JE Group Discourse
April 8, 2015
Inner Training

Easter was here and come and gone, and I’m sure that each and every one of you have had the opportunity to move into that new energy. And that new energy, of course, poked and pushed us forward and gave us a boost—definite boost. So, grab that energy … move with it.

I wanted to talk to you about Ponder On This. There is a chapter in Ponder On This, which I asked you all to read years ago, it was called Inner Training. And you might go back to that after our conversation this evening because I want to tap into that. I talked about that, probably six, maybe seven years ago when I was having you doing a lot of Ponder On This chapters. Even when I was at Renaissance Unity, I talked about the inner training, the process of the inner training.

So, once you have made your spiritual decision to grow and that you want to go inward…inward into the inner sanctum of yourself rather than living from the outside, you start living from the inside. And that’s exactly what happens once we make that spiritual decision to move in consciousness and move into that space where we are working from the inside rather than the outside. And the inside becomes more than the outside. The outside just becomes circumstances that happen, but the inner work, the inner training, is far more important than the outer appearance of things.

But that inner training and the very first thing the Inner Training talked about is being the Observer—to be the trained Observer. The first paragraph, it says one of the most important things once you start on this journey is the inner training and becoming the Observer. And then it goes on to talk about meditation, and then it talks about meditation isn’t 20 minutes a day or 2 hours a day…meditation is 24 hours a day—being hooked into that higher energy 24 hours a day is the purpose. We start out by spending a few hours in meditation in the beginning, clearing our mind and listening to our mind, which is always so active and keeps us dancing, if you will, in the third dimension because our mind keeps us in the third dimension.

So, that is one reason the Observer-self comes in to train the inner man. To train the inner, conscious man, because as long as you are dancing with the outside and trying to dance in the inside, it doesn’t work. You’re either going to be pulled more on the outside and just tap into the inside a little bit. So, what happens with students, they begin their inner training as they become the Observer of self, and the Observer of self is mainly about watching your thoughts. You have to start watching your thoughts … what are you thinking, what are you doing, what are your problems, what pushes your buttons, what is your idea of yourself, how do you think of yourself. Are you ok if you get criticized? Do you take it to heart or do you learn from that? Do you feel hurt from a criticism? Or do you take that criticism and say, “Thank you, ok, thank you, I’m so glad you criticized me because I’ve got something to work with … I’ve got some new understandings to help me grow and to change.”

Most students, when they start to do their spiritual work, their thing is, “I want the outside to be better, you hear me? I want my outside to be better. That’s what I want, so I’m going to do my inner work so my outside is better.” And that’s not what happens. The outside keeps doing its own thing, tries to entrap you with its world situations and trying to pull you back out of your inner self into your outer self. And that’s why that inner training is so important, because the inner training that you started when you first started with me and meeting with me years ago, was the first thing I tried to help you to do was to meditate and observe and look at your thinking process … look at what pushes your buttons and why does it push your buttons … and the Seven Steps, how to get free of situations in your life so that you can make better, spiritual decisions.

So, the whole process of the inner life is to be more inner than outer—more inner than outer. You may be in the outer world, but you live from the inner world—the inner sanctuary of your own, true self. The sanctuary, your inner sanctuary, that quiet, that part of you that is the discerning part of you, the intuitive part that takes information and brings it into forefront and deals with it and moves with it. And the outside world is only trying to help you move inward. So, the outside is helping you work inwards.

When you become a spiritual student and you say this is what you want, and this is your desire, then automatically everything starts flipping into the inner self, not the outer self. And then, the outer-self has all these problems … all these things that come up, and then the inner man, the inner man, takes hold of those and doesn’t get involved in them, but uses them for learning possibilities to find out more about the inner man. What is the inner man made out of? How does the inner man think? The outer man is helping the inner man.

You see? The outer man is helping the inner man. Now, I just split you because I’m talking about being in the inner person and the outer person at the same time. So, you become the inner man and the outer man. And then you begin to be the … synthesize it, the word synthesize. You know I’ve used that word over and over again. This is what happens … the inner man, the outer man, come together—the outer man helps the inner man understand itself, but not getting involved in the outer man, but understanding itself and then synthesizes it—moves outside of both … moves outside, goes into the Higher.

