What exactly is a life plan? Before you chose to incarnate in this lifetime, you "had a meeting" with your spiritual teachers and guides. Together you evaluated the sum total of your previous incarnations. What were you happy about? What disappointments did you have? Are there talents you'd like to develop further?

Karma is a major factor in the creation of your life plan. What do you owe others and what do others owe you? Are there people you need to forgive? In which ways do you need to forgive yourself?

Your desires are another force that sculpts your life plan. What does your soul want to experience? God will eventually fulfill all of your soul's desires. It might take a bunch of lifetimes, but they will always be fulfilled.

Your soul always puts in special "windows of opportunity" into your plan. These are "spiritual high spots", and crucial crossroads in your life. All these pieces are carefully arranged to make a blue-print, or map for your soul to follow.

When you are born your personality isn't aware of the guiding plan of the soul. Most of the time, your soul's desires are submerged into your personality desires once you are here on the planet. You can just go along, entering into endless karmic situations.

Eventually you might get depressed, feel a sense of "divine discontent" or wonder, "Is this all there is?" You might have the perfect job, the great relationship, the abundance of money, the good health yet still feel something's missing.

On the other hand you might be striving after what most people consider the "perfect life" and suddenly think, "Even if I had all the things I want, I still won’t be truly happy". All these feelings are an important spiritual crossroads! Your soul is trying to overshadow your personality. It wants to get your attention! Your soul is saying to you, "If you're tired of this basic plan, I’ve got another set of opportunities in store for you."

Your disappointments can easily lead to new desires that keep you on the Karmic Wheel. If you hate one job and merely think another is the answer -- or that one relationship would be more fulfilling than the other, your continual desires will be honored by God and you'll keep going around the Wheel. But when you say, "Hey! I've had enough of this! I want to be at One with the Creator!" Then your life plan can shift into high gear!

Your soul knows exactly what it is here for. It has a clear intent -- and that is to bring you into the full realization of your Divine Nature! You can unlock the wisdom of your soul. You find the blueprints and reorient and your life to put those higher plans into action. As you become more aware of your life plan, you are able to support it, rather than struggle against it or just go through life casually. You can begin to direct your life, rather than have apparently random circumstances control you.

You can go through your life plan in an unconscious way, and continue to be snagged by the opposites of success/failure and happiness/depression. But you have special mechanisms in this particular life plan than can lift all the events in your life up to a new dimension! In this way, your life plan is like a plane.

An airplane has wheels and is designed to drive, but only to the runway. Then it points in the direction of its destination, moves forward, gains momentum and then takes off. It was ultimately designed to fly -- and so were you!

You've "driven around the airport" for many lifetimes. You've fulfilled numerous desires and have found a special way to your unique "runway to God”. Now is your window of time to take off into the wild blue yonder! In fact, you developed your life plan around this special opportunity. When you decide to put your "soul's wings" to use, you become what you're truly designed to be -- a God-Realized soul in physical incarnation!