JE Group Discourse

Fourth Dimension 101

October 14, 2015

Do you have any questions for me?

Student: How is the gaseous state of consciousness different from a different one-dimensional consciousness like a plant or something?

Ok, the difference is, is what it’s made up of. It goes way back in time and if I were you, (student), I would not bring that up in class. There’s no need to tell them that, because you know, that takes a lot of training and a lot of understanding to go there and a lot of explanations that perhaps they are not ready for. If you can just get them to understand that they’ve been through many processes to become human beings, and as you become human, there is the process of that in itself and then you move out of human-hood into another dimension of who you are.

So, that’s why that’s kind of important, so (student), don’t even worry about that. I wouldn’t even put it on the board. I talked about that at the retreat and the reason I talked about that, and that was important to me and my students that were there, I wanted them to realize that they had managed to move through many, many, many states of consciousness to become even a stone. You see, many states of simple consciousness to become a stone.

I’ve always thought that it’s very, very important when you’re teaching somebody that’s very third dimensional, that they have evolved through many other things before they became human, because there’s a sense that everybody believes that this is the one and only life, one and only time that they’ve been alive or that they simply became a human being out of nowhere, and that’s not the truth. The truth is, you’ve evolved and that’s the principle of evolution. You’ve evolved … our soul has evolved through the many, many planes.

That’s when I have a more advanced student, I want to re-emphasize that, because I feel that students start to forget that they’ve had a long string. If the long string of consciousness comes into this consciousness that we’re in right now, and this is when we’re human and we’re in the human consciousness being-ness, then we live under the law of the opposites, cause and effect. When we were an animal, we didn’t live that way, but when we became human, we became more conscious and we became third dimensional.

Now, I’ve mentioned to you when you’re two dimensional, you’re like the rabbit and the dog that can’t think outside that box. It’s impossible to think outside that box. So, when you become human, that’s just another aspect, another aspect of evolutional consciousness. So, I don’t want you to get stuck, or any other student or any other being in this world, stuck in the fact that they’re human and this is what they are, when this is not what they are at all. This is just passing through an evolutionary state and there’s more states of consciousness that you will eventually come into.

So, this is why at the very beginning in 1994, when I began to teach at [location] and I think maybe (student), you may have been in a class or two of those before I could become a licensed teacher, I had to teach some things. So, then I had to clean up my act and I had to put all frameworks of consciousness into the Christ consciousness because Unity believed in the Christ consciousness. But, it’s only a state a consciousness—ONLY a state of consciousness. And it goes beyond that state of consciousness.

But, to make it possible to be a teacher in the environment of Unity, I had to use their terms and try to sneak a few little extras in there, so that if I had an advanced student, they’d pick up on it and grow from that understanding. So, this is why one of the reasons I have peppered, salt and peppered, any little teaching I gave with some higher understandings within the framework of Unity, and danced a little bit outside of it, because I wanted to unleash some students to teach and work with. Otherwise, I’d been tossed away…it was hard enough for them to believe in reincarnation when Charles Fillmore talked about it. You know, they weren’t open to that. They hadn’t experienced it. They had not experienced it, so it’s not there.

You see what happens here, when you don’t experience it, you say it’s not there. But once you start to experience yourself in a past life, then you start to open your eyes to more. And you start to open your lives that you’ve had many other lifetimes with, lots of little “i’s,” but how many people are not ready to think about in any way, shape or form that they’ve had another lifetime? And we’re talking about 85% of humanity. Well, I can’t say that. I’d have to say 80%, because we got India and some other areas that they believe this and they practice it, but they have it in a limited understanding of it. And I’m not going to go into what they understand, because it’s not important to all who are in my group.

But, if you are only thinking third dimensionally and only can perceive things from a third dimensional level, again, you are limited. You are limited because there is more to you than a third dimensional being. Which brings me now to mention to you, over the weekend, I met with the writers, we made a decision to go ahead to buy the domain,, spelled out. Nobody has it and we bought it. It was expensive, but it’s important because the Center for Enlightenment is going to do a lot more on the fourth dimension. Things I have not been able to teach because I’ve been limited to the consciousnesses that are around and how much they can comprehend.

