JE Discourse
God to Man and Man to God
March 11, 2015

This has been an interesting week because this is the time that you can expect to be pushed to your max because this is the time that the changes are going to be made between now and Easter. So, you’re halfway there. It’s about…20 more days left, or close to that, before Easter Sunday.

So, anyway, as we move forward on our journey to know ourselves in God as God…This week I’ve had an interesting week because I’ve been spending a lot of time with Meher Baba’s book. This has been the one that has been very, very active—period—end of report: God to Man and Man to God, and I just want to see how many of you have a copy of God to Man and Man to God?

It’s a very, very important book. It’s just Discourses and several other things that Baba has written and one of his devotees started to put it together. I don’t know if this was before Baba died…(asking student) Do you know if this was done before or after? Because it’s no longer in print, you can’t buy a copy of it new. It’s very interesting because it’s a pared down version of all the things he said and putting it in a capsule. Whatever you want to know about the spiritual journey, it’s in this book, it’s covered—period—end of report.

For those who don’t have it, I believe you can go on the website, Meher Baba’s website and get quotes off of that. Oh, I’m hearing Amazon has used copies, second hand copies, if you want to get one. But I suggest that you do have one because you’re going to find on your journey that you’ll find it comforting, very, very comforting. When things are spelled out and you understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, it’s much easier to take your steps than if you go blindly.

He explains the process over and over again, and the different stages of the process, and what it is accomplished through the different stages. And what the different states of consciousness are. He explains all of that, I think, very much more simply than God Speaks or Infinite Intelligence--that book has about 1,000 pages in it. And a lot of this is boiled down into this book. When I looked through Infinite Intelligence, I found this book (God to Man and Man to God) to be very helpful because it kind of paired it all out into a manner in which you can understand.

The way I found was very, very helpful was to pray over the book, like you do the other things, and say: “Lead me to what I need to do” because everything that he’s talking about, Alice Bailey also talked about. They’re all hand-in-hand. You might think I use all these different people, but they’re all saying the same thing. They’re all on the same page; they’re all talking about the surrender, the spiritual work one does and the journey we’re all on to discover who we are. Whether we know we’re on that journey or not, this is what the journey is. And the things that come into our lives are there to help us to grow and to change. This is true of your children or the people that you work with or your family. It’s all there for you to grow and to change, whether they say they’re on the spiritual path and, “This is what I’m doing and this is where I’m going”; or you can look at it as, “This is my journey to know the ultimate truth.” But your family, all of your family, is on a journey too. They are just as clear about the journey that they are on as you folks are.

The process is always the same once you get on the path. What you did from the beginning was: “I will to will the will of God”. You all did this. And the will of God, of course, is to bring you home and enlighten you. That’s God’s will. So that means, “I give up my will to your will, God, to help me to grow and to change.” But the problem I find with many students is this: that they think that the will to will the will of God means that my whole life is going to be a bed of roses. The problem being is that once you make that huge decision for yourself then anything that’s keeping you stuck is going to come out and be in your face so that you can handle it, or quit it, or move forward with it. And if you don’t get it the first time, don’t worry, that same lesson will come to you again. If you don’t get it the second time, it will come again. It’ll keep coming until you get it because you’ve got to get that lesson before you can go on.

Each one of you knows because you’ve been through this school before…I mean, you’ve been through this school this lifetime and you know how the journey goes. So, this is not a journey to get your own way. “Oh, I’m going to go to God because God will give me everything I want.” Well no, that’s not the way it works at all. God purifies us and takes us through whatever steps we need to take to find ourselves in God as God—AS GOD! When I first heard about this in the 70’s, I remember (spiritual partner) and I were meditating and it came to us in the same moment in the same time in our meditation sitting across from each other: “You are God.”

Well, I about died because, “That is impossible! The devil has gotten a hold of us; it can’t be that way—it can’t be that way!” Well from that point on, we went on our journey to find the truth of that, and that was one of the things: “Ok, show us what the truth is. If I am God and I sure do not believe I’m God because I see many things that I don’t do that I should be doing, and there’s a lot of my information that my parents have taught me, that God is to be feared.” All the things that my parent’s taught me, “You’ve got to be a good girl or you go to the devil.”

