Meditation is the single most important action you can take to cooperate with your life plan. Meditation is the best way to connect with your soul, develop intuition, release fears and control your mind. Every soul has a different path to God Consciousness. You will find your unique way through a consistent practice of meditation.

As you meditate, you build a bridge or a line of communication between your personality and your soul. You are setting up "spiritual phone service". Your daily meditation is the way you "pay your phone bill" and keep your line active. If you meditate and your soul doesn't give you a message, it doesn't mean you're not "hooked up". A telephone is working even if it isn't ringing! The point is, you need to hear your soul anytime it "calls you up". In this way you can receive guidance that brings you into alignment with the higher purpose for your life plan.

It is crucial to make a commitment to God and a promise to your soul. Decide upon a certain time each day and meditate at that time for a specific length of time. It doesn1t matter when you do it or for how long. The point is to make meditation a priority. By having a specific time you also set up a vibration and a rhythm for yourself that make it easier to go within. Perhaps you already meditate occasionally, but you'll find it is worth the extra effort to meditate regularly.

The moment you decide you want more knowledge of God, you send a signal into the ethers. A powerful magnetic charge is set up between your “day-to-day" mind and the eternal mind of your soul. As you meditate, you are lifted into the “room of all possibilities". In that place you can find the greater possibilities hidden within your life plan.

You don't need to have any particular rituals when you meditate. If you relax easily listening to music, do that. You may choose to just sit quietly and pay attention to your breathing. You could even use a special word, phrase or mantra that centers your mind. Find whatever style feels right for you and keep it simple.

Don’t get frustrated if “nothing happens” during your mediation time. It is normal for your mind to race around from thought to thought. Gently try to bring your attention back to the music, mantra or your breathing. Don't waste time getting angry with yourself. Stilling the mind is a challenge for everyone!

Even if you spend your entire meditation pulling your mind away from distracting thoughts, that is OK. God notices your efforts! The fact that you are attempting to forge a conscious bond with your soul by quieting your mind is a great step forward in cooperating with your life plan -- so don't give up!

If you find yourself constantly worrying about the events of your day during your meditation time, it might help to write down your tasks. Trust that you will best accomplish them after you have meditated. Then sit down and focus completely on connecting with your soul. Say, "This is my time with You, God! I am choosing to be one with You! It is very important that I am one with You!” The more you say that, the closer you get to it!! Say, "God, I want to stop my mind from racing. Help me!"

You might also notice that you meditate and find it relaxing but "nothing happens". Be assured that your consciousness is changing bit by bit. You might not have grand revelations, but be aware of sudden ideas you get during the day that urge you to do or say something you normally wouldn't. Your soul can send you messages anytime if you work to make that connect each day. It is common to reap the results of meditation at other random times, so pay attention to "hunches". This is your soul talking to you by means of your intuition. Intuition is your "phone line" to your soul! The more you listen and act upon guidance, the stronger your intuition will become.

As your intuition sharpens, you'll know what's around the corner for you. You'll be prepared and given support to handle whatever happens. You will clearly understand certain things are happening and you won't feel victimized by circumstance. You'll take the actions you are guided to take, release the experience and move beyond it.

Meditation opens up avenues for new information to come into your mind. You will be able to respond to people differently and remain in a centered emotional place more easily. By receiving spiritual guidance, you can move more quickly through this phase of your soul's evolution. Peace, power and real love exist on the fourth dimension and the sooner you get there, the happier you're going to be. You will be at one with yourself.

Your subconscious mind will lose its power over you. Your subconscious mind and your ego often sabotage your best intentions. Consistent meditation helps you master and control those "internal tricksters", so your outer life can mirror your highest possibilities.

When you connect with God in meditation, you will be able to erase the Karmic Records that push negative automatic buttons within you. You may also gain intuitive insights about steps you can take to balance difficult portions of your Karma. When you meditate, you are helping God to help you. God-Energy will push on you. It will grab hold of you and won't let you go. It wants to help you move forward. When you say, "God, I want to know Your plan for my life!!", God will show you everything that is in the way of your spiritual success. You will get the energy to go forward. You will be able to settle your Karmic Debts and move on to better possibilities for your life.

God's Will is for you to become conscious of your oneness with God as quickly as possible. Soon you'll realize there is only one Will. You'll be in tune with God and you won't be fighting against yourself. It takes time and patience to blend your personal will with God's, but regular meditation enables this to happen. Don't be surprised if you suddenly experience strong resistance to meditation. This is a way for your frightened ego may try to hold you back. It knows it is losing control to the power of the soul. Keep meditating, even if you get into a "dry spell". You will get past it -- plus, you are making a tremendous amount of progress even though you might feel you are going backwards!