JE Discourse
April 1, 2015
Journey of the Christ

[Student speaking] We can’t possibly prepare anymore because preparation time is over. Now it’s game time and we go! And if we’ve prepared properly, then we’re going to make it and it’s time to shove off. That’s kind of what I got today, so, game time, everybody.

[JE] Oh, how true that is and you’ve had great preparation for handling these challenges that you’re all in and staying focused, listening, staying still, being quiet, allowing the new energy to come, flow through you and move you to the next revelation. You know I’m always talking about revelations, and revelations are what you want. Always what you want is a revelation and if you’re not having a revelation every day, you should be standing, screaming and yelling, “Where’s my revelation for today? I want it! I’m going to listen for it. I need it! Show me!” because you are at the point where those revelations are coming to you.

If you’re missing the revelation, if you’re missing it coming into consciousness, then you have to listen more. You have to shut off the mind and listen more and stop. A lot of times, these illnesses—I found out that sickness has a very important reason and that is to slow me down. To slow me down, and once I realized that sicknesses were my best friend, because they gave me the opportunity not to fret about what I need, what I want, why am I not doing this, I can relax and just allow the new energy to come in and work me.

You’ve all been ready to take the ball down to the goal line. And now the ball is getting handed to you and you want to be able to grab it and go to the end of the journey and do what you need to do for you. I love that (student) said the practice—you practiced and practiced and practiced and you’ve been practicing. You know what to do. You know what ticks you off. You know what buttons you’ve got and you know how to handle these things.

As I’ve said, there’s several people in this group that are not feeling well that have had problems with their health and health is always about slowing down, listening more, being more compassionate with yourself and not keeping yourself so busy, so tied up with all the odds and ends of the world. But be able to prioritize and find out “What’s the more important thing that I need to do today?” and then you do it. Then you have the time to spend and do your inner work because nothing is going to happen until you do your inner work. You can’t ask or even expect anything to change or a new revelation to come to you if the inner work hasn’t been done, because that is “as above, so below”. You’ve got to constantly be listening to that inner voice of yours. Constantly. Not filling it with other things.

You know you could be very active and still be very in tune with the inner voice. You know that. This is the goal. This is what you need to do. You have to be very active, but always listening; always in that moment. If you are finding yourself out of the moment, and then you’re not recycling and refocusing yourself again, maybe your Teacher is going to do something to stop and listen. Make you’re no longer able to do your regular routines. I’ve looked at this for 45 years. Boy I know, if I have a sore throat or something, “Uh-oh, I’ve got to stop right now, I’ve got to go right into meditation, I’ve got to stop what I’m doing and say, ‘What’s the most important thing I’ve got to get done today; what is the most important?’” And then I do it and then the rest of it I can put into other things and then you say, “procrastination”. That is why I say don’t procrastinate by not doing what you’re supposed to be doing and putting it to another day, because there’s going to be a day that comes that you’re going to be needing to do the quiet time. Then you have 25 things that are getting left undone.

You see? See, I want you to hear this correctly because I say to be quiet and not have action but if you are taking care of business every day and aware of what is the most important thing I need to do today…when the time comes when there’s a lot of spiritual movement, you are not having to catch up with, you didn’t write your checks today; you didn’t take care of something that you needed to take care of because you’ll do it tomorrow. Don’t put anything off tomorrow that you can do today as far as an important thing like writing checks or going to the doctors or the dentist. You have to really start honing in on what’s really, really important; and then move with the important thing.

I hope that I’ve said this right to you because you could see this in another way, “Oh, well, I’m supposed to be active every day. I have to do, do, do.” NO! I’m not trying to say that. I’m saying be on top of it at all times. In other words, look, what is the most important because we get hooked up on unimportant things just because we’re bored. And then when we’re bored, we’re into unimportant things and then when something important comes along, it falls through the cracks, you see? It’s that wonderful ebb and flow that you need to have where you are in the flow; you’re in meditation 24/7. You are never out of meditation.

When you all met me years ago, in the 70’s I learned that; I learned that and it was very clear to me that I always had to be in touch with the Higher--always. Never letting it get foggy. I needed to be there. I needed to spend the time to be there. I needed to always be in the “I Am presence,” always the Higher Self of me, and not let anything else take me out of it. I practiced that and practiced that in the 70’s until it became so automatic that I don’t even have to think. That’s why I can sit with you and look at you and know exactly what’s going on with you because I don’t have anything else going on in my head. You see? I don’t have a bunch of other stuff. I’m not judging you, I’m not doing anything but being one with you. I can find out what I need to do, if anything, to help you or maybe I’m not supposed to do anything and let you flounder a little bit, because that’s what’s going to be the best opportunity you have to grow and to change.

So, I have to be very careful of how much I give and how much I don’t give, because it’s very important that I teach you and give you opportunities like a child. You have to give them the opportunity to walk; and if you’re constantly picking them up and trying to help them walk, they aren’t going to pick themselves up and walk. You learned, you folks with children, you learned not to do that. You learned to watch them and support them and egg them on, “Come on, you can do it, sweetheart.” But this is just exactly the same principle that a spiritual Teacher or the Masters work with you on: “I know you can do it, come on, come on, I know that you can handle this anger. I know that you can handle it.” You may choose you don’t want to because sometimes it’s fun just to be angry. You’ll say, “No, I don’t like to be angry”, but you’ve got to get a pay off from it some way. You know? You get a payoff. You know whatever that payoff from whomever gets into the anger part of it.