But, for my future people that are coming and new generations to come, I am going to be giving more classes on the fourth dimension and I looked into my website, And I realized we had maybe 40 different pieces of information in there about the fourth dimension. So, I am going to look at what I’ve already done and go from there, because I have to clean some of that up. Because, well…the difference between the third dimension and fourth dimension…the things I put in my spiritual book … and you know there were many other things that I said about the fourth dimension that we decided not to put in the book when we were looking at it, because it was beyond most comprehension.

I just wanted to know, if you could still your mind, fourth dimensional people that have that ability don’t use their minds like a third dimensional person does. It’s a whole different world. It doesn’t live in the third dimension. It lives beyond. So what is really the fourth dimension? And I’m not going to try today, in this moment, to try to explain that to you because there are 100 facets to it. Hundred. And I am going to slowly but surely get this into my archives and all that information, because I’m going to tell you that the future is going to know the fourth dimension.

Geometry, science, is going to prove that there is a fourth dimension. And they already have, in geometry, they’ve proven that there’s other dimensions. And other dimensions beyond the fourth dimension. They’ve proven it but what does that mean? What does it mean to a person who understands that they are not a third dimensional person? They are a fourth dimensional person, a 5th dimensional person.

That means that the rules in the third dimension no longer apply to a fourth dimensional person. No longer apply. It’s not governed by karma, as you sow, so shall you reap. Not governed by that. Not governed by the opposites, not governed, it doesn’t exist in the higher dimensions. The opposites live in the third dimension. That’s where they are for the purpose of growth, understanding, stubbing your toe, learning from stubbing your toe and making different decisions. It’s a very valid dimension, very valid, to help souls grow from one dimension to another dimension, to another dimension, to another dimension, to another dimension.

So, as the cave person…when we were cave people, and we all were, we didn’t understand, we could have not understood anything to do with geometry or how the sun goes around or any of this stuff that’s now there. But it was all there when we were cave people. It was all there. We worshipped the sun because we were limited, and as we grew and changed, we started to worship other things. We started worshipping money, power … we worshiped the fact that we were intelligent. We started worshipping our intelligence.

There are a lot of things we worshipped and that’s ok, because as we know, that little dog or squirrel has to grow and to change and to be. That’s the way it works. And you have to grow and to change and to be. And you’re sitting in the infinite right now. You are sitting in the fourth dimension, 5th dimension, 6th dimension … you are sitting in a huge amount of dimensions right now—you’re sitting there. But you don’t know it. I can tell you, you are, but you don’t have the experience of it, you don’t know what that means. You don’t know why you even care or if you do care, what does that mean for you if you care?

When we start to wake up that there is another dimension, in other words, we start to recognize that there is a greater plan out there. We start to worship God, Infinite Intelligence, the plan, the divine plan for mankind to become conscious of its infinite being-ness … infinite being-ness is the best way I can say it.

But, when you come to a class in 1994, that what I’ve just told you, would not be very, very well appreciated by anybody at Unity Village. They would not have appreciated what I could have taught them way back then. I had to even, with you guys, slowly but surely, talk to you about the observer self. Why was that important? Why did I yank that year after year for 30 years, I’ve talked about being the observer, constantly…meditation, constantly. I’m trying to move you out of the third dimension.

And you can’t move out of the third dimension until you start observing yourself. Who are you? Who is acting? Who is thinking? Who is making these decisions? Are these valid decisions? Any decision made in the third dimension is a lie! Do you understand? Any third dimensional decision is there with only the understanding a third dimensional can have. And a third dimensional person doesn’t have fourth dimensional understanding. They believe there’s a God that loves us, and I’ll be a good person, and God will love me and bless me with good children and do all these wonderful things, and God is good and God loves me. Or, I’m a sinner and God doesn’t love me and what is God going to do to me?

I mean, look at all of the false information that’s out there. If I’m good enough, God will love me. If I’m smart enough, God will love me. If I love enough, God will love me. None of that is true! Not true!

