Jane Elizabeth CFE Video
Meditation Is How We Connect to Our Inner Voice
November 17, 2009

When I looked at my desires, one of the things I realized, at a very young age—five years old--I wanted to know God. My mother was in the hospital and my grandmother was taking care of me and she used to play the piano, and she would play “In the Garden”. Now, I don’t know if you know that song, but it went something like this:

In the garden
He walks with me, talks to me
And he tells me I’m his own.

Well, she used to play that every morning and we used to sing it together; and I used to say to my mother or my grandmother, “God’s going to talk to me someday. I know, I know he’s going to talk to me someday.” And that was the desire of this little girl. She was so sure:

“How is he going to talk to me, Mom? Tell me how he’s going to talk.”
“Well, God doesn’t talk to you, I don’t think God talks to you, Janie. It’s ok, it’s just a song.”
“No, it’s not just a song, God is going to talk to me; I know this.”

And I didn’t know but I knew there was this other part of me that wanted to have this experience. As I grew up, I started to question—question, you know, “Why isn’t God talking to me? God is supposed to talk to me.” And then an interesting thing happened. Early in my marriage, somebody sent me the Daily Word. Actually, it was my husband’s boss’s wife who was in Unity, and she gave us the Daily Word. I had never heard of it before. I got it in January because it was a Christmas present for a year’s subscription and I was thinking, “What is this all about?” And I opened it up and there was, “the still, small voice within you; listen to the still, small voice within you”. That was the word in the Daily Word. And I thought, “Oh my gosh, this is the most wonderful thing because there is a still, small voice that I’m going to connect to” … but I didn’t know quite how to do it.

And then I realized, one of the things Jesus talked about was going up to the mountain and meditating. So, I started a meditation ritual that I do with you on Tuesday nights. It’s opened up so many doors of understanding of who I am. It was the first tool that I started using to make that inner connection. Through that inner connection, the thing that happened was that part of me that had been so desirous 300 years before, had started coming into fruition, if you will, and things started happening within me. As I mentioned before, I started to see into my past lives, I started to understand my soul. After that experience, and this is years, it took me about ten years before I had seen, like, thirteen, fourteen past lives, but I understood what Jane was all about; what she was here to do.

Now, this might not be something that you’re interested in but understand that you have had other lives. These lives are trailing with you; you have a history. And having that history, you can tap into those talents and abilities that you’ve had in the past and bring them forth in this lifetime. Maybe they lay dormant within you. If you’re 50, 60, 70, doesn’t matter how old you are, hey are there and they can come springing into consciousness and you can be developing and working in these areas supporting your soul, so that it can become more consciously aware of its whole self … its whole self. Not just a portion of its self.

I am here because I so deeply, deeply understand my soul, and through understanding my soul, I understand yours and the things that you’ve gone through and the sacrifices your soul has made to bring you to this point in evolution. You have sacrificed much; you have done many wonderful, good things and all these things count for something. Count for making you who you are today.

So, honor yourself. When I began to understand that I had lived before, I honored myself and the hardest thing to do sometimes is honor ourselves. That’s not selfish, that’s not ego— it’s loving that inner part of us; embracing it and knowing that it’s here for a deeper purpose. You are here for a deeper purpose.