Jane Elizabeth Discourse
April 22, 2015
Flow & Move With It

Well you know, even if it’s the same old crap, you’re going to take a look at that same old crap. That’s what happens, you take a new look at it. It might seem like the same old crap but it really isn’t; it’s another layer of the same old crap that you didn’t quite get to the bottom of…and I’m just going to mention this now because this…I’m so glad you brought that up, (student) because we deal with something and we took the first layer off and we’re off to do something on a different project. And then sometimes we go back to the first project and we go to a deeper layer but we think we’ve gone backwards.

You never go backwards, you just go deeper. That was one of my big things when I was going back and seeing things that I thought that I had already dealt with, and why are they back in my life? I soon found out that I had to take a deeper look. Ok, I took the first piece off and now I have to look at a deeper layer because to tell you the truth, it is very, very hard to pull the whole thing off at one time because things are so embedded in our subconscious. We have reprogrammed ourselves over and over and over again but the subconscious is in deep with a lot of the stuff.

The good news is you only have to deal with a little bit of this stuff, which feels like you are dealing with a whole bunch of stuff, but you really aren’t. There’s a lot of stuff that was forgiven and released for you. The things that are left for you to deal with are the ones that are harder, harder to go into and free yourself from because the whole reason for all this work that we are all doing, is to know our self—To know our self and to be able to depend on our self and to appreciate who we are—not as an ego. Not as an ego but the existence of the “I Am Presence” that lives in you that is buried and has to be pulled out and brought forward. It kind of goes back and hides again and you do some more work and it comes out again and you start to feel ok. And then it kind of hides again and it takes the next layer.

If your biggest problem, the biggest thing of your whole soul, the biggest problem that’s been resurfacing probably for 8 to 10 lives, you can see how it has gotten compounded and compounded and compounded, the same thing. While you’re looking for love in all the wrong places, so you keep looking for love. Or you’re looking for God and your idea of what God is in your life and what God is supposed to do for you and what God didn’t do for you…all of that is passé; it’s not even important. But we think it’s important and we judge our life by what we’ve been taught or what we decided within our self how to look at a particular problem.

So we are always the one that is going to free our self. No one’s going to free you but you and that is the truth. And I had a hard time dealing with that because I certainly thought something was going to come in and take over and I’d be totally free. But, no, it never happened that way. I had to get real with me and deal with what was in my subconscious and things would resurface time and time again. But they were always deeper and I finally got down to that moment in time when that horrible decision I made, my soul made for me—my soul made—about a certain situation that maybe happened eight lives ago and then, “I hate men and I will always hate men, men will never be my friend and I will never be another man,” I’m just making up a story here. But it just keeps going and going and going. And then it gets reinforced and reinforced and then we find reasons to hate men. We find reasons not to trust them. We find reasons that they never are good partners. We find reasons, if you’re gay or not gay, it doesn’t matter, you’re looking for a partner and that partner’s never what you perfectly want. So you discard that partner and look for another one.

Well you know now, all of you know, that’s an illusion and that’s one of the big illusions that must be broken because if we think that there’s somebody outside of our self—the perfect mate or the perfect lover or the perfect car or the perfect business or whatever—it’s going to make us happy, we are barking up the wrong tree because it never will. Why? Because we live in the opposites and it’s always going to be that.

So anything that’s in your life, anything that comes up, you have to take hold of it and say, “Why are you in my face now?” You see, (student)? “Why are you in my face? What are you trying to show me? Please, open up and show me what I need to know because I’m the only one that can change this! If I can make God change it or the Perfect Master change it…” The Perfect Master is never going to change it. It’s always going to help you to unfold in the perfect understanding of who you are. If each one of us has had different lifetimes, maybe been in the same lifetime but experienced that lifetime differently than a partner or children or mother, father, whatever…just go to a movie with your spouse or a very good friend and afterwards you get out of the movie and you say to your friend, “How did you like that movie?” and they will say to you, “Oh I liked it or I didn’t like it or I liked this scene in the movie.” And you say, “Oh, I didn’t like that very well, it was very scary—Oh I loved it, it was scary and fun to watch!”

You both were at the movies, you both saw the movie, but you both took a different look at the movie than the other person. Nobody sees the movie the same way, guys! Nobody! And by now you know that and I’m not telling you something you don’t know. You know that. And to get somebody to see something exactly like you see it is an illusion. It’s totally an illusion and nobody was ever going to look at something exactly the way you do because you are uniquely individual unto yourself.