All that stuff…it’s only limited consciousness that feels that way. It’s not the truth of our being. But those programs are playing in our subconscious. And those programs have to be eliminated because what happens is we start to believe the untruth. And we make the untruth our truth and so this is why this process has to go on. You have lived so many lifetimes and you’ve had so many experiences and so many lifetimes being little “i’s” with the little dot on there. So every one of those lifetimes, as I’ve mentioned, gathers information and it’s false information; it’s of the times—the truth of the times. As I’ve told you, I’ve worshipped the sun and I was killed because I had done something that the sun thought was bad and the crops didn’t grow and blah, blah, blah, and off comes my neck! I really was burned at the stake because of those things.

But how stupid is that? You and I know that, we can look at that and say, “That’s the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard of!” But as I evolved, I came to that point within myself and I had to go back and take care of those false beliefs of mine so that they didn’t ruin my idea of what’s to come. You know what I mean? What is to come doesn’t have any foundation in that illusion.

So if you will, look at it this way: those are illusions. They were the illusions. That little cave girl that I was, her illusion was that the sun god was God and we worshiped it because it gave us warmth and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…all the truth that we had at that time. Was that true? No. Now we know that was totally an illusion.

So what happens is we have to get those false understandings that we carry in our heart, in our mind, and we believe or as the onion gets peeled and those things have to go because God is none of those. God is none of that! God has no party in that at all. Never was involved in that stuff. That was human desires; human trying to understand whatever they were trying to understand.

I knew back then now, when I started on my journey, I knew that I wanted to know God personally if there was such a thing as that. And I had a separateness, you see that there’s a separation there? There’s me wanting to know God personally. That meant there’s Jane and there’s God. And I want to know that fictitious thing that Jane had in her mind, ever since she was a little girl, that she was going to find God and God was going to bless her and love her and whatever little Janie thought. I had to get rid of my false beliefs because God was none of that! I find so often when we go through problems, and you all have little problems that you’re dealing with, that those problems create us to be angry with God because, “Why is God putting…I’m a good person, why had God taken my daughter away and murdered her? Oh my gosh, God is a horrible thing!”

So, the truth of the matter is that I had advanced far enough to know that wasn’t true. Nevertheless, a lot of people believe that to be true as far as their decision of--oh, I heard once, “Jane must have done something really bad, or Ron must have done something really bad in their life to have that happen to their daughter.” OH, OK! Somebody told me that! They were very kind; they were trying. “Honey, I know, you must have done something…” And this is what you hear from people: “Bad karma! Oooooh, that’s really bad karma! You got really bad karma!”

No, no, no! Your karma is good! It’s how you handle the karma, [not] whether the world says it’s good or bad because you live in the opposites. You have to go beyond the opposites to free yourself. And this is why I’ve been pushing for 30 years to go beyond the opposites, because I knew that as I grew and changed that any belief I had in God was in the opposites, you follow? Any belief I had in God was in the opposites and nothing was true because I didn’t know! How could I know anything? I lived in the world of the opposites. So whatever was happening in my life, I blamed the opposites for. “Oh, I must have done something wrong or things would have come out my way.” NO! The things in your life are there to help you to grow and to change. They’re not God being mean to you, or God treating you badly, or whatever your false beliefs are!

So it’s really wonderful that you’ve already graduated from believing in God as God. That I love because when I get a student like that, man do I want to help them move quickly because I don’t have a bunch of stuff to untangle them from; they’re a much cleaner slate.

So as we move in our consciousness, we have to be open to what is happening in our life and not judge it good or bad because neither good nor bad lives in the opposites. Even the good is good, “Oh, it’s good!” Even the good and bad have to be transcended because even the good is not really the good that you could have. There’s a different good that you’ll only know when you ascend the opposites. As long as you accept the opposites and say, “Oh this is a good day/ this is a bad day,” neither one of them is true because you’re dealing with a measuring stick you know not of. “According to me, this is a good day because the sun is shining; oh it’s a bad day because it is snowing; there is a thunderstorm coming tomorrow,” or whatever. I’m trying to show you how the opposites keep you stuck.

So whenever you are going through, any problem, and you are going to have problems this month because you asked for them. You said, “I want to move, I want to move, I want to move,” and your infinite intelligence looks at your karma and sees what you need to change in your life these 40 days and then puts you in the place where you are going to learn it the quickest and fastest, you see? Because you want to move in consciousness; you want to get out of the opposites; you want to get out of karma altogether because the I Am Presence of you does not live in the opposites. It doesn’t exist in it; it doesn’t even care about the opposites. Those rules don’t apply. The karma doesn’t apply. Everything does not have the same rules or regulations that anything else as the third dimensional world.

