JE Discourse
August 12, 2015
Get Cleaned and Organized

Now we must prepare ourselves for the retreat and this is what I’m going to ask you all to do. It’s Fall cleaning time and I would like each one of you to look through your houses, look through the rooms, look through boxes that might be stored somewhere with things you haven’t seen, and stuff you need to get rid of. I think about children. Every year I had to go through the children’s toys and get rid of all the toys and rid of all the stuff that accumulated that I found underneath their beds, or stuffed in their closets and find out what they wanted to keep and what they wanted to give away. And this is really great for kids, too, because then you can take it to the Salvation Army or to church or to wherever you want to, and they can have the fun of knowing that other children are going to get enjoyment out of whatever they want to get rid of.

And also clothes; you might have some clothes in your closet that you haven’t worn in a couple years. You might have shoes, jewelry, books, magazines, things that are cluttering up your house that you need to let go of or rearrange…kitchens, bathrooms, and you’re going to have a couple of weeks to do that. And the reason that this is so important is because when we clean out the areas and reduce the stuff that’s sitting around our house, we are also opening ourselves up to new energy, because that stale energy that’s probably been accumulating for a year or two, maybe five years, whatever. It’s important that when you leave to come to the retreat, that you leave your house in order. Your house has to be in really good order.

So, this is important. And guys who have offices, clean out your offices and make sure your offices where things that are supposed to be there are there, and things that you are hanging onto for five years and haven’t gotten rid of yet, go through these things, because it’s a purging. It’s letting go of the old and bringing in the new. We let go of the Center last week. We let go of a couple of our students that needed some rest; and now our job is to clean up. In cleaning up, we now have to deal with our attachments to some of the things that we have to give up. That’s also important to look at as you purge and let go of things, because we all have things in our house that are useless—kitchen stuff that I don’t use or haven’t used have gone. The garage is cleaned out and everything has been reorganized.

That’s so important because those are the things that you understand … your attachment to these things and letting it go. Especially dealing with children that are attached to things, and it helps them understand that we have to let go, so that new things can come. “You know, you have a closet full of things that you haven’t worn for three years, kids, and you have even outgrown it and don’t like it but you’ve still got it in your closet. You need to get rid of it.” Same with my closet and all of your closets. Get rid of the junk and give it away or have a garage sale. Do something.

When you come…you come here…I want you to come clean! I want you to come organized, so that when you walk into your house after the retreat, your house is organized, everything is in its place; it’s all ready for you to move forward and easily gotten hold of. So, organize it so when you need something, you know exactly where to find it and you don’t have too much of an overflow of stuff that really has no business hanging around, because it’s been there forever … or not even forever.

I moved, what, three times in the last three years and I’ve gotten rid of stuff and stuff and stuff. And just a month ago, I started cleaning out my garage and cleaning out many of the things and I found more stuff I had to get rid of and let go of. I’ve got what I need to keep right now. I’ve gotten rid of all the Center’s stuff that accumulated that the Center no longer needed. We had extra copies and that was a huge job to reorganize the office and take care of all that stuff. I had five garbage bags full of Center stuff that went. Things we weren’t using, things we had duplicate copies of that had no use of being—taking up room—it is gone; it is gone.

So, as we move forward, we can start to have more of a clean space to work with. So, this is so important. We are looking at the Center now for our board meeting, we will be having a board meeting during the retreat to handle some issues and make some decisions. So, we are going to have a board meeting and there may be, besides the retreat, there may be some other things we might be doing. Hopefully, we’re going to have some fun things planned along with some bonding with each other, and having time to spend with each other and working on our spiritual journey together.

So, this is kind of where I’m coming from this evening. New opportunities for you to get rid of some things and to think carefully of this because it’s a tough job sometimes. And I know (spiritual student) just got her storage area cleaned out that she had for five years. She just wasn’t able to clean it out, and finally, last couple weeks, she got busy and gave away a lot of the things that her parents had given her that she felt she couldn’t part with, but she parted with. They weren’t of any value, well, they were a value to her, but also they were things that cost a lot of money to keep storing and keep storing and keep storing.

