Jane Elizabeth Discourse
February 18, 2015

The 40 days is always an important thing for me. I always try to think of something that will help me in some manner. If it’s not spiritually oriented, maybe its health oriented…something that I commit to like going to swimming every day or something like that. But since I did that four years ago, I’m still swimming so let’s not give up something I don’t do anyway, like if I decided what I would give up is smoking. I’m not going to smoke for 40 days (laughing).
Anyway, all kidding aside…this is a good time to think about something that maybe you would like to give a 40 day new habit to. That could be in many areas of what would help you the most. If you’re worried about your meditations, maybe you commit to being in meditation more often. If you’re worried about your health, maybe you need to spend more time in meditation because that always helps your health. And then maybe if you’re concerned about your inner voice, the best thing is meditation because that’s the place you’re going to listen to your voice.

By now, I hope each and every one of you is connected to your inner voice. That you have been working on all this time and you should have a very clear connection with that inner voice of yours because that’s where all the messages come; that’s where all the support comes; that’s where the help comes. So I’m sure each and every one of you have connected deeply with your inner voice and use your intuition because some of you have been with me 30 years or more. And of course by now you are pros at mediation; you are pros at listening to your inner voice; you are pros at picking up different vibrations that are coming through you and you are pros at being the observer of self. You are also committed to your spiritual journey.

So you all come loaded with a lot of wonderful, spiritual tools already in your tool chest. And you all have the Blue Sword and you’ve all been using that for at least five to six years so that’s been a tool that you’ve been using that’s been supporting you. And you’ve learned to quiet your minds because that, of course, is extremely important because our minds can take us in 20 different directions in an hour. And we all have learned that by observing our minds and it gets very clear to us that it is an important thing because if you’re busy in your mind, you can’t hear your inner voice. You can’t get any help to understand about your God-Self, your real Self. That’s such an important thing to continue to break those thoughtforms because as I’ve always told you, they are thoughtforms. They are only thoughtforms that go in your head and then you dance with them.

When I was working with my thoughtforms, I use to say, “I’m not partnering with them! I’m not going to partner with them — no, you’re not going to dance with me today!” And I would actually say that out loud to myself: “NO!” and I didn’t have anybody around because the kids were in school. So I would say, “NO, I am not dancing with you today!” And I would say that 25 times in an hour probably. And I use to keep the television off because I found that keeping the television off was a very important; it distracted me. And so, I just never had the TV on during the times that I was trying to connect with this part of myself that works in the best interest of my soul because I loved to watch the serials. You know, the old, old serials that were on…they’re still on, you know, General Hospital is now off but a lot of them are still on. But I loved that; it was my lunchtime and it was the time that I could go and watch two or three soap operas and sew.

So, you see, you know what’s tripping you up. I don’t have to tell you. You know what your problems are; you’ve got it very clear in your head what your problems are. So, I would suggest because you’re each very different and you each have different soul journeys, I would really look at what it is you really want to focus on the next 40 days and do it. Say, “Well, I’ve got to stop my merry-go-round.” You know how to do that, that’s no big deal but it takes perseverance and it takes a lot of commitment to it. And, so, I continue to support you because meditation, meditation, and meditation.

You see? After you get so good at meditating, you are in meditation — you are in that higher vibration ALL THE TIME — all the time. It’s not separate from you. You sit in it; you walk in it; you go to the grocery store; you drive down the street in it. You are never separated from your inner connection because you’ve built a very, very strong inner connection. And you begin to know when you need to stop and listen to something because you’ll feel that vibration coming in.

Vibration is everything. You have to be able to sense the vibration from your Master Teacher, sense your vibration from your own personality-self, which is so much different from your Master Teacher. All these things have to be looked at carefully so that you get the most out of your time on your journey. There are so many worldly things to attract you, and now you know those attractions don’t do you any good. They’re just ways of wasting your time. It’s an addiction so that you don’t have to stop and look at yourself and say, “What is going on with me right now?”

This is your journey. It’s nobody else’s. You each have your own journey. But always, meditation is something that each one of you — it is a part of each one of you that must be done. The other thing is the observer-self, the commitment, the looking at yourself in the opposites. By now you well know, I’ve been talking about this for years, so you know the opposites! It’s no big deal to you. It’s like, “Oh! I’m in that opposite, ok…so what is that opposite trying to tell me? What is that trying to tell me?” Even the good opposites are just opposites. You want to get into that oneness. You want to get into that higher vibration.