So, the inner man works with the outer man, it becomes one whole, because now you’re a whole—you can see both parts of yourself and then the higher part, the over-soul, the over part of you which synthesizes. Am I saying that ok? Am I saying that—tell me “No” if you don’t because I’m trying to give you a concept that’s very difficult to understand. It’s not an easy formula, but when we get too involved in the outer and not in the inner, then we miss the whole point, you see? You miss the important part. The important part is the inner person looks at the outer person.

Before, you were just outer. You didn’t…it was all about you on the outer world and what’s happening to you on the outer world and what people are thinking about you and what people are saying about you. What your job is all about, and how you interact with your dog and your cat, the people across the street. That’s the outer world! That’s the world, and my problems are aaaaalllllll in this outer world, and the outer world swirls and swirls and swirls around and then it goes the other way! Boom-ditty-boom! Boom-ditty-boom! Back and forth, and you become the ping-pong ball … you become the ping-pong ball. You are dancing in the ping-pong. You are dancing back and forth, you don’t know what’s right, what’s wrong, because you are in the outer world!

The only time you can be free is if you go into the inner world, the inner beingness, because the inner part of you is the trainable part—do you hear me? This is trainable—you can train yourself not to get into those thinking processes, the thought forms that bring you down into the outer world. You want to be out of the outer world. And if you have a problem in the outer world, you take your inner self to solve the problem. Your inner being solves the outer problem instead of the outer problem trying to solve the outer problem.

You see? There’s a huge, HUGE difference here. A HUGE DIFFERENCE!

So, if you can get clear that, “I am a trained inner person. I’m trained. I’m training myself to constantly look within. If something is happening ‘out there,’ I say, ‘OK, it’s happening out there, but it’s in here.’ It’s only in here that it’s really happening.”

And, we think that it’s out here that everything is happening, but no, NO! It’s here [within]. So, if you come in here and you look at your life and the situations that are being handed to you—because they are being handed to you—to help you grow, to help you change, to help you to become more consciously aware of the Infinite Intelligence. You are consciously aware of your Infinite Intelligence.

Instead of human intelligence, you want Infinite Intelligence. BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO!

Infinite Intelligence is the Higher intelligence. It’s looking at whatever is going on in your world from a higher point of view, because a higher point of view always sees and looks at it detached. You cannot solve any problem attached to the problem. Attached to the problem, you will never, ever solve the problem. Third dimensional people always try to solve their problems from third dimension results, and you know that that’s not possible. They think it’s possible. They think if they have more money or more information or whatever, that their life is going to change.

NO, NO, NO, it will not change, it cannot change, it must not change, because that is not where it changes!

Your life changes from here [pointing within], not from out there!

The minute you try to change the outward thing to make it match with the way you’re feeling, you are in big trouble! It’s not going to happen. The third dimensional world has third dimensional solutions to third dimensional problems that don’t really exist! If you can hear that from me, you can understand it at the level that I’m telling it to you. You will be able to be out of the illusion, because the third dimension is all about illusion. Shake a stick at you, “Oh my God, the sky is falling! The house is falling in!” You know? No, the house isn’t falling in—well, if the house falls in, who cares? You know that, “OK, the house is falling in, I’ll just take on another body and be in another lifetime, I will do what I need to do.”

You have a different view of the world, which is absolutely the only way you’re going to manage yourself. If you try to manage third dimensional problems with third dimensional solutions, you’re wasting your time. And you all, all of you know that by now, because I’ve only been talking to you about this for 30 years! Thirty years I’ve been talking about this—for 30 years! That’s a long time to talk to you about this, and you still, some of you, are getting caught in the third dimension trying to solve third dimensional problems with third dimensional understanding.

Uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh. If you have a problem, it’s always about the inner person that’s having the problem. It should be taken from out here and brought into here [within], so that you can say, “OK, there’s something going on here. What is going on and what do I need to see? OK, I’ve got to solve the problem here (pointing within) because, guess what? If I try to solve it out there, it’s going to keep going. Not only keep going, it’s going to multiply. “I don’t have any money,” you’re going to lose more money, and more of it until you change it from here [pointing to within], change it from here.

Everything has to change from within. This is where you have to go, and that inner training, I would say to you, the inner training is so important. That’s why it’s meditation, meditation, and meditation, until you are always in tune with your Higher Self. That’s what it’s all about. I started you off by saying I want you to meditate, you guys that started off in Lee’s Summit, we’re going to meditate, I’m going to ask you to meditate for an hour every day.