So the goal is to go beyond all this…this! But the only way you can do it is to want to do it with all your heart and soul and say, “I want to do this no matter what you dish at me! You give it to me, I can do it, I will do it! My I am Presence, that I Am that I Am, that higher self that I am, I will get through this no matter what! I won’t let this kill me! I won’t let this take me down! It is not the truth of me! I’m dancing with a limited consciousness that has to be destroyed because as long as it is living in me--and I get confused every once in a while and I think that’s me and I make decisions from that--I’m losing the game! I am losing the game because I am letting that part of me rule my life which is not true at all.”

But since you are spiritual students, and you want to grow and change, you’ve asked to have these possibilities dished up to you so that you can move forward and go beyond this and not get caught up in the mire. The bigger our ego, the harder it is to move out of this stuff because we have an attachment to our intelligence and whatever type of stuff you’ve developed in other lifetimes. We’re attached somewhere and we’ve got to let that go. It’s like untying the balloon so that the balloon will float up into the air and go on. But there’s a lot of strings attached to you. A lot of false beliefs—those are false beliefs—or things that you’ve experienced before. They’re all attached to you like concrete, and you have to slowly but surely deal with them and do what you need to do with them as far as letting them go: Forgive them--there’s all the different ways--take them up the 7 steps. I’ve given you tools among tools so there’s no reason for any of you to get stuck on those false beliefs of yours because you’ve got the tools to not let yourself get stuck in that. You can look at it, you can see it for what it is.

But don’t get stuck in it! Don’t let it take you over! In other words, when you are experiencing something that is not pleasant, you are in charge of it also. So there’s two parts of you: a part watching it and looking at it, and the other one experiencing its downside. And if you get caught up in the downside, you’re not going to be able to take that down and bring it up so that you can look at it in the manner that it needs to be looked at because as long as you are “suffering it,” you aren’t really dealing with it. You are suffering with it. If you are suffering with it, you have to understand what it is that needs to be taken care of. Take care of it and go on. Otherwise you’re stuck.

You see, there’s the dark night of the soul. And the dark night of the soul is when you start to look at the things that you don’t want to look at and that’s what we call the dark night of the soul. The soul is looking at that part of themselves that is very unpleasant. I had you all look at Mysticism, the Dark Night of the Soul it’s all right there! It’s like St. Theresa, all the saints have all gone through the dark night of the soul, looking at themselves, trying to purify themselves, and doing whatever they could to get themselves pure and cleaned up for God, or whatever was their program in that life.

So you’re all working on involution of consciousness and when we go into an involution of consciousness, we start to take responsibility for the things in our life and know that it’s there to help us to grow and to change. But don’t get stuck in them because the minute you let them take over, your losing your balance. Do not let yourself lose balance when you’re looking at these things. Don’t let them be who you are. Don’t let them make decisions for you one way or another because they don’t know how to make decisions; they don’t know what’s right or wrong. They’ll take you and throw you around until you are ready to scream.

So you’ve got to watch yourself 24/7. “Oh, I’m experiencing a past life; this is who I was then, ok, I’m going to look at that, I’m going to experience it. Oh, wow. I really wanted to die. I was so disappointed…oh, oh, ok! I get this! This is just an illusion I had; I need to go beyond it. But in the moment, I feel like it is real; I feel it is real from the tip of my toes to the top of my head and then when I started to recognize this is a consciousness, thank you God for dishing this up for me. Thank you God for showing that to me. Now I’m going to work myself around it and go on through the tunnel. I’m not going to get stuck in the tunnel I’m going to go on through it!”

And you have to be determined to go on through it. Nothing’s going to stop you because when the going gets rough, you have to have that kind of determination. It’s so easy to go down the rabbit hole because you don’t think you have the strength to do it. Obviously you have the strength or They wouldn’t have shown it to you in the first place! You understand? You wouldn’t be seeing this stuff unless you have the strength to take care of it! “Woe is me. Oh my God. I don’t like this spiritual journey, I’m going to get out.” And you know many of the people in our group, way back when, they’re gone! Do they have a better life? No. Are they suffering? Yes. Are they trying to do whatever they are doing the best they can? Yes. But they’re not taking their lessons and growing from those lessons, they are “poor me’s.” They are in “poor me.”

