God Consciousness comes in small increments. You can become unhappy about your spiritual growth since you want it all right now or you think there's something wrong with you or wrong with God. It moves slowly but surely. You become more awake and more alive, bit by bit. After every step you take, there will be another step to take, because this is an evolution of consciousness. Don't expect to be enlightened all at once. You'll see it happens slowly but surely, by taking each step and becoming more aware of living in the present moment, which is living in the presence of God.

You get off the Karmic Law and move into the forth dimension by taking small steps. You take a step and let go of the old and move into the new. Then you take another step and let go of that new thing that's now old and embrace another new thing. You get comfortable with that level, then you are challenged to open up to more. Once you get a tiny piece of this consciousness, you are changed forever. You become awake in that area and cannot go back to sleep in that way again. You will continue to take steps and will continue to release limited pieces of consciousness and expand into greater expressions of your soul. It's exciting and thrilling to move ahead in consciousness!

God trains you diligently to go slowly but surely along the path to that Oneness. You'll gain confidence in yourself. The first time you ever drove a car did you have confidence in yourself? No! You were nervous and you had to think about performing each action separately. Eventually, it became second nature. You just get in the car and go! You don't even think about it. You will develop that same confidence in your soul's evolution.