Jane Elizabeth CFE Video
Meditation Part 1
June 13, 2008

Hi, I’m back again to talk to you about the evolution of your soul, and we are evolving. Thanks for joining me. We are going to talk about an important part of the evolution of your soul and that is the part that…the way you are going to connect with your inner self is through meditation.

And I cannot talk about meditation enough, because it is such an important part of finding your inner self. We are so busy everyday doing so many things, but if we will take time each and every day and still our minds and be quiet and go within…this is a very, very important part about eventually connecting with your soul—with your inner self.

The thing that I find that is so interesting about the adventure of meditation, and it is an adventure, because it supports your soul in so many ways. Your soul has been with you forever, for eons of time, and as you connect with that part of yourself that knows the truth of you, it’s called your inner connection.

Your inner connection is the part that is going to support you from this point on. If you can stop and go within and find the answers to your every day problems, to your soul problems, you‘re going to find out slowly but surely, you’re going to be able to move to a new dimension of being. That is why meditation is that avenue.

Where do you meditate? Any place you want to. How do you meditate? Any way you want to. You can lay on the floor, you can sit in a chair, you can go for a walk, you can go skiing. Whatever will calm your mind. If your mind is going crazy, the best way to work with that is simply to tell yourself, “Shhh, be quiet and get centered. Shhh, be quiet, get centered.” That helped me the most.

Also, another little technique I use is to pretend like my mind is a tape recorder, and when my thoughts start going through my mind, “zippity, do dah,” through my mind, what I do is simply say, “Shhh, turn off my tape recorder.” If you don’t take that thought to its fulfillment and you stop it before it goes too far, you can stop the thought before it takes you into figuring out what you’re going to have for dinner tomorrow or what you’re going to do at work this afternoon. However it is going to work for you, and I think you are going to find your own way … at least, everybody does.

So, I really support you in finding a place in your house or in your office or maybe sitting out on your patio or on the beach, where you go every single day, and just be still. The importance of that is that there’s an energy that happens when we are sitting in the same place, and we start to generate a vibration. So, when you come into that chair, you automatically get into the vibration.

So, are you ready to get into the vibration with me? If you are, come meditate with me.