So, this is what I ask you all to do and sometimes it’s not so much fun. But, we’re all going to do it and we all know how to do it. Change is change and important to make those changes because that’s what keeps us rolling, and keeps us changing and keeps us growing. As you know, my thing is we all have to change and we have to be able to change on a dime.

You know, this journey is truly about being able to commit and then re-commit and then re-commit and re-commit. And as we begin the journey, we all have our own little ideas of what the journey might be like, and then as the journey goes on, there’s a lot of things we find out that we have to let go of, because they’re not useful to our personality. And our personality is holding us back. Our personality has a lot of judgments. Inside our heads are all these things that are telling us good, bad or indifferent, or imperfect, or we could have done that better, and always keeps us stuck in the glue.

We have to stand beyond all that. We have to look way beyond our limited mind, because our mind is limited. It only sees through a peephole of what is really going on and what is the truth of us. So, it’s very important as spiritual students, and you’ve been fighting the battle of the ego for a long time. If we don’t fight that part of us and let that part of us go, we can’t move forward, because it will keep us in its clutches.

And you know this, you know, know, know this! It’s a battle, and it truly is a battle, and when I talk about being in the service, you battle that ego every day of your life. It is your enemy. Your ego is your enemy. And your ego lies to you like your enemy does. Enemies don’t tell the truth. Enemies have their own agenda. Enemies want to run your life according to their limited understanding of what your life is all about, and they give you an identity, which is a lie. The identity that you think you have is not the true identity.

I found out I wasn’t Jane Elizabeth Fenton Hart. I was far more than that, but I had to let Jane Elizabeth Hart go in the beginning. The purging that I did at the beginning of my journey, which was one of the things that I knew that I needed to do, was prioritize my time. And you all have heard this story, but I’m going to mention it one more time…

The purging began when (spiritual partner) got together and we started our journey, and after we knew we had to eliminate our desires. And the only thing we knew how to do was look at our priorities. What in our life took a lot of our time? What was Jane Hart doing? Well, she was sewing. You know the story, she sewed and she sewed and she sewed. And that was 90% of Jane Hart’s identity, along with the helping with the youth at the church, and also being a mother of four children and taking care of a husband. That was my identity. That’s who I thought, and I say thought, I was. I believed that girl, and I also believed that girl was a very dedicated girl to her spiritual growth, because as far as Janie understood, if you read the Bible or was in a prayer meeting, which I was at the church, that I was a good spiritual student. I had no idea what a good spiritual student was. I didn’t have the faintest, but Janie told herself she was a good spiritual student.

Until I had to look at Janie and I had to realize that Janie sewed…one of the reasons Janie sewed is because she was so good at it, and everybody thought she was so wonderful. And all of her neighbors and friends told her how fabulous she was, because she made all these wonderful clothes for herself and her family, and I got a lot of personal satisfaction, ego satisfaction out of that. That was very important to Jane. And so Jane, once she realized she spent at least four hours a day sewing or cutting out fabric, or going to the fabric store to buy more fabric, or all the things that, that hobby, if you will, took on my time. And so I knew I had to give up my sewing, because that was such a part of my identity.

And (spiritual partner) and I had read in Dark Night of the Soul, you have to give up the ego, and we didn’t understand what the ego was. But, when we started giving up our attachments, we found out very clearly what our ego was and how our ego dominated our lives. Now, (spiritual partner) was very busy with her children. She was going to school a couple nights a week, she wanted to be a psychologist, and she was also taking piano lessons and playing the piano a couple hours a day, practicing. And doing her homework, and taking care of her children at the time, and her husband.

Ok, what was she doing spending her time? Oh, one of the things was she was practicing and taking piano lessons; she had to give that up. Now, did her husband like it? Absolutely not. He bought her a beautiful baby grand piano for a wedding present, and there it was in her music room. He made sure when he bought the house, she had a music room, and now all of a sudden she is closing the door to her music room, and she’s not going in it. That was horrible to the husband that loved the way that his wife played the piano, and she used to serenade the family with her music, and they all would stand around the piano and they would sing. And all of a sudden, this attachment, this was time spent doing that and she had to let go of that.

