You have worked very hard in many lifetimes to be where you are in consciousness at this time. You worked to have the intelligence, the love, the courage. Everything is available to you right now. You've worked for this, so grab the opportunities that are available to you right now. Go for it! Open your heart so that it embraces everyone and everything. You worked hard to be in a state of mind that would read a book such as this!

You planned a greater life for yourself than you can ever imagine. When that door to your soul possibilities opens and you start to feel the energy, expect to be overwhelmed. God is pure energy. God is powerful vibration. When you feel it, you are moving and you are being lifted in consciousness! Embrace it! Don't run from it!

Embrace the energy that moves through you. Sometimes that energy churns in your soul and destroys things that are unlike it. That can be highly uncomfortable. It may bring up parts of your personality that you need to release. You might have disharmony with co-workers, or a child, or a spouse. When you open up and say, "I'm ready to take this next step", events will happen in your everyday world. Flow with the energy and declare it as a blessing, even if it is challenging.

Instead of running away when you feel resistance, allow the energy to teach and reveal something to you. Don't be afraid to examine yourself in this way! You will probably find a big stone in the way of your progress. You get to see it and remove it. You might see little stones too that are pieces of a larger inhibiting pattern.

Your soul will reveal what you need to release. God wants you to clean your subconscious storehouse. As these things come up -- forgive, release, love and surrender them.

You are cosmic energy. You are made of the stars! You have all that ability; all that strength; all that love to do anything you need to do. Trust it! Embrace it! When your little self says, "Oh no! It is too scary for me to reach out to my soul!" say, "Get out of my way!!" The little ego doesn't want the Spiritual Path. The desire in your heart is stronger than your fear. It is the desire to know who you truly are! Release the insignificant parts of yourself that block you from being in your true glory!

You have all the possibilities in your life that any Spiritual Master has! It is yours! It's an elegant dinner that is spread before you. Don't be afraid to try a new dish. Just because you always eat hamburgers at McDonald's doesn't mean there isn't a gourmet meal at the restaurant across the street!

As you cooperate with your life plan, you build a foundation so you can handle absolutely anything. Those "horrible" life experiences and how you handle them are the making of you. You will become stronger and be able to take bigger steps to clear the way so you can live on the fourth dimension. Your only responsibility is to attempt to stay centered in your Oneness with God.

When you have difficult experiences on the Path, it doesn't mean you've done something wrong. Don't beat yourself up. Perhaps there's a karmic lesson you have to learn, or you need to go through that experience with unconditional love for yourself and the others involved. It might be the best thing for your soul, since you'll develop quicker if you go through that than if you don't. So embrace those things that come into your world that seem to be heavy. Say, "God, I know you put this in my way for a purpose and I accept it. I will go through it and do the best job possible".

You won't move into the fourth dimension in an easy, straightforward and logical manner. You'll have many problems. You'll be up, then down. You'll have victories, and then seem to fail at everything. You'll be moving forward the whole time, even though you may often feel you're losing ground. It's not as easy as "One, two, three, here I go!"

You are a soul that is moving into higher consciousness, yet there will be times when you'll drop low. That's how it works, you move up and down. You take a step and the 2nd force comes and knocks you back a little. It'll tell you that you don't deserve to grow spiritually, or that you can't ever really accomplish your goal and you should just give up. Then you have to move out of that and go forward.

Please know that it is normal to feel very spiritual, and then suddenly feel like a jerk! That is part of the rhythm of growth. It is the heartbeat of the Universe, the breathing in and out of God, pulsation of life. Try not to get too tangled up in those "back sliding times". Don't give them any power. Just take a breath, release the experience, forgive yourself and get ready to go forward again. Pretty soon your "lows" are actually higher than your "highs" from a few years ago.' -

Get out of denial and embrace your flaws, since they contain valuable lessons. Everything that happens in your life gives you clues to your soul. Attune yourself to your soul and those clues will become clear directions detailing your next step. Slowly but surely you'll get there. It is worth every minute!

You will have to work on some of the big stones for years, a little portion at a time. You might think you're not making any progress. You'll feel you've mastered it, then it may come up again. Each time you will see that problem differently and can go into it more deeply. Then one day, the energy will break open and you'll know you're free. Other times you'll be able to move the smaller stones relatively quickly and easily. The point is not to get discouraged by the obstacles. Keep moving them out of the way and you will grow spiritually by leaps and bounds, although you might feel like your efforts don't amounting to anything.

Some days you do really well, and some days you seem to fail. It doesn't matter. Each day you're getting closer to your goal, moving slowly on your quest. [see Karmic Score Card]. You do a lot more than you think you do! You are much better than you think you are! Look and see your progress. Be proud of yourself Praise yourself and you will be encouraged to take even more steps to clear out your karma. Then you will be a free agent! You will have mastered the third dimension; you will have mastered your karma; you will have mastered yourself!

There will be many times on this spiritual journey that you’ll think you'll never make it. When you feel like giving up, say, "God, I am stuck. Help me! Please help me!" Even though your ego doesn't want to move forward, your soul does not want to stay stuck in that space -- whether it be depression, disbelief, or some other third dimensional dilemma. The courage will come!

Find something to help you when you're stuck. Choose something that resonates with you and inspires you. It can be any type of music, or art, or dancing. It can be anything! Just find something that can push you forward when you feel you can1t go on, because those difficult times will come!

Trust that you are not alone. You have great help. All those souls who have made this leap in consciousness in the years and centuries before you are pouring their love and support down upon you. They know you need courage to take these steps in consciousness. Take responsibility for your karma and God will help you. The souls who have taken these same steps before you will offer their support. They love you and they want to see you get off the karmic wheel and step into the fuller expression of your soul.