“Oh look at me, I don’t have any money, I don’t have a good job. I don’t have this. I don’t have that. What’s the matter with me?” Those are “poor me’s.” You don’t want to be a “poor me,” ever. And I always knew when I was in my “poor me”. I knew it! I knew when I was in my “poor me” and I had a “poor me” and every once in a while I’d be stuck in that “poor me” and I had to fight myself out of that “poor me” and nobody could do it for me. “God, please help me. Help me to have the strength to do it.” That was my cry, “Help me! Help me have the strength to get through this shit because I’m drowning in the crap and help me…I understand that I’m drowning in it and it’s not who I am; I want out of this maze! Help me, help me, help me and nothing’s going to stop me!”

Believe me, you will have many opportunities, many opportunities to get off the track. You’ll have many opportunities because the going is getting rough and I’m getting going. You will be tested over and over again because that’s the natural thing people do. When the going gets tough, they get going because they are not getting their needs met from their God or their mate or the needs from their job or whatever. Then they say, “Oh well, it’s not worth it, I’m changing my job”, or “It’s not worth it, I’m getting a divorce;” “It’s not worth it, I’m going to go do this, that and the next thing.” And then they go off and they get lost in another piece of karma and they believe that’s where they are and they believe that’s who they are, completely believe it, and none of it’s true.

Now you’ve heard me say so many times about the illusion; this is the illusion. It’s here. And just think that 500 years ago you had an illusion there, but it’s that illusion that made you make certain decisions, that were just illusions. When you get woken up from the illusions, then you’re going to sit back and laugh at yourself and say, “Oh my god! Wow! Thank you, God, you woke me up from the dream; wake me up from the dream, God! Don’t let me go to sleep; wake me up! If I go to sleep, you wake me up! I need to be woken up from this dream phase I’m in. I need to know who I am; I need to know—I choose to know! I am dreaming!”

Just like when I go to bed at night, I put my head on the pillow and I go to sleep and I might have a dream—within the dream. You see? I have a dream within a dream. But the dream that I’m dreaming when I’m asleep could be a nightmare and you wake up and you say, “Oh my god, oh thank goodness, that was a nightmare. Oh my god I was jumping off a cliff. Oh wow, my life is…oh, what do I do with that? Oh my god!”

You’re just as much in a dream right now as when you are asleep in a dream.

So what does that mean for you as a spiritual student? That means, “I want to wake up from my dream. Show me what is hooking me into this dream. Why do I feel this dream is a horrible nightmare?”



You understand? I’m telling you the truth!

(Pointing to students…)
Your life is a nightmare!
Yours is a nightmare!
Yours is a nightmare!
Yours is a nightmare!
Yours and yours and yours and yours and yours!!!!!!

--Are nightmares!

When you wake up to the truth of who you are, you can see this life as a nightmare. You’ll say, “Oh, thank God I got out of the nightmare.” And it is a nightmare. It is a nightmare.

So you say, “What do I do?” “Ok, Jane, thank you very much, I’m in a nightmare. You’ve told me I’m in a nightmare. What do I need to do to wake up?” Well, you need to keep asking to be woken up from the nightmare, “Show me what I need to see to get woken up from this nightmare. Show me, show me because you won’t let me out of this nightmare until I’ve seen what you want me to see. Do you hear me?! I won’t be woken out of this nightmare until I’ve seen what my higher self wants to show me so when I come out of the nightmare, I’m in the I Am Presence where I would rather be than in another nightmare in another human body again! A human body AGAIN. I want to go beyond this state of understanding. It’s just a state. It’s just a consciousness.

So, there’s 40 days…now 20 days left. These are geared to really push you over the edge. To make your metal as strong as it can be, and your resolve strong. So, you can be awakened from your nightmare otherwise you’re going to have to leave your body and come into another body and have another nightmare. “Wake me from my nightmare, God. Wake me up because I’m stuck in a nightmare and maybe it’s very lovely today. I’m sitting at the pool looking at the birds. I’m skiing down the slope. I’m sitting at a beautiful day at the ocean. I’m having a beautiful day going to the movies. I’m having a beautiful day. Wake me up from my nightmare because THAT is a nightmare.”