There is no way you can bargain with the Infinite!

The only thing you can do is raise your consciousness to understand the Infinite, because all your judgments are wrong. There isn’t anybody in this room that has made smart judgments about their incarnations. They just looked at it through a tiny, little peephole, and decided this is what’s right, this is what’s wrong, this person is wrong, this person is right, this government is wrong, this government is right. Through these tiny, little false beliefs systems that you have within yourself. It is only one-tenth, and it’s just a tiny, little, tiny, tiny window and you’re basing all of your decisions from this tiny, tiny window, a peephole, into the universe. And then you make decisions if you’re good, if you’re bad, if you could’ve, should’ve, would’ve.

Those decisions are made from nonsense. Nonsense, because you live in the opposites, you’re going to live in a world where there’s good and bad. I have more good happen to me this lifetime than bad, so I must be doing something right. Oh, Joe over there has a terrible, terrible, terrible life. Oh my God, everything he does turns to shit. But, oh my gosh, look at me. I’ve got a beautiful family, I’ve got a wonderful job and I have wonderful friends. Oh, poor Joe over there, I feel so sorry for him. He never can keep a job. Oh, wow, am I glad I made the decisions I made because I made the right decisions to go to college. He didn’t’ make any decisions to go to college, so he’s a failure. If he’d gone to college, he’d be smart too.

All that, of course, you hear me and you can sit and laugh at me, because you know none of that is true! So, my job has always been, with you guys, to help you see that you’re more than you think you are, and to get out of your heads, because your head’s not helping you. Get out of your judgments, because your judgments aren’t helping you. Get out of your condemnation of things that aren’t working perfectly in your little world, your little universe, if you will. You have a little universe.

Can they see this? I’m going to do something (holding up a box with a lid). I’m doing something … we’re going to see if I can do this. OK, here, here is a box. It has four sides. One, two, three, four, and it has a top, and what’s inside of there is nothing. OK? So, when you came into incarnation, you jumped into this box and here you are. You are in a box and this is the box you’re in, and you live your life in this little box. It has all these little squares and you judge your world from this little box.

And if anybody else comes up in a circle, you don’t … it’s not like you, so you don’t appreciate the circle because you’re a box. A triangle, a diamond, you’re a box. You live in this box, this is who you think you are—you’re the box. And yet you can see, if this is who you … and you’re sitting in my living room, watching me on television, there’s a lot more going on than this little box. You see? There’s a lot more going on.

You can see … the fourth dimension … now I’m going to talk about the fourth dimension here. The fourth dimensional being can see everything at once … can see the whole box, underneath it and above it … all at once. And this is the fourth dimension. You see everything! You’re not limited to the box! If I could take this apart and pull these sides down, then it blends into the universe. You blend into the Infinite Intelligence.

I have a master bathroom off my bedroom. A few of you have seen it … it is very, very beautiful. It has about six dimensions in it. You can see very far and very deep in that bathroom. I love that bathroom. The minute I walked into that bathroom, I said, “that bathroom belongs to me” because I can see all the dimensions. I can stand in my bathroom in a certain position and I can see the front of me, the side of me, the sides of me, the back of me all in that bathroom—I can see it all—I can see all of me because of the lighting, the mirrors that are in there, the reflections in the mirror.

There are seven dimensions in that bathroom. I’m only going to talk about the fourth dimension right now. I can’t talk to you about the others, because you don’t have a framework of reference to understand them. But, right now, I can talk to you about the fourth dimension because the fourth dimension can see upside down, all directions at the same time! That’s fourth dimensional consciousness!

When we are born, we are in this body, this little box. We come down and this little box has our life plan and we move through our life, year after year, exploring our life plan that we put in this box, growing and changing and so forth. But, if there is a point in your evolution that somebody takes the top off the box, which I’ve been doing for 40 years for you all … I’ve taken the top off your box and said there’s more … let me show you what it is and how to get there … there’s a fourth dimension. We can call it the Christ dimension because it forgives, it releases, but there’s more than that, which I’ve never really discussed with you all, because if I could get you just to forgive, if I could get you just to be responsible, if I could get you just to be more loving and more kind, and work more in the best interest of your soul, then I feel like you have made progress.