That’s why stay out of anger the best you can, because it keeps you from your focus of moving forward because you don’t like what you’re thinking or what somebody else is doing or what they could do or didn’t do, there’s so many things. You all know this. You’ve all been practicing this over and over again. So, I’m wasting my breath on telling you one more time what to do because you know. You absolutely know.

It’s Easter and I want to change the cadence a little bit here. I know that maybe 15 years ago, maybe even longer, I introduced Jesus’s evolution to Christ consciousness—Jesus’s evolution. I know that you all have seen this. You’ve been given this little thing over and over again, but because it’s Easter and it’s an important time for you as you move forward, I wanted to go over some of these things just to remind you, because you already know this, because I’ve talked to you about it so many times.

Before Jesus became the Christ and moved into the Christ consciousness, his soul went through exactly what your soul is going through, according to his history of evolution. So he was a soul evolving just like you in the world. He eventually surrendered moving out of his personality and moving into his higher self. These are some of the things that I wrote about this: Christ is a state of consciousness. It is an awareness—awareness—of the fourth dimension that exists beyond the third. You are aware of it. You know it exists, and you want to climb to that higher level of who you are.

Jesus realized that and that’s why he started working in the Himalayas. He had a lot, a lot of incarnations before he became Jesus--lots of them. And then he became Jesus, The Chosen One—Jesus, The Chosen One. He was chosen because he had evolved to the place that he had a mission, and when you become consciously aware, you usually end up with a mission, because that’s part of helping humanity. Everybody that goes through the evolution of consciousness has got a mission, will have a mission, will have something that they will do for humanity. That’s just the way it goes.

Jesus understood that and I want to say, he also took every step that you’ve had to take. He had to take the surrender part. He had to leave his family and go into the Himalayas and work with a Teacher…and work with a Teacher and work with a Teacher for how many years? I think the age was 12? Shake your head (student) if that is right…he left at 12 and came back at 33, 32, somewhere in there, he came back and then he had his mission.

Well, what was he doing all those years? He was doing what you are doing—he was doing what you are doing! Learning who you are—infinite intelligence. You spend 25-30 years, what are you doing? You’re trying to move your consciousness. What was he trying to do? He was trying to learn and grow in spiritual understanding and this is what you all have been doing. You’ve been working, many of you, for many, many years to understand more about who you are.

One of the first things Jesus had to do was let go of Jesus’s personality self. He had to do that, that was an important step to blending with his soul. So, what Jesus did, he was crucified—he chose—HE CHOSE to do that. He chose to demonstrate that the Father and I are one: Infinite Intelligence. He chose that. He demonstrated the “crossing out” of the personality, moving into the higher soul level of evolution.

So, Jesus’s whole mission, after he came down from the mountain, if you can think about it this way, guys, you are in the mountain. You may be sitting here in Florida with me or New York or Pennsylvania or wherever you’re at, or Colorado, but you are in the mountain—you are ON the mountain! You are sitting on the mountain. You chose to go up to the mountain. You chose to take those steps, you made that choice years and years ago. Some of you 30 years ago with me, some of you came on board later on, doesn’t matter. You are in those 40 years of growth and change. That’s where you are. You are standing on the mountain. Some of you are partly up the mountain. Some of you are much closer to the top than others, but it doesn’t matter, you’re all climbing the mountain.

When you said, “I want to move into higher consciousness,” guess what happened? They took you seriously and you had an opportunity to start climbing and some of you got a little discouraged and had to take a little time off. Some of you kept going, kept going and kept going and nothing stopped you. You know that there were many other people that started on this journey with you, that are gone. We don’t even see them. We don’t know where they are anymore. Why? Because it got rough. They wanted up the mountain, but when it got rough, they had to get going. Were they bad people? NO! They’ll get other opportunities. I know everybody will get an opportunity; they’ll have 25 other opportunities. I just don’t want you 12 to let your lower self take over the higher vision that your Higher Self has.

So Jesus spent 40 years in the wilderness—40 days, I know—but all those years, too. Training, and then went away into the silence for 40 days to find out what he needed to do to get his orders. If you want to know, he got his orders! What to do, how to do it, how to blend, what to say, what not to say. He knew what his mission was after his training.

Well, you all are the Christ, you’re all Jesus, I might as well call—all of you are Jesus. All of you are Jesus. If you want to call it your names, you might be called [student’s name] but your name is Jesus. He took the same road you guys are on. He had to take it and you know, not very many people like hearing that. I know I talked about that at [location] and man, I had a flock of people saying, “Wow, she’s way out there.” And I didn’t even talk to them like I’m talking to you! I just kind of floated over it and just tapped a little bit on the subject. And you know what got back … a lot of people did not like that very well because I threw out that possibility for them. I didn’t care if they liked it or not. I needed to throw out that possibility so it might be able to get them thinking about the whole journey a little differently. Otherwise, they would have never thought that maybe Jesus was human and had to walk out of his humanhood to become the Christ, to become the Infinite Intelligence; and that’s exactly what he did.

