God energy is a dynamic, vital force that connects you with everyone and everything. It is a powerful love that radiates out through you. Without a doubt, you are a part of God! You don't realize that because your consciousness isn't yet tuned into that awareness.

God wants to introduce you to your whole self. As you take certain spiritual steps, your soul will become illumined with the Presence of God. It is possible to become one with Infinite Intelligence -- one with the Great Cosmic Energy of the Universe! That is total freedom and that is what your soul is screaming for Freedom to be all that you are! Freedom to have your life be better than you ever dreamed possible!

Once you are in the Consciousness of God, your life will run more smoothly, since you are at one with the flow of life. Your troubles will melt away! It will be as if you've walked out of a maze and feel bonded with your true self for the very first time. You won't wonder why certain things happened or feel confused and distressed. No! You'll be united with the universe. You will know yourself to be at one with everyone and everything, since there truly is no separation.

Surrender to your Higher Self, and you surrender to your greater possibilities. New understandings and revelations will come and open your mind. You'll no longer be the same person. You will be an awakened soul in a beautiful new state of consciousness.

Your personality is just a tiny fragment of you. It is just a vehicle for the here and now. There's so much more for you to explore!

Moving forward in consciousness is a wonderful thing, because it makes you want to do more. The more you know and understand, the more your soul gets excited about these revelations.

God loves you and wants you to heal your soul. God is interested in having you find your true spiritual identity! If you are serious about your spiritual growth, God will put energy and power into opening the doors of your subconscious so you will learn more about yourself.

What does it mean to "live in God Consciousness"? -- You will experience greater joy.

-- You'll possess an unshakable peace of mind.
-- You'll be able to express greater creativity.
-- Your human, everyday needs will be met effortlessly without stress or worry.
-- You'll have the ability to solve your problems easily by thinking clearly in all situations.
-- You'll feel unconditional love for others and yourself.
-- You'll gain a higher perspective that will influence your decision making and make better choices that benefit the evolution of your soul.
-- You will have complete faith that you are in alignment with your Higher Self.
-- You will intuitively know how to be of the greatest service to others .
-- You'll know your life has deeper meaning, direction, and purpose -- and what exactly that purpose is.