Desire is more powerful than you can imagine. It propels the Wheel of Karma.

Basically, Karma is the Law of Cause and Effect. When you have a strong desire, you put a "Cause" out into the Universe. That Cause sets an Effect into motion. The resulting dissatisfaction, anger, frustration or lack of forgiveness with that Effect (be it a person's behavior or some other type of life circumstance), creates a new desire-Cause in your consciousness, which then creates a new Effect. And so turns the Wheel of Karma.

Even if you are pleased with the results of the Effect, you may desire more of those results. The Wheel is still in motion, but in this case, you say you have "good Karma". There certainly is such a thing as pleasant Karma. At a certain point in your soul's evolution, however, you will experience feeling strangely empty even though you are filled to the brim with "good stuff'.

Some of your desires are conscious and come from this lifetime. Yet the roots of those wishes are often set in another time and place. In other lifetimes you had strong desires that were unfulfilled. Your life plan was constructed on the basis of those wishes. In this lifetime, you encounter positive and negative situations that are rooted in those old desires. Each person in your life, whether you like them or not, are with you because you desired to be with them again.

For example, let's say you are physically out of shape this lifetime and can't seem to lose weight no matter what you do. Maybe in a past life you died of starvation and you thought, "Oh what I would do to be plump and to have all the food I want!" You might not remember that desire, but your soul does, and that wish was worked into your life plan.

Another example could be that you took advantage of a person financially in another life. Your soul felt guilty and desired to heal with that soul. In this lifetime, they're back as a friend to whom you loan money and who never pays you back.

Maybe you have an employer who to whom you feel incredibly loyal. You gladly work overtime and feel so fulfilled being your boss's "right-hand-person". Maybe you two were lovers in another life. Maybe you had to go to war, died on the battlefield and never saw each other again. You might have vowed, "I will never leave this person's side again!!"

Desires don't necessarily create bad circumstances in your life, but they exert a strong magnetic pull that often seems to be beyond your power to resist. You walk right into the situation, even if your logical mind knows you shouldn't.

Your present desires will create and shape your next lifetime. God will fulfill each and every desire of your heart. When you realize the potency of your wishes, you will begin to wisely use your desire energy!

It can be a shock to realize that you are merely pulled around by your desires from past incarnations -- and that your current wishes are being imprinted upon your soul! How free are you? When you come to this crossroads in your heart, you will decide you want to desire to know God, to be at one with your soul. This is the magic desire that changes your entire evolution! You will be able to stop the Wheel of Karma and get off the tedious merry-go-round. But you must use all the desire strength of your heart to stop the momentum of Karma in your life.

What does it take to move your consciousness? Desire! You have to say strongly and with fiery passion, "I want off this wheel! I am fed up with this repetitive motion! I want a new way to experience life!" Once you make that unequivocal commitment to get off the wheel, the Universe will hear you and will rush in to support you in taking the steps that will set you free.

Don't be afraid to make demands of God. God honors your passionate desires for spiritual growth. God can do more with your consciousness when you're demanding change, since you are clear that you are ready to move in consciousness -- you're not namby-pamby or ambivalent. God can move you fastest when you are clear, urgent and insistent! This is how you can use desire to help you rather than hinder you! It will create an unstoppable force within that will blast you beyond fear. You might stumble over fear once in a while, but your spiritual desire will pick you up and you'll keep going.

At this point in your evolution, you can move beyond anything you've done in any other lifetime. Grab the ball and say, "I am putting the ball over the goal line IN THIS LIFETIME, GOD!! I want to know! I want to be free! I am not stopping until I get there!!"

You wouldn't create a life plan without opportunities to evolve in consciousness. Say to yourself, "I will take the responsibility to awaken you to you highest possibilities. If I am shown something, I will commit to heal it in some way. If I have to forgive, I'll forgive. If I have to surrender, I'll surrender. If I have to change my way of living, I will change my way of living. I will do whatever's necessary to support my spiritual growth."

Start desiring spiritual growth. Start desiring for God to speak to you. Start desiring to develop your intuitive connection with your soul. Desire these things with passion, because it has a great energy. A weak little desire will never get you where you're going -- but a strong powerful desire in your heart will create a lot of energy and the Universe will support you in fulfilling that desire. You don't have to wait a bunch more lifetimes to experience spiritual growth, while lesser desires are fulfilled. Get picky about which desires of your heart are fulfilled! Decide that you want God HERE AND NOW! Ask God to void your other desires and have your desire for spiritual union take precedence.

It is a spiritual milestone to take the responsibility to balance your Karmic Book. When you're absolutely committed to doing the work, then God will be committed to help you erase as much Karma as you can, as quickly as you can. Say to God, "Take my Karma and shuffle it up!" God will take your prayer seriously. God will reorganize your life plan and "make your crooked road straight" so that you can get off the Karmic Wheel quicker than previously possible. As far as spiritual growth is concerned, you'll be in a brand new and very different category!

Go beyond what you think you can go beyond. Go outside your spiritual comfort zone. You have to be clear with yourself Say strongly, "I want to get rid of the old me!" -- and mean it! Say, "There is more and I want to have it! I do not want to stop myself. I desire to move in consciousness!" If you move your consciousness, you move everything in your world. You will see your life differently. You'll do different things. You'll draw other experiences. It is God's job to urge you to go beyond where you feel comfortable, stable and secure. God will always push you farther than you think you can go!

You won't be truly happy until your fourth dimensional desires are met! Moving into the 4th dimension is the answer to ALL your problems! The answer is moving into this higher state of consciousness where you are going to have greater freedom and be one with the Universe and one with everybody else. When you experience that, and God give you little moments of it, it will be the carrot in front of your nose. The you'll live in that space for five minutes or two hours, and you’ll be back in your regular consciousness and you'll think, "Oh my God! What do I have to do to be there all the time?!" It's a complete freedom you can't have any other way.