But, if you don’t want to take the top off the box and you want to stay in the box, that’s OK too, because eventually someone’s going to come along and take the top off and they’ll remind you, “Oh, yeah, I know that there’s another dimension. I wonder how I knew that?” You have forgotten that you had that lesson in 2015. And now it’s 2099 and you say, “OH, I remember that. I wonder if there’s anything on the, I’m going to call it internet (and it won’t be called an internet at that time,) but, what’s in the universe? OH, I think I’ll Google // and see what’s in there. AAWWWW, you know what? This makes sense to me.”

Why? Because you already got the lessons here and maybe you didn’t understand it completely, but you got the lessons—the lessons in the box. And maybe you were afraid. What happens is, when the box starts to open and new light comes into the box, you get scared and you put the top back on and say, “No, no, no, I can’t go there. My mother and father won’t love me anymore. My minister will kick me out. My husband will divorce me.”

Yeah, those are all the things that happened to me. Yes, those are the things that happened to me. My husband divorced me. I took the top off the box. I changed the plan. Does that happen for everybody? Absolutely not. That was my journey and that was my soul’s history and that was what I needed to do. But, once I took the top off the box, there was no going back. When I first started my journey with (spiritual partner) and we began to see our past lives, the next thing that was significant for (spiritual partner) and I was about four years later when we had the understanding of past lives, but then we got a hold of the book Tertium Organum, and I’ve given you copies of the different forms, probably did 10, 20 years ago. You all got that, I’ve given it to you and we’ve had it in the different classes I taught. I maybe did it once a year because it’s really, really mind stretching a bit.

But, it’s things I gave you way back when. I know that 1996 I shared that with everybody. I know I did. And I gave you a copy, everybody that was in my class and my students, a copy of that and told them how very important it was and to keep the copy, because eventually they would understand far more about this than they did right then. I said I will teach you and I will help you to understand what this means. And I’m sure there was (student) in that group and I think (student) and (student) and (student) and (two former students), and there were several others that I gave that copy to and told them how very, very important it was. And then in Warren, I again addressed that. In Overland Park I addressed it and I gave those copies out, because that was one of those things that I was shown four years after I had seen my past lives.

They said, “There’s another dimension and we’re going to teach you about the other dimension. You are going to understand the dimension you are going to be living in and the only way you’re going to know about it is by experience. Your head’s not going to get it, but you will experience and experience—you will intuit it.”

That’s another reason why I said intuit! Get your intuition working because that’s the only way, once you’ve got the box off the top…how are you going to find out what’s here? What’s here? What’s in this area? How’s it going to go? What’s going to happen here? How are we going to see this?

OH! You are going to intuit it! It has an energy and a vibration all of itself. It has a force. But it’s outside the box. It doesn’t live in this box. And I’m going to tell you as I started working with this, I wanted to get back in the box! Only maybe for a day. And that was the scared little girl. And then somehow, someway, get out of that one, Jane. That’s a box! Don’t go back to the world and think that it has any value to you, because the world you saw was from your limited eyesight.

Now, I’m going to take you beyond your limited eyesight and show you new things. But you’re going to have to have new eyes. New eyes to see! New understandings! And for the last 30 years, I’ve been teaching you all the new understandings of this box and what’s in this box. So, you all have a very, very strong education here. And you can use it or not, it’s totally up to you. But, taking this out of the box and letting that be is a job. It shatters all of your false beliefs.

And we love our belief system! And it’s terrible to have your belief system shattered. I know! I didn’t like it very well but then I saw the value of it. I saw the value of being able to stand above the box and what began happening with me, was as I got stronger and stronger standing above the box, then I no longer was limited to the box. The box disappeared. It was down the horizon and all I had left was who I am … the I Am that I Am. It took a lot of work! It took a lot of energy, it took a lot of love, it took a lot of drive, it took a lot of courage.

