You must to release your limited concept of God. You need to stop perceiving God as something that will save you because you're a scared little girl or boy. Learn to stand strong in the I that I am"!! Trust in your true identity as a powerful soul. As long as you hang on to God as a problem solver, you will remain in a limited perception of God. Expand your consciousness and come to know an expanded idea of God.

Then you'll realize you've been ignorant to the Higher Laws and greater possibilities for your life. The concept of God as Big Daddy who will come and help you get out of the messes you've made was fine for a certain point of your spiritual development. Once you consciously seek your life plan, you take responsibility for your actions and your Karma. God will still help you grow, but you are becoming a spiritual adult and aren't a spiritual toddler anymore. Let go of your outmoded beliefs in order to move into a higher perception, which is that God is beyond everything you can imagine. Once you get a grasp on things, they expand even further, and you have to drop your concepts again.