So, I have 12 people that I’ve been working with, you’re each very different, very different…you’re all on totally different steps. You have totally different consciousnesses…none of you are alike in any way, shape or form. You each have your own journey and what (student’s) journey is so different from your’s (student) and your’s is so different from (student’s) or my journey. But the principle is the same! You have to come to your own truth. You have to understand yourself from top to bottom your wholeness—your whole completeness of who you are.

And you can’t skip, you cannot skip any part of it because if you do, you’re short changing yourself and besides that, you’ll just stay stuck on Johnny-one-note…I can’t get off that note because you’re going to have to stay on that note until YOU take charge of that note and know that there is something more than that in your life and you say, “No, I have the power to change who I am. I have the power. Why do I have the power to change who I am? Because the essence of God is IN ME. That infinite intelligence is in me! And the infinite intelligence can help me to do whatever I need to do because it’s in me. It’s not anywhere else but in me; it’s mine. I own it. YOU own it and that part of you that owns it has to come up and find it and own it. There’s no other way around it.

You have to own it completely and then when you really own it, your consciousness is lifted out of all the human frailties the opposites of the human being into a whole different organization of self; A totally different organization of self. Your organization of self-right here is one thing, but your organization of self when you get to the next dimension is something different—it’s totally different. It doesn’t even work down here. I know how you people feel, I know how you think, I know what your problems are and I know ways of helping you move out of them. I can support you and help you but you have to do the work and of course you know that.

But the truth is, within you is that total, 100% essence that can free you because it belongs to you. It doesn’t belong…(student) can’t free me, I can’t free (student)…I can show him the way, talk to him about many things and ways to look at things differently, but he’s going to have to do his own work; (student) is going to have to do his own work; he can’t depend on (student) to do his work and he can’t depend on (student) to judge him on what he’s getting done and not getting done.

See, when you’re partners, there’s a judgment here, “Oh, he’s not doing what he needs to do; she’s not doing what she’s suppose to do.” That’s what partners do with each other a lot of times when they are spiritual partners on the journey—they judge each other according to their idea of what that partner should be like for them. So that gets really difficult because you have to be able to blend with a partner and work with a partner but not expect the partner to meet your needs and do everything perfectly so you feel ok. You’re never going to feel ok. There’s never going to be the perfect partner. There’s going to be somebody you care about and you’re supporting, but there’s nobody but you that’s going to do the work! No one!

And this is the problem that humans have. They want the church to do the work. They want Jesus Christ to do the work. They want the Master to do the work. They want the doctor to do the work…they advise you as to what you should do, but you have to do it, you have to do it!

So when you are peeling back the onionskin and getting the same old stuff we think, we aren’t. So look deep in it, (student), go deep, and go deeper in it. Say, “Oh, you’re lying to me, this is the same old thing I was dealing with: my pride, my ego, here I am, one more time dealing with my pride and my ego and what I think others should do or not do. Now, here I am, I thought I dealt with that.” Yeah, ya did and now you have to deal with it deeper. What is your pride that is holding you back, or your ego? I’m talking to all of you, I’m not just talking to (student) here…what is the ego part of you or the pride that you have or the lack of humility you have about what you’re doing. It’s a deep essence within you; you’re going to be a pure, pure, p.u.r.e being, b.e.i.n.g. A pure being.

There’s not going to be any of the crap stored in your subconscious that’s going to defeat you or judge you or judge the other person. It goes away but you have to do your part and you have to blend. Blend, blend, blend! If I can say anything to you, you have to blend! You have to blend! Blend with yourself. Blend with your loved ones. Blend. Be one with them. At the level that I deal with all of you at, I blend with you. I just walk in and blend with you; you don’t even know it. I’ve been blending with you for years. How do I know what to tell you or how to help you? I just simply blend; there’s no barrier. I am an invisible something that goes out and blends and puts on your cloak and I know, I can feel it, I know where you need to be shoved or pushed or lifted up a little bit and then patted over here and shoved here so that YOU, you find out the truth of you. You are free to blend with everyone else too. You blend; you become blended. You can’t be ridged, ridged, ridged, ridged! The Master will hit you over the head a thousand times if you’re ridged!

Man, I got that lesson early on. Man, I couldn’t be ridged because as soon as I got ridged…if you are ridged and you fall on your arm you are going to hurt your arm a lot more than if you’re relaxed. Drunks that are hurt in an accident, they aren’t hurt as badly as somebody that isn’t drinking because they see it and they’re full of fear. And the drunk is, “Oh well, and kind of goes with the flow.” Not to say that you need to have a drink and go for a drive, no. That’s not the message here…what it is about is being able to blend, blend, blend.

