Jane Elizabeth
Moving Your Consciousness Further

It is up to us as human beings to understand there’s something more important out there, because we get so involved in everyday things and just keeping ourselves steady. But if you can always keep that goal in mind because you are not here for any other purpose than to move your consciousness; and everything that is happening in your life is here to move your consciousness. Nothing that is going on in your life isn’t here to help you to go further and to understand more about who you are. Life circumstances, no matter what they are, are here to teach you about YOU.

When you’re a spiritual student and you’re on the path—and many of you have been with me for over 20 years now or more—the whole thing that I’ve always talked to you about, and that I’ll always talk to you about, is your spiritual goals and the importance of the climbing into a new space in consciousness.

Because we cannot take our old self—we cannot in any way take our old self into new ground—into a new space of consciousness. Everything has to be shaken up and gotten rid of, and I think that is so important for me to talk about this tonight.

As I am looking around the room, I’m seeing very definitely that everybody is in a certain place in consciousness in this room—all different. None of you are in the same place in consciousness, none of you. And yet, the process is the same even though you are not in the same state of consciousness in understanding your whole self. This process is to help you understand the “whole of you”. The “I am presence” of you. And not get lost in the minutia of the third dimension. And you all know that this is the most important thing that you can keep in consciousness:

“I cannot get caught up in the problems of the third dimension. I don’t belong there. That’s not for me. As above, so below.”

Nothing in your life is going to change until the higher changes. And with the higher changing the lower, the third dimensional outcomes, come. So wherever you are and whatever situation you are in, and whatever lessons you are learning (and each one is learning something different) but hopefully you’re all being very aware that as above, so below.

Unless you change what is going on in the higher dimension, you will never change what is going on in the third dimension. All your Teachers are very, very dedicated to wake you up from the lower and bring you into the higher. And as you move in your consciousness and you get stuck in the third dimension with your thoughts and your mind and your worries, or your angers or your disappointments—you’re in the part of yourself that’s not going to help you at all—that you’re going to mold into and you’re not going to be free from it until you go to the higher dimension and say, “Why am I in this space? I need to know why I am in this space, and I need to understand it completely.” Because my journey, Jane Elizabeth’s journey, has always been and shall always be where you need to look at what’s going on up here. This is what’s going to change what’s going on down here.

Of course I’ve talked about that for over 20 years and this is what we’ve been working on—moving ourselves out of the third dimension so that we can be more clear about the fourth dimension. As we support our soul, our real self, we set ourselves free. You see, we set ourselves free. No one does it for us, you’ve heard me say it many, many times and I’m repeating it again today:

YOU will set your own self free.

And then you will understand your whole self. And you will dismantle, and I do mean dismantle, your lower self. And this is the process that you’re all in is dismantling your lower self because until you really get dismantled can you really be free to move into the higher part of yourself.

Right now you go tipping into it and getting what you need and using it to change your third dimensional life. So you get up here, you grab hold, you bring it down and you do your spiritual work. Always, no matter what your problem is, take it to the fourth dimension, do your spiritual work because nothing’s going to change here until you get it done.

If you have to learn patience, your Teacher is going to put you in a situation over and over and over and over again until you get it. Until you know you have to wait for patience. And oh my God, I can tell you all I’ve had the experience over and over until I didn’t know what else to do but be patient because that was my lesson.

And it’s the very most important part of our spiritual growth because there are cycles we go through as we move from one state of consciousness to the next. There’s a cycle and there’s always a waiting period. There’s always a waiting period—as above, so below. And as you change up here, there’s a waiting period to have this come down and start to work with you.

This is what you are doing. You’re changing the circumstances that are blocking you. So, your out of body Teacher is pushing on your whole self to make you face yourself, and personally with the help of the group, you are having to look at what you need to look at so that you will consciously take charge of your life.

This is the most important thing you can do: Love your problems—love them! Oh my God, love them to pieces! Say, “Oh my God, you gave me a problem today, God, thank you! I’m resisting you--I’m resisting myself because I’m angry with Joe Blow. Thank you! Help me to unravel why I’m angry at Joe Blow. Help me! Help me to understand because you’re helping me to dismantle my lower self.”

