Evolution of the Soul

From "Words from the Hart" weekly email from April 2008 to May 2011
by Jane Elizabeth

Conscious Evolution

October 10, 2008
Evolution, as we understand it, and as it must be studied by human intellect, is the story of the evolution of consciousness, and not as form. We need to consciously take responsibility for the advancement of our consciousness. This can be done when we become an observer of our daily consciousness and take action to work in the best interest of our soul.


Energy, Vibration, Evolution

August 12, 2008
A new vortex of energy started at the turn of the century (2000) which has made it possible for all souls to take a huge evolutionary step. Our responsibility is to embrace this new vibration through meditation which will expand our consciousness and effect a positive change in every aspect of our life.


Expanding Consciousness

August 19, 2008
The goal for all of us is to not limit our consciousness but to expand our understanding of what lies beyond our limited self and seek a more elevated state of awareness which will advance our soul.


Elevate Your Consciousness

January 25, 2009
To attain a more elevated state of consciousness, we must take responsibility for the evolution of our Soul through meditation, listening to our inner voice, and being an observer or our thoughts and actions.


God Within Is Your Spiritual Goal

January 18, 2009
Your spiritual goal is to establish and recognize that the God within is the most important work you can do to benefit your soul’s evolution this lifetime.


Everything of Love

September 30, 2008
Every loving deed, every aspiring thought and every unselfish action supports your evolution. Work in the best interest of your soul.