Then, I asked you to meditate for a weekend, and I told you not to do anything but be in meditation for a weekend. I remember how you girls resisted that and didn’t like that at all, and then you started to do it because I wanted you to be connected 24/7 and never be outside of your spiritual consciousness. And when we fight those things, we push them away and it’s harder to pull them back, because every time we fight what we’re doing, we do this to us, you see what I mean? We push it away. “Oh, it’s not working, I don’t like it.” So, we push it away, and it’s very much harder to bring it back because it gets pushed away. It’s just like to the Teacher you say, “You’re wrong, you’re wrong, it’s not working, I better get another teacher … somebody will tell me how to do it better.”

And then you go off to find somebody to tell you to do the same thing, and then you get mad at that person because they’re not helping you. The help comes within you. The only thing a Teacher can do is show you the way, and then teach you to go inward to get the way, because you’re each so very different in consciousness. None of you are the same. None of you learn the same way. You each have your own way of learning things. Each one of you do. Not one of you learns things exactly the same way, but the information is there. The information is the same. How you use it and learn from it will be different, because you have different learning abilities.

So, as we move into this new vibration and energy, which has been brought in, and pushing you and pushing you—it’s pushing you further within! It’s pushing you further within. It’s not pushing you further out there, it’s pushing you away from out there and into here, because this is where it’s going to change. This is where it’s going to change … and to help you to grow and to change and to become. And when we look, again I’m going to say, when we look outside for our satisfactions, outside for, “Boy, I want to be loved.” Give up wanting to be loved! Please give up wanting to be loved.

When you kindly give up wanting to be loved, there’s nobody going to love you EVER. No one will ever love you—you, you, you or you [pointing to students]. That love comes within you to yourself. Do you understand what I’m saying? It comes from within YOU in yourself! I will never be able to love you enough, because no matter how much I love you, you don’t love yourself, so you’ll never accept my love. You’re always going to push me away, because you have to learn to love yourself, because that’s the only one. And THANK GOD that’s the way it goes!!!!

Then, you’d have some man or woman that you’re hanging on for dear life because they’re telling you that they love you, but they can never love you enough. No matter how much they give you, they can never love you enough, because there’s nobody that can love you, because that love is there for your Infinite self to love you. And if you can hear this from where I’m speaking it from, I want you to know that inner training.

That’s where the inner training becomes. It’s looking out here for someone to love and then, “Oh, he loves me or she loves me, oh that’s so wonderful, oh, I’m OK, oh…he doesn’t love me anymore, she doesn’t love me anymore, oh my God, there’s something terribly wrong with me. I’m going to go…oh my God!”


You are going to love yourself and respect with genuine, loving understanding. Loving understanding of self. Loving understanding. “Oh, I’ll get divorced so that I can get a man or a woman to love me more.” It’s not going to happen, because no matter how much they love you, they are never going to love you enough. How much you love them, they are never going to accept that much love from you because they don’t love themselves. It’s all about finding that inner person that belongs to you that YOU OWN!


And when you’re looking outside of yourself for anything, you are WASTING YOUR TIME!




I want to be 24/7 in meditation. And it’s not an easy job because we’re so busy thinking. When I started to realize how busy my damn mind was, I had fits, and I said as soon as I had a thought, I said, “Shhh, Jane, shhhh, no, shhh, no!” I used to do that because I couldn’t stop my mind. I pretended to be a tape recorder, “Shhh, no, shhh, no, no!” And I would say out loud, “No! No! No! NO! NO!” And then I started saying, “God, God, God, God, God,” that’s what I changed that thinking to, “God, God,” or, “No, no” or whatever, “Thank you, God.” Anything to get the mind to stop.

You all have to stop your minds! After all these years that I’ve been with you, you’re still having problems stopping the mind! Some of you I’ve been with longer than others … doesn’t matter. It’s still stopping the mind that’s important. That’s what’s going to get you through, because as long as that mind is busy, busy evaluating the third dimensional world, the outside, you’re never going to grow and change!

Go out and play in the third dimension! Don’t pretend to be a spiritual student. Do not do that to yourself. Go out again and try to find someone to love you and maybe you will find out how fruitless it is. Maybe you will. There are so many people that have come to me throughout the last 25-30 years that wanted to find the perfect mate. “I want my soul mate, Jane, how do I get it?” I never knew what to say to them. What do I say about that? I would say, “I don’t know what to tell you about your soul mate. Why do you want a soul mate?” is usually what I did. “Why do you want a soul mate?” “So I will feel whole.”