But, I had gained all those things from all the other lifetimes I lived and so I took those things and used them as stepping stones to the greater. And if I was weak in some spots, I was shown those weaknesses so that I could make them stronger. One of the things I found out was that miss Janie was a great pleaser. She pleased her mom and dad … “I want you to marry this man…oh yes, mommy and daddy, you know that that’s the one I will marry.” It was after I married him and I saw my past lives 18 years after we had been married, I realized way back in the 800’s or so, it was a fixed marriage. If you’re watching the Game of Thrones, how all those marriages are fixed, and they promise certain things, if you marry my child then we become a strong union. Never mind about all that other stuff, if you’re really interested, go watch Game of Thrones, it’s all right there.

But, you see, the little Janie who wanted to do what mommy and daddy told her to do … very important that I did! Very important that I did. Am I going to say that I was a bad person because I wanted to please my mommy and daddy? NO. I wasn’t. I was simply doing my karma, and there was something inside me that knew this was who I wanted to marry even though I was really interested in somebody else, because I knew this was mine to do. Do I blame my mother and father for fixing me up in such a crappy marriage because blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah? NO. They fixed me up with the perfect marriage! The perfect marriage.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to develop into who I am today and grow and change and get out of my box! This box … think about yourself in a box and think of all the lessons I’ve taught and worked with you on. It was all about opening up the box and telling you how to get out of it. First thing, meditate, guys! Be committed to meditation. What’s that going to do? That’s going to open the box. Be committed and not only that, be the observer because if you’re stuck in the box and you don’t observe what’s in the box, you’re never going to get out of the box, so start observing what’s in that box of yours and take responsibility for it, and do the forgiveness work and do what is necessary for YOU to do to get out of the box!


Not just for a minute … a week … six months. FOREVER.

But, the journey to move from one dimension to another, from third dimensional consciousness to fourth dimensional consciousness is a journey! And it can only be taken on the third dimension in the third world here that we’re in, because that’s where you advance to the next dimension of being.

But, you have to get out of the third in order to get into the fourth, which is all around you! Which is everything that is around you. You can look at this box that is just sitting here, and there’s a lot of stuff around it. But, if you’re stuck in the box, you don’t see what else is in there or around there or beneath it or between it.

Fourth dimensional consciousness is where you want to go. Whether you go this lifetime or in ten lifetimes. Who knows what your soul is going to do. Who knows how much you want to live in the box and bet on the box and keep the box. Oh, there’s many things in the box that are fun … there’s many things. It doesn’t mean everything in the box is crap, but I’ll tell you as long as you believe everything that is in the box, you’re not going to have any opportunity to look at things in a bigger and greater way.

Let’s look at this…now there’s a baseball game coming…it’s the Kansas City Royals, right (student?) The Royals, look at that, and they’re playing who, (student) tell me quick. The Astros? Who are they? Houston…they are playing the Astros. What would happen if we were free and we went to that game and we didn’t root for either team but enjoyed both teams—saw the beauty in both teams. And enjoyed every minute for both players, teams—the good and the bad, but just enjoyed both teams and the best. So there’s no, “I want this one to win, I don’t want that one to win—aww, my team!”

No, but if you could open it up and enjoy the GAME, it’s a wonderful thing! That’s what detachment does. You enjoy both teams. Good or bad, whatever. You enjoy them, you’re open, you’re ready! Now we know there’s going to be a lot of disappointed people in one of the two cities. The one that wins is going to be thrilled and the one that loses is going to be, “OOOOH!” But, what are we going to be? We are going to be joyful for both teams. Whoever wins or loses, it’s wonderful.

My children used to have a Super Bowl party and they used to invite me to the Super Bowl in the 90’s. And (daughter) would have all her gang come to the house and she had a big TV, and it’s all her friends and I would come down and I would be sitting there watching the Super Bowl. And I would yell for both teams! She kept staring at me and looking at me and I said, “What’s the matter?”

And (daughter) said to me, “MOM, what team do you want to win?” And I said, “I want them both to win.”

“That’s impossible, somebody’s got to win.”

