What will stop you from moving forward? Fear! It causes you to hesitate to take your spiritual steps, doubt your guidance and miss special opportunities. How can you get back on track? Face your fear, understand it and move on in spite of it. This is courage! You need to be courageous and adventuresome to walk this path.

Learn to conquer fear. Fear causes you to take two steps backward instead of five steps forward. Your God Self has all the courage in the world. Don't listen to your small scared ego -- it shakes in its boots! It can give you a million reasons why you should remain stuck. When you close the door on your possibilities, the harder it gets to open the door in the future. Fear puts barriers between you and your good -- and it is usually a good that is unknown. Your ego doesn't like the unknown, so it shuns your spiritual good! You must leave the ego and fear behind. Your life plan will point you toward unknown places and ask you to walk into them.

Where would you be today if you were still a second dimensional being? What if you said, "No, I don't want to move from the animal kingdom into the human kingdom. I want to be a dog forever. It's too scary to move into the human realm.” Thankfully, God pushed you out of that dimension. You didn't have a choice. As a human in the third dimension, you have free will. You must make the choice to move into the fourth dimensional spiritual consciousness. It is unknown, and therefore it is scary!

It may be scary to go forward, but it is safe. The fourth dimension is safe! In fact, it is safer and more comfortable than the third dimension, since it is beyond the opposites. Tell yourself, "I am safe. I am OK. I can do this. I don't need the world to love and accept me -- I need to do this for ME!” This will likely mean going beyond the limits and expectations of your family and friends. It is a bold thing to move forward in consciousness.

You can get stuck in your evolution by being afraid of the unknown. You are on the border of a totally new territory and you have to make a great leap in consciousness to get over to that new world. It is so easy to let fear hold you back from making the small changes that will add up to a huge spiritual shift! Step by step you can work up the courage to make that jump, but at some point you must jump!

It is important to understand when your soul starts pushing you, and God starts pushing you, fear will arise. You must gather your internal forces and say, "I use my will to take this step. I demand that my personality work with my soul! I don't want to be stuck! I want to cooperate with my life plan!"

Vanquishing your fears is a daunting task. You must release the fear of letting go of control and the fear of moving into the unknown. The spiritual life always encourages you to move beyond your present state of awareness and pushes you out of your comfort zone into the unknown! You're never asked to take a spiritual step that is comfortable. When fear comes up, recognize it and say, "OK, I'm going to take this action anyway!" With that attitude, the whole Universe will back you up! Then you can be assured that you'll reach your goal, which is gaining the next level of awareness and moving into a higher level of consciousness.

Every time you courageously take a step, you are rewarded! The next time you're scared, you know you had the courage to take the previous step. You did it before, and you can do it again now! You'll find you can count on yourself and that you have a greater connection with God than you think you do. Your intuition will open up even further. You’re never lost when you take a spiritual step. You might feel lost, but only for a short time. If you can walk through the fear of the unknown and take the step regardless, you will be greatly blessed. You'll become aware of your abilities instead of thinking, "Oh no, I can't do this." Open your arms to the fear and excitement of the opportunity that is in front of you. Say "Yes I can. I will do this to the best of my ability and I will stay as focused as I can.” Don't be afraid to let go of those things you imagine are so precious. You might think if you let go, your whole life is going to cave in. On the Spiritual Path, you'll be consistently asked to let go of all sorts of things. Each time you do, you'll be happier, stronger and more capable. You will be able to experience more of the God Consciousness and will have increased courage to take your next step.

There is a part of you that wants to move, and a part of you that doesn't. That is a huge battle. When you fight against yourself you get spiritually disoriented. You just have to walk away from the struggle. Perform the actions that will push you ahead, and stop listening to fear-based excuses.

Find out what you're made of! You're made out of God substance! You can take any step that's asked of you! You have an abundance of courage. Once you know you have the courage and the fortitude, you can call upon it anytime. It's like learning to drive a car. At first you are afraid. Once you learn, however, you can drive basically any car! You learn it, you know it and you don't doubt it! It's the same with courage. When any problem comes and stares you in the face, you'll learn that you have the courage to move through anything in your life plan. Don't waste your life being comfortable! Don't stay in things that aren't necessary, aren't supporting you or aren't helping you to move forward.

God is trying to shake you loose! You can do anything because you have the strength within you. You have to fully master yourself. When you master yourself in these small experiences, it eventually adds up to balancing your karma and having complete mastery over your ego/personality. Your soul will be in charge! That's what you're here for.

Take your steps and go forward with joy. As you go further into God Consciousness, there is nothing but joy. You may even find that it is scares you to be too happy. You might be attached to being unhappy. It's comfortable to have problems because you're used to trouble! Use the Seven Step Process to release your fear of happiness.

Spiritual consciousness is about revelation. God, the Cosmic Energy, will reveal Itself to you little by little. Eventually, you will feel connected with everything and everyone. When you're One with God, you have perfect harmony, because you're working in harmony with the Universe. Nothing drags you down. You're in harmony with your whole self -- and that isn't scary at all!