So, it’s about the journey. It’s about being aware and staying focused—oh my God! And the higher you get, the more focused you have to be—the more focused you have to be, because the road gets very, very rocky. You’re getting down to taking really big pieces out of your subconscious. And those big pieces are very, very scary…I know…I know! I’ve been there, done it, very scary but it was only my personality that was scared—my ego. So, once I realized who was scared, it was much easier, “Oh, that stupid ego of mine, it just gets so scared if it has to do something. Oh my God, I might have to go do this or that, oh my God!” I would say, “Get out of my way! Get out of my way! I don’t respect you. I do not respect that ego of mine. It doesn’t know anything.”

I had to be really tough on myself. I had to talk to myself—talk and talk and talk, because it was very easy for me to be discouraged when my daughter died, and when my husband left me, and when I didn’t have any money, and I had to let my other daughter go live with her father, oh my God. But, I knew, I knew that I was on a journey. I knew where I wanted to go and it didn’t matter … I had to go there. I was absolutely committed and dedicated to move my consciousness, no matter how hard they slapped me. No matter how hard they tripped me up. I had to move forward because I had a mission, and my mission was to raise my consciousness and get to the top of that mountain.

So, kick me down, push me down, take my daughter, take all of my children, do what you want to because I know it’s all karma! I will walk to the top of the mountain no matter what, and no one’s going to stop me and mostly myself! I am not going to allow myself to stop me! Because that’s where you guys are now—that’s right where you are. It’s yourself that will stop you. God won’t stop you—YOU will stop you! And when I found out who’s going to stop me, I had to give up blaming it on God, very early…very, very early, like the very earliest part of the 70’s…71…whenever, I had to stop blaming God for my problems and I’ve told you about those experiences.

I told you that those happened because I didn’t want you to have false ideas about this journey. I wanted you to have the truth of this journey so that you knew what you needed to do to get to the top of the mountain. If you don’t make it this lifetime, you are perfectly ok, because you are going to step up the next lifetime more prepared to take the rest of the journey.

So, nothing is wasted, guys, nothing is wasted because of your desire to move and understand is more important than anything else. Anything you do to support yourself, anything you do to overcome that limited ego self that wants to keep you busy doing nothing; busy doing nothing physically and mentally, where you’re in your mind all the time so you are mentally not doing anything, because you’re so busy thinking about what you should or shouldn’t do so that you don’t take any movements…or you’re so busy physically that you never have any time to slow down and get something.

My goal for each and every one of you is at least to accomplish one thing, and that is to learn to be in the Presence all the time, because if that’s what you learn this lifetime, and you move into another lifetime, you have that gear. That gear is not going to be lost … you have it, it belongs to you, you own it and that will get you where you need to go next time, if you don’t make it all the way to the top of the mountain.

So, I say, be kind to yourself, but push yourself. Push yourself as far as the ego self is concerned. Push yourself out of the way because it really loves to blame everybody else and the doctors and the nurses, the candlestick maker. You just don’t want to look at it like, “Ok, what’s really going on? Why am I sick today? What is going on?” Stop, stop, stop. Say, “If I’m ill, I need to stop. I need to stop, I need to get out of my head, I need to just BE. I need not to think. I need to put on some music and do nothing! And if something comes inside of my head, I say No! I am laid down to rest.”

Because only if you are laid down to rest, you really become connected to that Higher Self to really be able to give you clear information—clear revelations. And the journey of the Christ, the journey of the soul, is to be aware of that real, truth within YOU. YOU become the owner of it. Nobody else. YOU become the owner of it.

So, as we move into Easter now and this is my Easter message. My Easter message to you is: Allow that Christ consciousness that is a very much a part of you, sifting through your limited consciousness, is trying to push you and coach you, coach you: “Come on, a little faster here, come on.”

I want you, I love you, I want you to become all of what you are. My love for you is greater than your love for yourself; it always has been and always will be until you step into this place where you truly know what love is. What truly love is. And what sacrifices you are willing to make for love because you love--because you love others, because you know they’re your brothers and sisters. Look at the sacrifice Jesus made to make a point. What a wonderful sacrifice he made. What a wonderful, wonderful decision. That’s true love. He loved us enough to sacrifice himself. “The Father and I are one and I am sacrificing myself,” he said, “to show you the way. To give you the strength to do it yourself; and, yes, you will have to go on the cross. The cross of crossing out your ego, which is very, very painful! Very, very painful.”

It sure doesn’t want to be crossed off, but you’re going to nail yourself. You’re going to nail it. Nail it in understanding. When I say nail it, that means, “I’m taking charge of this. And now I have a new interest in taking charge of it. It’s Easter, I’ve been working for 40 days now to prepare myself to take my next spiritual step and listen, listen, listen, and then listen some more.”

So, as we move forward at this Easter time with the Easter consciousness on us, the Christ consciousness, the Infinite Intelligence, right now, right here in this room, on this planet, talking to you, working with you, loving you …