Now, you’ve heard me talk about that before and it’s not new news to any of you. But the big thing that happened from letting go of my material, my fabric, my buttons, my everything else you might think of…because it was possessing me…it was my identity. It was who I was, so giving up that, it tore up the very fiber of my being away … my very fiber. It really kicked me hard, because now I had a whole different identity, because I didn’t know who I was anymore. That was such a big part of my identity, and now I dismantled a very big part of who I thought I was. That was a shockeroo and I cried about that. I gave all that stuff away. I disappointed my children, and I disappointed my husband, because they appreciated my sewing, and my husband appreciated the money I saved by sewing, etc., etc., etc.

So, this was what you might call a resignation, and the resignation was done for the purpose of letting go of my ego, because my ego was attached to that. And as I discovered how much it was attached to it, it had many, many layers. Giving up sewing had many, many layers … I had to face each one of those layers and give them up and let go of them, why? Because that was taking up my time, number one … no, it was part of my ego, number one. Number two, I spent a lot of time doing it, and I all of a sudden, now, now I have to go to my minister and tell him that I’m no longer going to be in charge of the youth program that I had done for three years and was very, very good at it. Better than most, and I loved it because I was better than most. But it was, “No, you’re going to tell him no, you can’t come back, it’s over.” And my husband is president of the board!

So, my minister had a terrible…he was very, very worried about me, thinking there was something terrible happening to me because I would give up that youth center. And also I quit sewing, and I started wearing the same dress to church every Sunday. So, I was doing some things that were very weird. No wonder, I often say, no wonder (husband) left me. The girl he married disappeared. She no longer lived, and yet I was getting freer and freer and freer. And I found that I had an aspect to myself that I had covered up with all this other crap, after a while. Didn’t find it right away.

And when (spiritual partner) and I started doing this, we didn’t know that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. See, I can tell you, “Hey, look at me, I went through this and look where I am today and how much better my life has been and all the things…” But, we had no, absolutely nobody to tell us, except we knew we had to do it, to say…well, mysticism said this is the dark night of the soul and eventually you will come out into the Unitive life. But, we didn’t know what the Unitive life was. We couldn’t even imagine … there wasn’t enough written about that, even thought there’s about 25-30 pages that we didn’t understand either, by reading it … it didn’t make any sense to us.

So, we gave up not knowing what the next step was afterwards, and yet it had to be done, because had it not been done, I would not be sitting here talking to you today. I would not be having a Center for Enlightenment. I would not be the Master that I’ve become. None of that would have happened had I decided I couldn’t give up sewing. So, you know, these little things, and I think that I’ve often talked about it, that’s the fingernail I gave up to give up a whole greater sense of who I am. And that’s why I say, these little sacrifices that were huge, giving up my sewing was a huge sacrifice for me.

And now I had four hours a day to meditate, and the first couple weeks I meditated, nothing happened! Well, now that I gave up all this stuff, certainly God’s going to talk to me. No, no, no and no again! No! I sat and I sat and I was obedient, and I sat every day. I turned on no television, I turned on no radio, I turned on nothing. I was there in that house by myself after the children went to school, and did my housework, ironed my children’s clothes, did the laundry and sat—and sat and sat and sat and sat and sat silently. Silently. Silently as best as I could be, and maybe this meant that God would speak to me. Maybe God would talk to me, and nothing happened. And I had to keep going anyway. You think I didn’t think maybe I made a mistake? Of course, but I had (spiritual partner), and we held each other’s hand as tight as we could, and said, “Yes, we can do this; yes, we must do this; yes, we’ve got each other. If nothing else, we’ll meditate each day/night at a certain time,” and you know the story of that.

