When you watch a play, you see the action on the stage, but you don't see all the behind the scenes actions that are making the play run. You don't see the playwright working on the script, or the casting, rehearsals, lighting set-up, costume changes or the props people bustling around.

Your life plan is very much like a play. When you carefully observe your life plan, you are starting to figure out how and why your life runs as it does. You stop being a passive participant in your own play!

You are the author of this play that you planned out before you were born. You are the star of this play and you are responsible for designing the plot and casting the characters. You put in heroes, villains and helpers so you could master portions of your consciousness by means of your interactions with these various people.

When you’re having hard times, you can think, “Hmm, why did I plan to have this experience?" -- rather than feel like a victim. Everything in your life plan has a carefully constructed purpose. Instead of fighting the purpose, try to discover the purpose and join with it.

Just like a play has different acts, so does your life plan. It is so important to forgive and release people from your life so when you move into the "new act" of your life, you don't carry unresolved tension ahead with you. As you release your attachment to various people, they may not necessarily go out of your life, but you will be able to see them in a new light.

When you get on the other side of life, you will sit with the Great Director. He'll say, "Let's talk about the play you just completed. Did you like the way it turned out? What would you have done to change it? What things in this play would you like to expand upon or heal in your next play?" You want to be able to say, "I mastered these certain things. I forgave those who I needed to forgive, and I received love from those who wanted to love me. In my next life I desire to continue to expand my consciousness and know more about You!" There is no God in the sky that is waiting there to judge you.