See, you’re building. What you’re doing with your meditations, and you’ve been doing it, and I can look at my group here and see that some of them have been with me almost 30 years and they have built a strong, inner connection to that innate part of themselves because they’ve known for years that they have to watch for the different things that I’ve talked to you about. But it accelerates…it accelerates and you have to be on target with it, very on target with it. In other words, you have to watch yourself all the time. You have to be very diligent, always very, very diligent because it’s so easy to slip off the narrow path. It’s so easy to go one way or the other and then stop at the nearest station, and get off and go play. And then say, “Something’s going on here; nothing’s working for me. Well, maybe I should get back on meditation again, I got off on some phenomenon, or I got off on some television show, or I got off on just listening to how stupid I am in my head.”

Well that’s always a good thing--if you find out how stupid you are. And I think I’ve talked to all of you many, many times about this…when I started stopping my thinking and listening to it, I realized I kept reinforcing the same stuff in my head all the time! And you know I’ve talked to you about it. And when I had to stop, stand back and watch myself and what I as saying to my self — how I talk to my self — I was appalled! I suddenly realized how stupid I was! How I let this thing go into my head, over and over and over again. And if I took a new step, I had to watch it real carefully because the new vibration was coming in, stirring up other stuff within me. But I had worked long enough to recognize a new something or something old coming back in my face for me to let go of it in a new way, because your meditation is your best tool to move into God-consciousness.

If you can stop the chatter inside yourself, you can stop and listen to that inner voice that will help you solve your problems. You have something within you that can solve EVERY problem that you have — every problem! There is not a problem that you can have that you can’t have an answer to! But we get scared; we get frightened and then our minds goes off on a tangent and we have to bring ourselves back and continue to center ourselves.

So, now, what is going on with all of you? You’re getting into other vibrations now — other energy because things are opening up for you. This is the New Year so things are pushing through you and you can’t escape it. But you need to use it to take a step forward. You need to take that situation in your life, which has been given to you, to step forward to understand yourself better, to discipline yourself more because you have the opportunity now to go faster. But with things going faster, the thing that happens is things are starting to come up faster too. Boom-biddy-boom-boom-boom! And you feel like somebody is jarring you.

Stop and say, “Oh, thank you, thank you, you are pushing me forward! Thank you, thank you! I accept my challenge; I accept this challenge.” I use to say that out loud to myself, “I accept the challenge. I will not back down from it. I will not hide under the covers. I will not give myself a headache over this. I will not cause my body to shift and do stupid stuff because I’m scared. I will take charge of me and I’m the only one that can! I’m the only one that can take charge of myself — only one.” There isn’t anybody else who is going to take charge of you but you. It’s true!

I wish I could…my job in the beginning is I started opening the door for you. I started breaking through the shell that was so strong that sometimes I’d have to come in with my Shiva energy so strong that I practically knocked you over because I had to break your thought patterns; I had to break you from getting into your cycle. I had to stop you from thinking. Even if I could stop you for a moment from thinking I was successful because that is the only time that I could break through. And I know…I know we all think, “Oh I’m afraid to go see Jane; I have a problem but I don’t really want to call her.”

I use to say that to my spiritual partner, “I always know when I need to call you and talk to you is when I don’t want to” and I feel a resistance because maybe she’s going to tell me something that I don’t want to hear. Or, “She’s always mad at me or she’s going to do something…” And she felt the same way about me! “I don’t want to talk to Jane; she’s going to nail me and you know there’s a part of me that’s afraid she’s going to and I know there’s something to be nailed.” That’s what we found out…if I was scared then there was something in me that knew there was truth of that and was afraid to step up to the X-ray machine because if I could stand there and hide behind something, even if it’s a false something, I didn’t have to call her.

And we found out early in the game, in fact she and I talked about this this afternoon; we laughed about it, we said, “Oh my God, I remember how we use to hate to talk to each other because we knew that the gauntlet was going to come down on us because God used us to process each other. And that was the greatest gift that we could have had and we laughed and laughed at how we resisted it and how we came to terms with it and how we said, “OK, I’m going to handle the worst possibility! What is going to happen? I will handle the worst possibility and if I handle the worst possibility, anything else that happens is a piece of cake!”

So, there we are. So it’s up to you because you’re now dealing with many of the same things you dealt with before only they’re accelerated. They’re pushing you…they’re shoving you in the corner because this world, the materiality of this world, is heavy. It weighs a ton and it’s amazing that you can even sit up. This is the time that we let go; we get rid of it! We have to do something because WE are in charge. We have to do it! WE, WE have to do it for ourselves! For a long time I did a lot of it for you and opened up and opened up and opened up little cracks so that you could see little things. But sometimes the littlest things I had to pound your consciousness big so that I could get this much in [showing a half inch with her thumb and pointer finger].

So, why am I talking about this because this is old. You’ve heard me talk about this before. Why today am I picking up about meditation? Why would I even bother to do it?