If you feel any barrier between you and anybody else, it’s your barrier. It’s nobody else’s. It’s your’s. You own it. So now you know what you need to do to take down and take away from this because as long as I’m alive and living in a body, I am hit with the opposites. I’m hit with people that are in the opposites. They live and breathe and have their life in opposites, you know that. And you know that you do the same thing and that’s why I developed the spiritual thermometer on how to stay out of the opposites; how to stand up to a 10 and then you’re not flailing in the subconscious in the drama of your life.

When you are in drama, you know it. Don’t you know when you’re in drama? Do you know when you’re in drama? My group here is all shaking their head, “yes”. You know when you’re in drama. So who’s going to take you out of that drama? YOU ARE! No one else is! No one else. You may call your best friend and try to get them into the same drama that you are in. Well, maybe you can do that and I bet you that feels really good. The two of you can be all, “Oh poor me. Oh my life is so hard. Oh mine is so hard. Oh then we’ll just smother ourselves in the drama of life.” What chance do they get to get out of it? There’s no chance to move beyond that!

So that’s why I tell you…and I know you’re good enough friends that you’re not letting anybody be the drama queen with any of the group because I hope by now they all know what to say to you which is, “No, I’m not listening to you. No, I’ve heard that story before. No, get yourself together. No, I can help you most by telling you to move forward and not get stuck on petty things. Petty-wetty things that aren’t important.” We get so stuck in petty things that we give, we give it importance! It doesn’t have importance except what we give it.

So, the message tonight is flow…flow…move with it. Don’t ever think you’re dealing with something over again because you are definitely, but you’re going deeper, deeper and deeper. And maybe the first time you looked at something, you didn’t see it all and I certainly found that out for myself and I’ve seen this with my students…they saw the first part of it and they dealt with the first part and we’re going to go a little deeper now and then a little deeper, and a little deeper and a little deeper.

Your major problem is a soul issue. The thing you have the biggest problem with is a soul issue. And it’s been in your life for many eons of time and it will continue being there until you take charge of it yourself. You can get the help of seeing and journaling it and working with it, and that’s the only way you can free yourself. You are the one; you are the power. You have the power to do whatever you need to do. You have the power. So it’s your responsibly to take that power and use it. You have free will and you can go down the drain or not. And if you choose to go down the drain, you choose to go down the drain; it’s very hard to help you out of the drain if you choose to go down the drain. And it takes a lot more work on your part to get out of it then to nip it in the bud and take charge of it early on.

So thank you (student) for your comment because I made a whole class out of that comment. But I’m sure if you have that problem, everybody else in this group is having that same kind of problem one way or another. Dealing with old things one more time, but deeper, deeper, deeper, deeper. And as I told you a couple weeks ago, no one is ever going to love you properly except yourself. And that’s not an ego love. Until you forget yourself…until you forget and you just ARE. That’s what it is, you just ARE. At the moment you just ARE, period, end of report. You’re just what you need to be in that moment and then the next moment, you’re what you need to be in that moment. But you’re very flexible! Very flexible to what and how to live your life freely—freely.

Speaking to student…

So when you get out of that space because you will, you will be out of that space, you know, you remember that space—you remember these moments right now. So when the tough gets tough, you remember and say, “Yes, I know there’s a freedom here. I got to experience it this week. I got that little note of freedom and how wonderful and beautiful it is and I’d give anything to get back there. That’s what God experiences are for to let you know what it could be like if you get your house clean. So you go enjoy where you are; enjoy being one. But then you’re going to come back down and you’re going to clean the house again and you’ll be doing it in a bigger way. And that’s what I love about God experiences because everybody in this group has had God experiences whether they want to say they have or they’re poo-pooing their experiences, that’s their problem. But thank you for identifying that oneness that we do have. I know that in this group everybody has had a moment or two where they felt the presence, they felt the energy, they felt the completeness. Then when that falls away, then you have a lot more energy to take the next step because you know what you’re missing and you know where you need to be and where you want to be and you are at peace with that. Thank you for sharing that.

Speaking to group…

Well thank you all for sharing because this is so important, you know, and I understand. I am just so grateful for all of you for sharing and being honest with your feelings and letting us all kind of help and support each other. With that said, let’s just still our minds.