From "Words from the Hart"
April 2008 - May 2001
by Jane Elizabeth

Give Unconditional Love Daily

September 22, 2009
A soul in service to humanity learns the power of love. Every act of kindness done in love brings more light and power into the world. When we give from the love of our Being and ask nothing in return, we become the richest soul on earth.

Our Life Is Our Message

July 10, 2009
Our life is our message. Let us always honor this precious life span by continually working in the best interest of our soul by loving our self and those around us.

God Is Everywhere Present

June 2, 2009
When we develop unconditional love, it becomes the main driving power which ultimately brings us into consciousness with our oneness with God. When this connection is made we see God in everything and truly understand the statement, "God is everywhere present."

Bridge the Gulf between Yourself and Others

February 8, 2010
The ego is a hindrance to spiritual advancement. Because it feels separate and alone, it feeds upon being exclusive. Every thought, feeling or action that springs from the "ego" creates a gulf between one's self and the rest of life.

Action to take: Develop an attitude of love and forgiveness because, through this action, you bridge the gulf between yourself and others.

Love someone daily with no strings attached. You will be working in the best interest of your soul and humanity.