence. It has a whole different wave length.

Get my Spiritual Power Tools book and start to use some of those tools. They were created to support you because they were created to help me to move forward, and they helped me immensely. They will take you home to your new consciousness in God. I cover all kinds of information about the God consciousness in that little book. Read it and say, “God, show me what I need to see. Show me! Show me, show me! Give me the power, the strength, the ability, the eyes, the ears, to see. Let me focus on the higher and not the lower. The “higher” is the other dimensions of being. Pure beingness. Pure love. Pure energy.”

Easter is here. Easter is here. Easter is the time for you and for all people to wake up to their Higher Self. And that’s why this Easter energy is coming in so rapidly right now, to support you, to empower you, to love you, and give you the strength, and it does take strength to move forward to become all that you are. Please don’t waste your life dancing in the opposites. Ask to be taught how to stay in that “now” moment. Dedicate yourself to find out what that means.

I send you my love. I send you my energy of my God Consciousness flowing in and through me to you, waking you up, opening up your eyes, opening up your heart, your intelligence, and your intuition. This room is filled with light. Your room is filled with light. See the light. You are a body of light and I see that light in you igniting every cell, empowering you, empowering you, for you are your own center of enlightenment. It’s yours.

Have a wonderful, wonderful Easter. Celebrate it every day of your life—every day of your life from this day on. I love you with all my heart and I know what an important journey this is for you, but I also know that you have the power within you to take the steps you need to take on this beautiful Easter day. You have arisen—arisen to a Higher consciousness. The Christ in you has arisen and will bless your life.

And thank you for being a part of my spiritual family with whom I am so grateful for. I love you, support you and I’ll see you next week as we journey on with our new energy. Happy Easter.