You are not in 24/7 meditation. None of you are! And you’ve had plenty of time to learn to do it where you are connected, you are connected, and you are always THERE! I can look at the whole group and see that it is not there — it is not there! Some of you are better than others, but it’s not there. You’re not walking — you are not walking in that moment where you know that you know that you know. You know that you know that you know. And you know what you need to do and you are so connected that there isn’t a moment in time and space that you’re not. You see?

So, you say, how is it possible? How is it possible? How is it possible? How is it possible? How is it possible to be connected all the time? Think about that? I’m not going to give you an answer. How is it possible to be connected all the time? What do you have to do? You certainly have heard about it for many, many a year.

You start by getting any other thought out of your mind. You know, when we meditate, and we started meditating many years ago, we had to start to learn to monitor our thinking and get more and more in charge of keeping it still. And the more still and quiet you can keep your mind, the more you move into the higher realms so that you can hear that inner voice; you can hear that warning, you can hear that, “That-a-girl, that-a-guy, you’re OK, you’re walking forward, this is good.”
It’s the greatest thing in the world; it’s wonderful because everything is at your service! All the Akashic Records, the Master Plan for the Universe, your support system. All of that is yours! You own it, it belongs to you and no one, nobody can take it away from you because you earned it yourself.

YOU moved yourself.
YOU’VE done the work.
YOU’VE disciplined yourself.
YOU’VE been committed.
YOU have encouraged yourself when you wanted to fall to pieces.
YOU accepted the unacceptable and moved on.
YOU know your own strength.
YOU know your own heart.

YOU know that there’s nothing in the world that can be done with anything other than your true love; your true essence of being love; your true essence of being intelligent with all the wisdom of the universe pouring through you when you need it.

You don’t have to sit there, oh that would drive you crazy--that would be worse than trying to keep your merry-go-round stopped--if you had to listen to all the things in the universe. But you have one thing, one drop at a time. It comes in and you understand it and it belongs to you and nobody can take it away from you. You know when you were in first grade you learned the ABC’s. Can anybody take that away—those ABC’s from you? No, because you own it.

You know math up to a certain point. Some of you know math more than I will ever learn. Trigonometry is not my game. That is not what I came to learn anyway. All those things you own. I don’t own trigonometry because I don’t know anything about it and quite frankly for me, that’s not my job to learn it. Some of you, it might be very, very important. I know my grandchildren learned it and it was important for their jobs and what they are doing in their lives. And they used to ask me, “Can you help me with this problem?” (laughing) “I can’t even spell, what are you talking about?! Come on, guys, you have to do your homework yourself! Don’t ask me to do your homework because you are way beyond me on that subject!”

You see, your Master who is your friend and your support system is constantly supporting you and moving you forward if you listen…listen, listen, listen. Listen to THAT and not the fear that goes on or all the other stuff that goes on in one’s mind that keeps you so busy you don’t have to listen to the Master. “Yeah, I don’t have to do the spiritual work because I’m too busy listening to the stupid stuff that’s in my head.”

I use to say to myself, “That is stupid, Jane! Stop it, Jane, that’s stupid!” I use to have to talk out loud to myself so I’m going to tell you, you do that if you have any problems: “No, I won’t do that!”

“NO!” I would say out loud to myself. “NO, that’s not true! This is not who I am. I won’t indulge in that!” Because I was determined. I knew there was something more and I was damn sure I wasn’t going to let anybody in the world stop me from finding out my true self. And you need to have that and you will be tested over and over and over again as you move through the many phases of spiritual evolution on this journey. You will be tested: Where is your love; where is your faith; where is your purity of heart? Where is it? I’m going to give you a test; here it is. You either pass it or fail it.

And the test is always something that you have to do and that you haven’t been able to accomplish in yourself. And you know those things. You know the truth. You can put your head in a bushel but you still go to bed with yourself, you still wake up with yourself. You only have yourself. You are a universe unto itself. You are a little universe. Do you understand? You are a little universe and you run your universe. You are a universe! And you run it! You tell it how it is going to operate within you. You have power in that universe.
You have mighty power in that universe, and if you don’t use it for the proper reasons to advance your spirituality, then you’ll waste a whole lifetime, on the merry-go-round, not taking action because you are too scared to or it’s too hard: “Oh my god, it’s too hard; I didn’t know I signed up for this.”

You have the opportunity. You have 40 days. You have 40 DAYS to change a behavior. You have 40 DAYS to change something; I don’t care what it is. You look into your heart and soul and see what it really is that you need to stand up to and stand up to it for 40 days. Look at your calendar, today, number one, tomorrow, “Did I stand up for what I said I was going to do?” On the second day, third day, fourth day, give yourself a star; give yourself a minus, give yourself two stars. “Boy I did quite a few times today I was really good; I didn’t let myself get down in the dumps and feel sorry for myself; I didn’t let myself get swept away with all the other people in my world in what they were telling me. I could stand steadfast knowing I was doing the very best possible that I was capable of doing.”