But all of that prepared us to go into the light. To go into the higher dimension, and that happened months and months later, but that happened. That was when we had to start to look at other egos that we had hidden in our subconscious. We already knew how to dismantle them, because we had already started with the personality. Now we had to dismantle these other parts of ourselves and understand our whole soul. And you know the story, because throughout the 20-30 years, I’ve addressed all of this. You know every bit of my trip. You know how many struggles I had.

You know what the ups and downs are, and this is a battle. This is a battle, and it is a continual battle as long as you are working on moving your consciousness. It is a battle. Nevertheless, you’d still have problems even if you didn’t go into this battle. You’d have a different kind of battle … only to be a third dimensional battle with the neighbors, or with your job, or all that other stuff. You wouldn’t have the battle that’s really important, dismantling your ego and moving into a higher realm of who you are.

There’s a lot asked of you. A lot. And it never gets any easier. But, you get so much better at letting things go, and so much better at moving through these situations. You get so much better at letting go when there’s a change, and you listen and you work, and you trust your own inner guidance. So, there’s so much better than listening to my Janie voice that measured me, measured everybody else, judged them, etc., etc., judged myself. I had to be perfect. No way could I ever be perfect.

Then I found out there’s no way to be perfect. Perfect to whom? Perfect to whom was I trying to be perfect for?! There’s nobody to be perfect for, and that’s the stupidest thing I found out, to think that I had to be perfect! For whom? For me? I didn’t know what perfect was. For God? What is perfect? Perfect is your journey, but there’s nothing perfect about the journey as far as the human being would think about perfect. A human being thinks about perfect in one way. But the fourth dimensional consciousness understands it in a totally different way.

So, if you have fears and if you have judgments about yourself, and this is where I found my biggest problem … was my judgment for me. And I had to let go of that whiny little voice inside me, and I couldn’t listen to the inner voice. The inner voice wouldn’t speak to me because I was so busy in the whiny little voice that was telling me, “Oh you’re not good enough, well maybe if you did this or if you did that…Oh, so-and-so is treating me badly; I wonder why they are treating me badly? What did I do? I didn’t say that, why did they say that about me” Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! “Oh, he’s looking strange at me, I bet he’s going to fire me.”

I didn’t know anything. I didn’t know anything. And I made up all kinds of crap in my head about things that were happening to me. They weren’t happening, and they weren’t going to happen; but I would have bet my life on them. “Janie, Janie, oh Janie, Janie, you are a pain. You just were running around your little cage trying to get out of the cage.” The door was open, but I didn’t get out of it. I stayed running around the cage until I finally stopped running. And when I finally stopped running around my cage, I could figure out what to do, because there’s NO way you can figure out what to do when you’re running around the cage. You’ll run in one direction for a while and run the other direction.

You’ll talk yourself in and out of a thousand things and none of them are true! None of it is true! NONE OF IT IS TRUE.

You have to stand on the higher realm to understand who you are and what’s really expected of you. You have to, because this little puny, tiny window you look out of is never going to tell you the truth. Never, ever, ever. Your ego is always going to lie to you and keep you involved in the world of the opposites. It doesn’t know how to live any other way. It doesn’t know how to be, and fortunately everybody in this group knows that there’s a door out and that door is very simple: you have to walk through it. You have to control your mind, you have to walk through it. You have to look at your life, where do you spend your time?

I found out I spent a lot of my time, even when I was sewing, criticizing myself or telling myself how great I was. I was always doing something even though I was sewing. My mind was still going, and that was another shock. And then I had to sit and listen to myself. I had to observe myself like I’ve taught you all to observe yourselves; and man, I bet you learned plenty when you started observing yourself, because you never know, you never know what kind of behavior you have or what is behind your motives. And when I had to realize what my real motives were as an ego, it made me sick to my stomach, and I threw up my hands and said, “Man, this is so disgusting. I don’t like this person at all. I do not like this person.” And that person was me because I could see how I tried to manipulate things.

