Jane Elizabeth CFE Video
March 17, 2009
Everything You Do is Spiritual

Everything about our life is spiritual, by the way. I use to think the only thing that is spiritual is going to church, reading spiritual books. And then I found out that everything we do is spiritual. And when I was working on that little subject, I was living in Toledo. I was looking for a part-time job and I went to the Olive Garden. I was about 45 years old and they said, “Well, we don’t think you would be a good waitress, but we think you’d be really good at being a hostess and seating people.”

And I went, “What? That’s beneath me!” And then I thought, “No, uh-uh, I’m going to go do that job and every person that opens that door and comes into that restaurant is God sending me someone to love.” I had more fun at that job; I loved that job because anybody that came in there, I loved!

I used to get tips! I’m not kidding you … does anybody tip the hostess? This man gave me $5. He said, “I come here once a week, I see you here, you’re always so nice to me and you always smile and I just want to give you this.” And he gave me $5 so I went to my boss and I said, “That man that just left gave me $5, what do I do with it? Do I give it to the waitress that waited on him?”

I wasn’t getting tips … that wasn’t the point and he said, “No, anybody that gives you a tip, you receive it and you say thank you.” At Christmas time, I got so many tips from regular people that came to that restaurant regularly that I got to know…I didn’t do it for tips…I didn’t do it for anything other than an opportunity to grow spiritually; of how to get out of my own stupid way of thinking how important I was.

And I had the most magnificent love affair with each and every person that came into that restaurant and that began my love affair for all humanity. That was the lesson God was trying to teach to me. So any of you that come into this place, you are my love affair; you are my love. You are those that come to be with me to love me and support me, and I love you and support you and I care deeply about you as an individual.

Maybe I don’t know your whole history and your whole life, but I know one thing about you…I know that you are a beautiful soul evolving. That’s all I have to know about you and the only thing that I want to do is just to love you. And that love affair began way back when I was 45 and that was a long time ago.

And I’m here still loving and hoping that I can help inspire you whenever you’re finding yourself in whatever situation you are in, turn it around and make it something worthwhile, because everything we do is spiritual; everything we do is spiritual. Whether we’re a clerk at a grocery store or a bagger, everything is spiritual. Your dealings with your family is spiritual; it’s spiritual.

You are a spiritual being; your children are spiritual beings; your parents are spiritual beings that are trying to wake up to who they are. They should be loved and honored and supported on their journey. Maybe they aren’t on the same level of consciousness as we are in our spiritual growth, but we can do one thing for them … we can love them where they are. Sometimes, I simply had to love them and walk on…love them and walk on.

But you can have a love affair—a love affair—with every soul you meet at a high, high spiritual level and do you know what that does for them? That ignites the heart of their own essence to come out.