Jane Elizabeth Discourse
August 8, 2012

I want to talk to you tonight about your observer self, and I want to draw a picture of this as best I can for you.

The first thing I want to teach you about this observer self is, I want to build on what I have taught you in the past and take you up the line of the other dimensions, taking you up the fourth, fifth, sixth dimensions of the observer self. I want you to be with me on this and listening because I am taking you into a higher understanding of what the observer self is for, other than just what you have been using the observer self for.

The observer self is of course your higher Self and that part of you that can observe, understand, and get control of the personality self. The observer self takes control of the personality self. One becomes very, very good at doing that. The importance of making sure that you have that observer self on 24/7, always watching that personality self, understanding that you are detaching your personality self from your personality, so that you can attach to the soul essence of your beingness. Nothing new--I have been talking about this for 35 years to my students and anyone who would listen.

Ok, what comes next for us, of course, is once we have learned to be the observer of our personality self, we begin to dismantle that personality self and that ego. And then connect with our soul essence. Then, you become the observer of past lives, of past behaviors that go deeper than the personality self that you are in right now. You realize, “Oh well, I was a nun, in this life 500 years ago”, “Oh I was a count, I was a soldier, a pirate”…I can go on and name names of all the different things you all have experienced in this spiritual process that you are in. And many of you are still looking at past lives and how they are affecting your present life.

So, now that you have that opportunity to look at the essence of your personality self, third dimension this lifetime, your lifetime, then you look at what created the lifetime that you are living right now because you have learned that you’ve had other lifetimes, and you have come into this lifetime with certain talents and certain abilities but you have been observing.

Sometimes walking in the door and putting on their suit of clothing. In other words, the way that they think. You slip on their thinking cap, their consciousness, their clothing. And then you wear them and you realize what they think, how they act, and what they are to the development of your soul. So if you have been a nun or a priest in another lifetime, and all of you have had some sort spiritual lifetime or you wouldn’t be in my circle. You wouldn’t be in my circle if you hadn’t. You had some sort of lifetime where you were devoted because that is part of the evolution of the soul. It is the devotional ray, it is the devotion that you went through maybe 300 years ago, maybe a 1,000 years ago, but it is part of who each and everyone of you are according to your personal history. You were not all nuns, but priests, some of you started this 500-10,000 years ago--whatever, but you started on some sort of a devotional ray to develop that part of your nature.

So back to the observer self. Now the observer self looks at the past life observing it understanding that your soul is trying to bring you into harmony, take off those things that aren’t working for you, and use the good out of that lifetime. Because you have observed that lifetime, now from this point of view, of who you are right now observing that lifetime and seeing how it dictates your behavior in some ways this lifetime.

That’s the observer self, observing. Once this has been purified, once it understands itself, once it starts working in harmony with its soul and with its essence, the next big step is we become the observer of others. But not until we have done that work, because the observer of others, and the criticizing of others, and the judgment of others is simply our unclean glasses looking at them. And the unclean glasses looking at them is not going to give you any clear understanding. You are going to look through the lenses of that judgmental person, arrogant, I can go into a list of traits, but you all know yourself well enough to know that you have certain traits that are predominant in your spiritual essence.

So we have observed our personal self, ego self, personality, then we observed our past lives and understand it, and once we are purified, then we can work with our family members, our children.

Some of you have the ability to look at your children with much more clear glasses than others do in this group, because they haven’t purified enough of their selves to be pure about the souls that are in their life. So we become the observer of our family members, not as a critical parent, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! But as that spiritually developed parent and we look at our children or in the case of [student], she needs to look at her family, her uncles and aunts, and those people who are in her life , not in judgment, but as a spiritual being, not at her level of spiritual awareness, but at the level of their awareness, and supporting them not particular to her understanding, but building from their understanding and supporting them.

We do that same thing for our children, for those who have children. “What does this child need from me?” Child, no; soul, yes. “What does this soul need from me? What is it that I need to give it.? What is it that they need to express? What are they really saying to me?”
We become the observer of our children, and those around us, not as a critical parent. But as “How can I serve you?” You become the servant. “How may I serve you? “What is it that you need? I want to help you.” You don’t tell them that, but it’s in your aura; it’s in your energy.

But, the reason being, you can’t help anybody until you can look at them with clean glasses. Otherwise you are looking at them through tinted glasses that aren’t really going to help you. You are better off not doing it at all, rather than picking up a pair of dirty glasses and looking at them.

Now the next step after you have mastered, mastered. Listen to my words. Mastered that. You will now move into another aspect of using your observer self. The next aspect of using your observer self is to look at a project that the Masters might give you to do. Mine happened to be going to Unity School observing what they are doing. Actually I started off observing [a] church, that is when I picked up [student], and started finding out where people were and then started working with them. But before [student], back in 1979 I was working to learn how to do all the things I learned to do so that I was clear and in support of an organization that is trying to lift the world consciousness.

So you have to take your glasses off, you can’t go in with your screwy glasses on, because they would just be looking at your limited idea of what they should be doing. But you have to be that organization, any type of organization--the church or even the business that somebody might be in--and seeing that for what it is and what it’s soul wants to express. [Denomination] is an organization, and has a soul; it’s a soul expressing. It’s a unit of consciousness expressing. Maybe that would be better to say to you, because that would be too confusing to say the soul. I understand what I am saying, but you are not going to truly understand what I am saying. But you see it as an organization that is expressing its highest good. Then you are in the position of being the observer of what is going on.