“Well, I want them both to win so I’m going to enjoy both of them. When there’s a good pass, I am going to clap my hands for whatever team did it. It’s wonderful.”

Well, they lost the game, whatever the game was, they lost. Whatever they were rooting for, I don’t even remember who was playing, and they were all, “OOOOH, he should have done this, he could have done that, why didn’t he do this?” and I’m sitting there thinking, “OH God, thank you God, thank you that you taught me this, that I know, that I enjoy, that I’m not tied into any of it.”

Then I can enjoy whatever I am doing, whatever needs to be done, because I know it’s just a game and I can live in my fourth dimensional understanding that it’s a game and it’s karma and who’s going to win—whoever ‘s got the best karma (laughing)! Whoever’s got the best karma’s going to win!!!! That’s who’s going to win! I don’t care how good or how bad they are, the best karma’s going to win! Whoever they were in another lifetime, whatever…they were jostling, were they sword fighting, were they in the Coliseum? Where were they?

You see? But if we only have this point of view (holding up the box), we’re missing something better and bigger and more wonderful. We think, “Only if I had the right relationship, oh God, if I only had the right relationship … OH! I’d be so happy … OH! I’d be so happy. I’ll be so very, very happy.” By now you all know that, that doesn’t work and you’re going to do your karma with whomever you’re with, and it may be good and it may be bad or it may be whatever. But if you’re doing it in a loving way and you’re learning from that experience, then that is all that counts!

The, “That’s the only thing that’s going to make me happy is if the Texas team wins tonight, OH boy, that’s going to make me happy!” Or, “If Kansas City wins, that’s going to make me happy and if I’m not, I’m going to be so mad and not only that, I’m going to go to work tomorrow or call my friends and tell them, ‘Wasn’t that a stupid game? Oh my God, how did they ever lose that? Did you see that?”

What a waste of time! Am I making my point? Am I making my point here? Ok, my team is shaking their heads and if they’re shaking their heads and they don’t mean it, I also know that part of them (laughing).

So, (laughing), so here we are! In this wonderful world of make believe. And this is a world of make believe. It’s an illusion. It’s very unreal but we believe it is real. Decisions we make are real decisions. I made a bad decision, so I’m a bad person. No, maybe you needed to have a bad decision to learn something. If I made a bad decision, what did I learn? Am I going to get a hatchet and hit myself over the head with it? Absolutely not, is that ridiculous? If I did that or I see you doing that, what’s the matter with them? Did they not learn what they needed to learn out of that situation?

Are they aware that it will be right back in your face until you learn, and that is the truth, because the world is made up of the opposites and you live in the third dimensional world, in a box! In a box! And you know how to get out of the box. The box has been opened for you. The box has been opened and all your lives are shaken—shaken down—shaken for you to look at and deal with them. Understanding that you are a limited consciousness dealing with those lives.

So now, what’s in this box also is all your little past lives. They’re sitting in this box and shaken up, no matter what, one of those past lives is going to come up and stick you in the face because nothing is happening to you that hasn’t happened before. Nothing has happened that won’t happen in the future if you don’t deal with it now.

If you don’t love, learn to love. If you judge, quit judging. You don’t know what’s true or not true. You have to stand on the next dimension to know the truth, and the truth will set you free, because the truth is. We live in a third dimensional world, right now, with third dimensional rules and our judgment is king—our intelligence is king—or lack of intelligence is not king, so I need to get smarter. Being smarter is not going to take you out of the third dimension. Only when you stop trying to be smart and just let it happen—just let it be—what do I need to get out of this? What do I need to get out of this talk Jane is giving me this evening? What is it that hit me that I need to do or made me uncomfortable? What is it? What can I do to help myself that’s out the box?

I’ve taught you everything you need to know to get out of the box. There isn’t one thing that I haven’t taught you over and over and over again. Meditate, be the observer, know that you live in the opposites. Know that you’ve had past lives. Know that the life you’re living right now is taking care of a karmic situation that happened in the past. Open your eyes. Open your eyes and see the truth of you, because when you get out of this box, you never will again live in a box. You never again will live in a limited consciousness.