Jane Elizabeth Discourse
December 17, 2014

I think it’s very true, when we think about detachment, we think that we don’t care, it’s not important, all those kind of things that in order for me to detach, I need to not care about it.

It has nothing to do about caring, it’s about letting go of your expectations—it’s part of detaching because you do what you need to do and you’re not attached to the outcome and that’s another portion of that. But as you know, we get so involved in being afraid, we get caught up from that which we are detaching from and that’s part of the process, that’s part of the spiritual growth, and that’s part of moving into the next dimension of being.

As long as we are attached to anything on this dimension, we are creating a pull to stay here. In other words, you can’t go into the Christ Consciousness as long as you are attached to third dimensional things in this world. Does that help anybody here? I’m looking at my group…is that helpful or not helpful? Because I think this is very…I’m so glad you brought it up because it’s a hard thing to do, but so important.

I was afraid, personally. I was afraid way back when I was going through detachment, that, that meant I wouldn’t love my children again. That’s how naïve I was and that I couldn’t hardly bear not feeling love and care for my children. I thought, if I’m detached, I won’t care what they do and I won’t have any discipline and all that stuff. And that’s because that was my limited consciousness of not knowing how to handle these things.

So, as soon as things went on, I started to learn that detachment wasn’t this thing of not caring about people or not caring about my children or not caring about my job or any of the things I was doing. It had something totally different happening to me. I totally rested in it and stopped trying to analyze it from my limited point of view. So I give that to you to get rid of those crappy ideas that I had, because I had to work through those. And it probably took me a couple of weeks to work through all that. And my spiritual partner worked through all that and finally we came out at the end, but it was a struggle because we didn’t have [Meher] Baba’s book. I sure wish he would have given it to me when I was going through all this stuff but he was helping me through this stuff anyway. It’s a lot easier when you can read something as you’re going through things.