I am just going to address [denomination]. I am going to 1991 and most of you were with me at that time and particularly [student] and [student] who once I got my job in the [denomination] development office, I got it in 1994 and three months later they were in my office and we were writing a letter to [student] about the next steps for the [denomination] movement. Which was to move forward and let go, let god, but we had to take action, and we had to be feeding those spiritual beings, in a more dynamic way, giving them more food. More spiritual food, and so we became, I became the observer of that, looking at that, and understanding there were things that need to be changed and trying to help, trying to help put in causes. Because now I am working in the best interest of the world, of service to humanity by helping the [denomination] movement to move forward if they want to, see if they want to. Because we aren’t about to make anything happen, we have to get the cooperation of those souls that would be open to moving their organization in consciousness.

So, I had to go into [denomination] as my observer at a higher level, higher level--hear this: higher level--and watch that and see how it was operating, then the next thing of course is thinking and asking the Masters how can we move [denomination] forward. The answer was “Do this, this, and this Jane.” So I did this, this, and this; and it came out that they didn’t really want to move forward—and it’s ok. What they are doing is fine; they just had the opportunity to do something bigger and better. Is it bad what they are doing now? No. There are a bunch of personalities that need to have this experience and they are getting it, and it’s wonderful. It is not bad it just could have been better could have been a bigger help to humanity, but they are doing a fine job, helping the people that they are with and, etc., etc.
So you can’t be attached to the outcome the only thing you can be sure of is that you are working in the best interest of the organization if they so choose to pick up on what you have to offer. Or the consciousness that you could bring to the group. I picked up many people from the prayer room, [named students], they were all working in that prayer room. So even if we say we didn’t do much because we were a combination, we were able to be of a lot more service to everyone that the four of you served in the prayer room, then you would have been had I not arrived in your life.

I observed, I saw my group, I saw the ones that belonged to me. I knew that I could support and help them. Others I saw that belonged to me, that chose not to be in the group, because they had other desires they wanted to fulfill, rather than being in the group. They still had a personality that wanted to achieve those things that they wanted to achieve. So of course, of course, they were allowed to go forth and try to fulfill those desires.

So in the process you become the observer of what is going on in the world, at a very different level. Not from the third dimension of possibility, but from about the fifth dimension. Because the Masters know what they have to change today to make 400 years from now different. They know the karma that is coming forth; they can see the karma that has already been put together with people, with souls. The ones who love the United States, the ones who hate the United States, the ones who want to do something terrible to the United States, I mean they know all that. They know it in Europe; they know it all over the continent. So they are very aware of what is going to happen, today, tomorrow and next week. They know who sowed to win the medals. They know who sowed to win the medals. I never check it out because I like to be surprised. I like that, I love cheering for them, and hoping that they are going to win and if they don’t, love them anyway and it’s ok. It’s like, there are some things I don’t want to read in the books. There is nothing I can do about those things.
Whether they are going to win the medal or not. I can’t do anything—that was decided 400 years ago. You see. Long, long ago, those things were decided they were put in action. They were in the souls, of those ones who wanted to do this now. So, when you are cooperating at the level that I operate on. I operate on the future, that is going to happen, and the colossal problems in the future if some of this karma doesn’t get changed. How does karma get changed? Well, forgiveness, changed by the desire to do better, be a better person, to love our families more. On just the simple third dimensional things. Just by living our lives. If you can just live your life, with love and support, and kindness you’re doing a huge benefit for yourself, your family your nation, and for humanity.

But I am on a very much higher level. I see the world from this very, very high place: Where you can observe the karma coming down, you know what the karma is, and you know that you have the responsibility to help those to move through these things so that…I will put it this way, if I can help and change your lives. That you all make better decisions, that you are better people, that you move into greater consciousness of who you are. You are going to change the world, because what you would have chosen to do, before I met you, is not what you choose to do, now that I have met you, because you have different moral value, a different understanding of what needs to be done.

It’s not to turn the other cheek, and let someone kick you around. It’s about standing for the right of what is, because you know it’s right. But you can’t stand for the right, until you know what is right, because the ego personality will say, “I’m right, I’m right, and this is the way it is supposed to be”, because they are so ego driven that they think what they are doing is right and everybody needs to do what I need to do because its right and your wrong.

No, that doesn’t exist in my world. That’s primitive, so primitive. That’s being a little squirrel. That’s being something that isn’t the essence of who you are. So, lifting up to this higher realm, it’s a higher realm, that sits down, and looks at not only what it is doing, and what x is doing. And look down and see what your problems are, and how I can help you divert them. So that you are not making any more shitty karma for yourself, that you are going to be stronger, you are going to move better in your life right now, and in the future. That has been my individual training that I have been giving you on a personal level.

So, when we think about what we are doing, we are doing things on multi-levels. Everything we are doing is multi-level, it isn’t just this level that we are working at. We are multi-level working in the higher dimensions, bringing down the things that are necessary to change things that are happening. Because the Masters know what is going to happen 200 years from now. And you say, “Oh well, that’s not much fun. I would rather have my money now and do my thing now. And this and that and the next thing.” You all know better than that one. And yet, if you want to, you can go out and put that into the universe, and it will definitely come to you. But what a waste of your time. All of the very rich people I know are very, very unhappy. Because they haven’t gotten what they really wanted out of all the money they accrued.
So, the observer self, I am going back to the first thing I talked about. The observer self is so important for you to get so good at it. And I have been telling you for fifteen years about this, maybe twenty, please because this is the part of you that can move through the other dimensions and work with the Masters on a higher realm, on a higher realm.