When I consciously set out on my spiritual path over 35 years ago, I always wished I had a teacher, guide or a helpful book to let me know I was on the right track. I vowed to myself that I would help others who were undertaking the same journey. All the tips in this book are techniques I developed for myself They are well tested! I followed these steps and was amazed by the results.

During this process, I had let go of all of my desires except the one underlying desire of my heart and soul -- to help and inspire others to move forward spiritually and to enjoy a more fulfilling life.

You are a member of the human family -- a child of God. And as a Divine Child, you have the right to find and possess your spiritual inheritance, which is to live fully in the God Consciousness. You are an individual expression of God Light and God Love. God has equipped you with everything you need to become one with that Presence, Power and Love.

This book is designed to offer tools and to provide a map to guide you to that Eternal Oneness that is yours for the asking. Your reward is assured. It is up to you to take the actions -- follow the map, implement the tools and receive your divine inheritance!

The ideas you'll read about will raise you into a higher state of consciousness than you've ever been in before. As you make a commitment to move out of the old and into the new -- and the whole Universe will support you. You are not stuck in the consciousness that you have right now. This [website] is designed to help you cooperate with your life plan and work in the best interest of your soul, and thereby, transform your life.