Yeah, it wasn’t very fun. It wasn’t fun to see all that stuff, and don’t you think I wanted to put my head under the pillow and not get up in the morning? I didn’t want to see another thing until I found out what a great opportunity I had. And once I realized what the opportunity was, I was cleaning out my house of consciousness. I was cleaning it out and it was leaving! And I was getting more clear and more clear and more clear! And as I got more clear, I quit judging and doing a lot of third dimensional things. I moved up and I moved up; and this is where you can go.

But, you have to be honest with yourself. I’m so glad the three that have gone on vacation have been honest with themselves. “I’m tired.” It’s wonderful that they’ve acknowledged that and moved on, because if you’re just too tired to do it, then you’ve got to give yourself a break so you can come back with a much clearer thought, if you decide to come back at all.

So, this is exactly what happens to us, no matter what it is. And how we end up is how much effort we’re going to put in it. How much trust we’re going to start putting in our Higher self, that part of us that exists!

I don’t know how to tell you, to tell you what it’s like to be on this next dimension. I know the third dimension, the fourth dimension I’ve taught you a lot about, but these other dimensions, there’s no words for. You have to experience it for yourself. And once you do, it’s a different world. I don’t live in your world. I may be sitting here talking to you, but I don’t live in your world at all. I live in a totally other cosmic energy. I’m sitting here, I’m talking to you and you can pinch me, and maybe I’ll say “ow” and maybe I won’t, I don’t know.

But I don’t live here, I don’t live by the third dimensional rules, I don’t live in this dimension except I’m visiting you. I’m only here as a visitor to help you to be there as an anchor for you and for humanity. Otherwise there would be no purpose for me to come back, in body, because I’ll tell ya, the other place (and those are where my real friends are, my real friends that know me and understand me and are my equals), that’s where they live. Fortunately I can go visit them on a regular basis, which I do, all the time every day.

You’ve got to get free with yourself so that you can have the privilege of living in two worlds at the same time, because that’s what you end up doing. This world is so much simpler than I ever thought possible, third dimensional world, it’s so much simpler. You see it … you’re no longer entangled in karma. You’re no longer entangled … or need to be puffed up or loved or cared about or whatever. Everything you do is just because you do it. Just because you love, just because it’s there to do. No thought at all except, “here it is, let’s do it.”

So, I’m saying to you, get rid of the crap. Start with your houses. Start with them. Get your children’s help, if you have children. It’s good for them, and then they have the joy of giving their things away to other people. And then you’ve taught them how to do that! So, when they are adults, they can do that because they like having a clean room, because they know where things are. All the things in their closets and under their beds, and they can’t find anyway, and they keep kicking the stuff under the bed just like some adults do. And if you do it as a child, you’ll do it as an adult. If you haven’t been tidy in your childhood, you won’t be tidy as an adult. It’s a learned thing. You have to learn to do it. It’s a discipline and you don’t know how much easier it is to be organized, and know where things are instead of have to rummage through this, that and the other thing to find a piece of paper!

It’s just so much more intelligent to have things organized, because I found out that I had a lot more time … a lot more time. Always when I moved, that was the challenge of trying to find things … because I don’t remember at first where I put things, and my kitchen is all different, and my living room, everything is different. And I have to reorganize my thinking and reorganize the way I handle things. But once it’s done, it’s done. It’s done. And then it’s just keeping it that way, simple, easy, keeping it that way.

So, I say to you, your next project, I want to see…well, I don’t care, it’s not me you’re pleasing…believe me, trust me. You don’t have to do that for me, do it for yourself. For me, it’s no good. If you do it because I said so, then it’s “I said so.” I want that to come from YOU. I want you to see the advantage of that. I want you to get the feeling of that, “Oh, Jane said to clean my house, so I better clean my house.”

NO! See, that’s me telling you. I want that to come from YOU. If it doesn’t come from you, it won’t get done. If you can’t see the advantage of doing it, then the only thing I’m doing is telling you the advantage of doing it and the importance of doing it. And you have to do the work! And you’re the ones that will know if you did it or not. Go through your refrigerator … throw out all the junk that’s old. Or your cupboards that have far too much junk in it, and give it to Goodwill. Be ruthless! Be ruthless with yourselves. I can advise it.