And I was capable of doing a lot. A lot. So when the end came to the end for me and I was moving out of humanhood forever, I knew that I was responsible for myself totally 100%. I knew my soul; I knew what I had been through and I could say, “Oh my god, this is wonderful because I have something of value to hand to the infinite, the Oversoul.”

Because your soul’s going to blend with the Oversoul and become an individualized soul in evolution, you see? You’re in it; you are of it and yet you are…you know how I talk about the cookie dough…the cookie dough is God and the little cookie cutter star finally gets to the point where it becomes a star made up of all the stuff, all the dough, that God was made out of.

And then there are all kinds of things you get to do that’s so much more interesting than living in the opposites, I’ll tell you. If I’d ever known where they were going to take me in those moments that I was in despair, and I had many despairing moments, believe me. It didn’t come naturally, “Oh yeah, I was born to do this.” I had to stand up to ME. I had to stand up to MYSELF. I was my worst enemy. I deceived myself so many times. And when I realized that I was the great deceiver of me, I got busy and started to find out what I was made out of — who was I really.

I started ripping down the veils. Ripping down those things that were keeping me from progressing. Ripping them down because they’re huge pieces that I had in me, and you have in you, that needed to come to the light of day to be dissolved. But you are dissolving them. You have to dissolve them, that’s what your Blue Sword is for! YOU have to dissolve them; YOU have to take a stand; YOU have to take it!!

And sometimes it was not very much fun for me to take it. I wanted somebody to take it for me. Take this pain away…this murdered child…”Take this pain away, God! Take it away! I can’t handle it!” Until I said, “Well, Jane, you are going to handle it. You’re going to get some good out of this, Jane. What can you do? What can you do? What do you need to do?”

I knew I needed to forgive. I knew I needed to be aware that this was a child evolving. I needed to understand so much more. That one thing that happened to me gave me miles of understanding and I could have stayed sad and disappointed over that…but it was a building block for me. Oh, I found out that if I could handle that, I could handle ANYTHING that you want to throw at me! “I can handle it and I will overcome it! So just throw it to me; just set me on fire and if you choose to throw me into the fire; I will go into the fire! I don’t care; I need everything burnt off me. I want to be purified! I want to know the truth of me—purify me—purify me! Do whatever needs to be done because I can see a whole mess in front of me and I don’t know how to take it down. Purify me; don’t let me take any of this shit with me! Please don’t let me do that!”

Beg, plead: “I’m having a terrible time with this problem! Help me, help me, my Higher Self!”

Your higher self will help you if you’ll listen. It will help you and you’ll find out, “Oh my God, I’m more aware; I’m freer! I understand why now I have these problems—why I had this child, why I had this whatever it was that I was crying over.”

I knew I was never going to die because I’d never died (laughing)! I left my body but I had never died, never, ever died. I just dropped my body and kept going. So what is the big deal of being afraid of death? It’s just drop your body and keep going. The only thing is, if you’re attached to your body, attached to your material good, attached to a male or a female in your life that you can’t let go of--if you are attached to anything, you are not free. That’s why I say, detach yourself. And it does not mean that you don’t love somebody and you don’t give a crap for them, no! In fact, you have greater love for them than you ever thought possible in a very high dimension of love; a high dimension of love—a high understanding—a high vibration that transcends this vibration. It transcends it all.

Forty days…you have forty days to make some decisions. Forty days. I’d sleep on it tonight and figure it out tomorrow because tomorrow starts the second day. But today think about where you are. What is the biggest thing that would help you the most? You may put a couple things down. Maybe there’s a couple things that will help you. Believe me, if you write it down on a piece of paper and make a commitment to it, you are writing it to the universe. You are writing it to your Master, out-of-body; he knows what you’re writing.

And believe me, the challenge will come to stay on it, trust me on that one! When you say, “I’m going to give up this, or, I’m going to be better at that.” Watch how many things come up to keep you stuck. That was always so fascinating to me. How many little, little tiny things that could come into my world that would try to throw me off of my goal. But you get through 40 days of it and it gives you strength — strength that you didn’t know you had today — new strength. Strength that you can depend on and you gained on your own and you know it belongs to you. It doesn’t belong to Jane or to (names off student’s names). Doesn’t belong to any of them; it belongs to you. You earned it. YOU earned it. YOU earned that strength.

So I support you in the thing that needs to be taken care of for you and we’re going to have a little meditation now…