Now, that starts a whole different conversation. “Oh, so you think you’re going to feel whole if you have a soul mate? Ok, well, go out and find it. Go. Go, I wish you well.” Because I knew there was no way, no way I could make any changes in them, because they were still looking out here for the perfect man, perfect woman or the perfect whatever…the perfect job. So, they were always looking out there, so I would send them out there. “I want you to have a relationship…I want you to have somebody, then try to make it work, try to make it work…oh well, we’ll get you a divorce and then you can go find somebody else.”

Now, I know you all know how fruitless that is. How absolutely stupid it is. So, your relationship to yourself is the most important. It’s not the ego relationship with the self. You’ve had plenty of time in your life to have your ego supported by yourself. “I need this, I need that. If I had this, if I had that. Oh, my goodness, my cat is sick. Oh, my goodness, my dog doesn’t feel well. Oh, my goodness, my friend is ill. Oh, my gosh, my husband is dying. Oh, my goodness, my child is dying.” All these things, all these things that can happen to us. Those are just outer things!

Yes, I can say that those things are difficult, but you can overcome them! You have to, because you’re going to be doing it sooner than later. At least you have a Teacher help you do what you can possibly do. I can’t move you any further than you want to be moved. And if you put your heels down and say, “I can’t do it,” I’ll love you and I’ll probably give you advice to go play this, or go do this, or go do that. At least you can maybe find out that, that doesn’t work either, but that’s ok. At least I’ve made my point, and maybe you’ll come back and say, “Maybe I should do something different.”

All of it’s good. All of it will get you to the same place. It’s just because you’ve told me you’re a spiritual student, you’ve told me you want to grow and to change, you’ve told me that you’ve made a commitment to your Higher Self … otherwise, I wouldn’t be talking to you this way. I would just be patting you on the head and be telling you to go buy a new car. You want a new car? Go buy a new car, make it a beautiful car or whatever. You need a new house? You need a new relationship? You need this, you need that, you need a better job?

Yes, we need to work because we have to pay bills, because we live in a third dimensional world that requires us to pay taxes, but we don’t have to be involved in that. “OK, I have to pay taxes, I pay them. I have to pay rent, I pay it. I have to have a car or I can’t go to the store.” So, get a car. But if your car is your identity, then you’ve lost the true reason for the vehicle. If your house is your identity, then you’ve lost the purpose of what the house is to represent to you in higher terms.

So, here we are, getting another great step in our inner training. I want you all to read “Inner Training” this week in Ponder on This, and hopefully you can see where I’ve been pushing you, some of you the last 20 years, some of you 5 years, whatever. But, there’s been a push. There’s been a push. If you tell me you want to grow spiritually, I take you seriously. If you’re not serious, you know? There’s a lot of people that are serious until they get down to the nitty gritty, and bye-bye, there they go.

And it’s good. It’s good that they leave, because it’s not good to pretend that you want something that you don’t want, and that’s the truth. It’s better you say, “It’s not what I expected, it’s not what I wanted.” Not, “I got this ice cream and they said orange sherbet is the best, and you know I bought it and I thought, that’s what I wanted and I saved up my money for months to have a whole gallon of it, and I tasted it and I said, ‘Oh my God, that’s not really what I want.’”

And that’s OK, go try another variety. That’s like spiritual school. You want to be in spiritual school? You want to be in it? I always found that spiritual school was no more difficult than the third dimensional situations you’re in, you know?! It’s funny, you don’t want to be in spiritual school because it’s too hard, and yet you want to be in the third dimension, which is really hard. But you don’t think that as you are going through these things, because you’re finding out the truth of your being … but otherwise, you’re letting the world tell you who you are.

Isn’t it better that you go in and find out who you are rather than the world tell you who you are? The world will measure you on the third dimension. They will love you or hate you according to whatever opposite they happen to be in or what opposite they happen to be in in your last lifetime with them. When you look at how stupid it is to put your eggs in the basket of the world where the eggs are all going to be broken, I’d rather put my eggs in my inner self where I can take care of them, and manage them and love them and nurture them, and they can turn into little chickies and lay their own eggs rather than have them scrambled on the third dimension.

So, with all that, let’s take a few moments to meditate on all that I’ve said.