The most powerful and effective way to deal with Karma is forgiveness. Your desire to forgive and release people in order to get off the Law of Karma is your most precious gift. Desires are very powerful! Cultivate the courage to do your forgiveness work.

At this point of your evolution, you are learning how to cooperate with Karma. You are learning not to cause further trouble for yourself. At some point in your soul's evolution, you learned not to steal or commit a crime because the police will catch you and you'll go to jail. You came to respect man made laws. Well, now you know enough to "police" yourself when it comes to your Karma and you can respect higher Laws of the Universe. When you refuse to forgive and release a person or situation, you are putting yourself into a Karmic jail of misery. You are learning to take the Karmic Law seriously so you can move through your life with more freedom.

It is common to work against your Karma by feeling resentful at people and circumstances. By intensely desiring for things to be different, you're setting up yet another situation to deal with in the future. Instead, examine your life plan and you'll begin to comprehend what you're doing and why you're doing it. Once you understand, you can take the responsibility to heal the situation with the power of forgiveness.

You asked for difficult, yet crucial, people to be in your life plan since you need to forgive and release them. You've been with them before and now here they are again, waiting for your forgiveness. You wrote them into your play because you really wanted to set yourself free from the resentment keeps your souls stuck together in a painful way for many lifetimes. Of course you also put people in your life plan who are going to help and support your expansion of consciousness.

Every time you truly forgive somebody that you really don't want to forgive -- someone you really wish would get out of your life and stay out forever -- you leap ahead in your evolution! You've erased the Record and that piece of Karma can never hold you back again. When you see how much these resentments weigh your down and hold you back, you'll learn to quickly forgive people and situations whenever difficulties arise.

Your life plan is a play that you wrote. You can re-write and change it by letting go of the past and moving into a new consciousness. You can get off the Karmic Law once you make the decision and say 111 want off!" It won't happen automatically, however. You'll have to clean up certain things. God will take care of a considerable portion of your Karma, but not all of it. You must forgive and release some crucial elements. You have the power to heal your consciousness and you must put that power to use. This is another way to cooperate in the evolution of your own soul.

You can release people and situations by using the Forgiveness Formula presented on the "Seven Steps to Successful Life Transitions” audio tape and in the “Seven Steps" workbook [see also Spiritual Power Tools: Support for Your Soul, by Jane Elizabeth Hart]. Repeated meditations and thorough journal writing using this simple, but powerful, system will enable you to let go of all sorts of things. You can use it to release anger at certain people, whether or not those people will remain in your life after the process is completed. You can also forgive yourself for the shortcomings and limitations that keep you from being the kind of person you know you can be.
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Any person, place, emotion or idea that is limiting you back must eventually be forgiven and released. You might even have to release good things in order to make room in your life for even greater good! For example, you might need to release an attachment to a current job you love when you get an opportunity for an even better work position.

Begin this process by finding a quiet place where you won't be disturbed.

Visualize seven stairs. Imagine holding the person's hand whom you intend to release (or think of a symbol of the place or thing you are releasing).

Step 1 -- "Thank You God": See yourself and the person stepping up onto the first stair. Give thanks to God for the relationship by saying, "Thank You for giving us this opportunity to be together. I now release him/her/this situation to You". The purpose of this step is to acknowledge the importance of the relationship -- and to recognize there is a plan greater than your own. In effect, you are saying, "God, it is OK for Your Plan to unfold in my life".

Step 2 -- "Good Times": In your mind, step up to the next stair together. Recall the good times you had with this person, and all the help and support s/he gave you. Let your feelings of love and gratitude flow. Depending on your particular situation, it can be challenging to think of positive memories. Try to find at least one good thing, however insignificant it may seem.

Step 3 -- "Hopes and Dreams": Now step up again and imagine all the events and activities you could have done with this person if things had been different. Think about the unfulfilled hopes and dreams you had for this relationship. Acknowledge your feelings of loss, as well as the missed opportunities and failings. This stage of the process is vital, since these thoughts form the basis of your desires which can create future Karma with the person.

Step 4 -- "Disappointments and Difficulties": On this step see all the difficult times you had. Mentally relive the disappointments that took place. Recognize how your ideas and expectations of the person or situation failed you. Don't be afraid to experience your negative feelings, as this is a healthy and important part of the forgiveness process. Journal sorrow and anger as they arise.

Step 5 -- "Forgiveness": Continue to visualize that you are holding hands with the person as you step up yet again. Surround the person with love. Ask God for help in truly forgiving him/her. You will know when you are complete with this step when you no longer carry any bitterness, sadness or anger when you imagine the person or circumstance.

Step 6 -- "Release": This is similar to the first step, only now you are fully conscious of everything of which you are letting go. Offer a special prayer such as, "God, I pray the most wonderful and beautiful things happen to him/her". See the person or circumstance surrounded in white light.

Step 7 -- "Completion": As you step up onto the final stair, release the person's hand. Picture yourself handing him/her over to the care of God. You could visualize the person walking happily away into a beautiful sunset, or flying away in a bubble of love. Declare that you are complete with this soul.