Even though it might be a pleasant nightmare, you know we have pleasant nightmares, but if you’re going to be awakened from your nightmare you have to be awoken from all of it. Not just some of it—all of it. Not just a little piece of it. You’re going to open your eyes slowly but surely and start to move and understand yourself to be none of these things. And you go into the, that’s what they call, the cloud of unknowingness. You don’t know where you are, you don’t know what you’re doing, but you do know that you’re on the right track, and that may be the only thing you know.

Over and over again you’re going to have to wake up from that part of yourself that is dead living in the world of opposites where there is no rest…no rest. Even the good stuff is enough to be bad but nothing is bad, you see? Bad things are good things for you. If you can go beyond the bad and the good and you don’t take either one of them seriously…what I mean is, “Oh, this is a good day,” No! You move from any of that into freedom! You can’t know what freedom really is until you get there. No one could have told me that. I remember them laughing at me and (spiritual partner) and saying, “You’re giving up a fingernail for the Universe! My God girls! Why are you crying there? Why are you sitting there feeling bad about yourselves? What are you doing?!”

Our Teacher was ruthless! If we started to shed a tear, They’d knock us over and say, “Stop it right now! You asked for this and we’re giving it to you, don’t be a baby! You pick yourself up and you walk out of here and you find something that you can go beyond!” And I’m asking that of YOU. Our Teacher was ruthless and I hope your Teacher is ruthless, too, because you’ll move—you’ll move because you don’t want to be in the nightmare any longer. The good nightmare or the bad nightmare. You don’t want to be in either one of them.

God to Man and Man to God. What does that mean? That means that portion of God, that infinite intelligence became man to find out he/it was God. That’s what we did: We became man to find out we’re God! Do you understand what I’m saying to you? We took on a body. We took on a human being in order to find out we are God. God, our true self, put on a mantle to recognize its God-hood.

Do you hear what I’m saying? Do you hear what I am saying to you? This is of utmost importance!

GOD became MAN so Man could become GOD. Wake up in God! Wake up in God.

So if you take this to the essence of the essence of this…God created you as a God with the DNA of God in it. We call it man, we call it female, we can call it whatever; had to come down as a man or a woman, evolve, to wake up to the fact that it was infinite intelligence…infinite intelligence! Why would you want to be anything but infinite intelligence? Why would you want to be anywhere except living from that higher point of understanding—the greater knowledge?

So today I’ve told you an awful lot. I’ve told you a bunch of stuff and I hope that whoever types this up and keeps it in the archives so that you can go to it in the future and hear this talk again because it’s riveted—it’s riveted with TRUTH! It’s riveted, and it’s designed to crack open that part of you that’s in disbelief or doesn’t trust itself or doesn’t have the courage to go further. It’s designed to support you becoming who you truly are. It’s what you asked me to do when you first met me: “I want to know who I am. I want to know the truth. I want to know, I want to know, I want to know.”

And the truth has been told to you: God to Man. Man to God.



God to man and then man to God. Do you see what I’m saying? Do you hear what I’m saying? Do you understand at least a little bit about what I am saying? Just a little bit. I don’t care, you don’t have to get the whole thing, but if you can get this through your head…you weren’t meant to stay a man. You weren’t meant to be human forever. It was just a vehicle until you become God. Humanhood goes to Godhood.

Humanhood goes to Godhood.



Hear that! Let that ring in your head!! HUMANHOOD GOES TO GODHOOD!

And that’s the truth, and that’s who you are, and that’s who I’m talking to, and that’s who I’m trying to wake up this evening—another portion of your brain…just another portion of your brain that will put light onto the subject of the things that you are doing right now. A little portion of your brain to be lit up and infused with greater understanding; with greater humility; greater love in it. And above all, a great will…a will to know—the will to know. “I will not give up until I move from my human-hood into God-hood and I will beat it. I mean it with all my beingness and I don’t care if you step on me, kick me or jump on my head. I’m still going to get up and I’m still going to move towards you, God. I’ll take whatever you’ve got to hand me and say, I will do it!”

Hopefully I’ve given you that will. I give you MY will!


But you have to be willing to be in tune with it and use it for your higher good. Not for your lower good. Your lower good wouldn’t know what to do with it except buy a new car or get a new hat. It would not know, you see? With all that, let’s have a meditation now…