It can be frightening to listen to your heart. Everything it says stretches you. As soon as you are not afraid to move into the next dimension of being, you’ll no longer be in control, and things may not work anymore -- but you'll have a whole new life. Different opportunities will come up that may not have been in your original life plan.

You'll learn that there's two different parts of you. Your heart is the spiritual adventurer and your mind is the logical-minded doubter. Learn to follow your heart! It knows the truth about you! Your logical mind is limited and scared, but your heart aches for greater expression. Let your heart direct your life. Your heart is the magnet to God. It is one with Universal Life!

Listening to your heart will take you places you think: you don't want to go to, but actually do. There's a fight -- your heart vs. your ego. The heart says, "Yes!", but the ego gets into logic. Misguided logic can crush the heart if the heart isn't strong enough. You've been using your logical mind longer than you've been utilizing your heart energy. God speaks through the deepest desires of your heart. When you close down and "protect" your heart, you're actually shutting God out. You're not happy, but you are safe -- safe within your limitations! When you finally decide to love God with all your heart and soul, God can change you. That terrifies your ego! Maybe you'll be asked to change in a way you think: you can't or won't like. God knows what's best for your life plan, and knows much better than your limited ego does! After all, you're only 1/10th conscious and 9/10th subconscious. You must to be very focused when you're consciously treading your life plan. You need the clearest directions possible -- and those clear directions do not come from your ego! They come from your heart.

You need to have passion to become one with God. You need passion to make the best choices for your souL Opening your heart to God is opening to the very essence of what you are, because you are Love 1 The thing you are most afraid of -- opening up your heart -- is the precise action that will completely fulfill you and give you the true security you crave. You will never feel alone when your heart opens spiritually. When you open your heart to an individual, you can be disappointed since they may not respond the way you expect. When you open your heart to God, the Spirit within, you can't be disappointed because you will realize all your deepest needs are already met. This is your Divine Heritage!