And if I only went, “Just give me good things!” God help me! “Give me the nice things and good things!” That’s the wrong way for any spiritual student to look at it because you’re going to be mighty disappointed. Because you’ve already stepped on the line of “I want to grow, I want to change, I want God in my life, I want to become all that I’m able to become.”

That is only going to happen when you take charge of that limited self of yours and dismantle those programs that are keeping you stuck! So, your problems are wonderful! I was always so grateful for a problem because I knew that it was putting me up against myself. Nobody else—I had to deal with it. I had to change my own idea of how I felt about the problem, the situation, the person…everything.

If you keep that constant right in front of you, and this is 20 years you’ve had to work on these things, and 20 years you’ve understood yourself, observed yourself. You know when you get on the merry-go-round; you know when you are resisting; you know when you get into that part of you that feels put upon or not ok. You know that, it’s very clear by now everyone of you have had enough demonstrations within yourselves to know yourselves well enough to know when you are not in integrity with your whole self. You see? You know yourself well enough.

And as I’ve been telling you, it’s coming faster—everything is being pushed faster so that you can move faster. If you grab those problems and you say, “God, give me a problem today, don’t you dare not give me a problem, I want a problem!” I remember saying that when I discovered this, when I truly discovered it; and if I had a day where things were going really, really well, I was worried. I was definitely worried. And I would say,

“Oh my God, my life is…what’s going on? I don’t have a problem today. Where’s my problem? I’m a problem solver. I want that barrier in my consciousness…whatever it is, bring it to me, let me see it, let me work on it. Do not give me an easy day—give it to me, make me work on it—I need to work on it. I embrace it. If I have a job, (some of you are learning new jobs) if I have a job that I have to learn, teach me what I need to do about how to learn to do it and be in integrity with myself. I am one with my whole self!”

That is your responsibility. No one else can do that for you. As a spiritual student, you have to be one with yourself. One with yourself, sooner or later, brings you into one with everyone.

But first you have to get one with yourself. First you have to know yourself as a whole being! A whole being. You have got to self-realize. I love that, Yogananda, “Self-Realization Fellowship”—YES! YES! YES! That is what you must do and you all are advanced in your spiritual growth long enough now to be pros and I do mean “pros”. And if you’re not, you better start begging and pleading,

“I want to understand me—I need to understand me—give me a problem so that I can push stuff out of the way. Teach me patience, give me whatever it needs to be for patience, give me whatever I need to do to move any blocks in my consciousness now!”

Because you’ve been working on blocks in your consciousness throughout your 20 years, slowly but surely, moving them. Now it’s accelerated—you’re getting down to core pieces. You’re getting down to more responsibility for your soul’s growth. And this is why it’s so important to me, as your Teacher, to help you to see yourself and not enable you in any way to make it easier for you. I need to love you through it but not help you through it. You have the help you need. You know what to do.

You know what to do. I’ve helped you through all these situations, YOU KNOW NOW WHAT TO DO!

There’s no, “I wonder what to do now.” You go through your own counsel. You go to your own inner self because at the end of the end, that’s what you have, that’s what you’re trying to connect to, your soul—the truth of your being. And anything less than that is—I cannot even say the words—it’s so minute, it’s nothingness. It’s living in an illusion that’s not there for you any longer.

“Break my illusions of myself!” That’s a good one, guys! “Break my illusion of me!

“Break my illusions of who I think I am, break it! Because if you don’t break it, I’m going to think I’m this person that’s sitting here, watching this TV, this class. Break it! Don’t let me get stuck into the illusion of who I think I am because this is not the truth of me…it is NOT the truth of me…it is the biggest lie!

“I came this lifetime and took on a personality and I have lived my life to this point and I am clear—I am clear—that this part of me is just an actor on the stage and I’ve got to get rid of that actor because that’s all it is and it has it’s own little agenda that doesn’t belong to me anymore.”

And as you move through the different phases of this, and this is where I got stuck way back when. I tell you, I got stuck here because I thought when I got through a certain amount of things, it would be smooth sailing. “Why isn’t it smooth sailing, look at how much I know!” Well they slapped me across the face and they said, “Wake up little girl, wake up…yes, you are moving in spiritual consciousness but you’ve got a lot more to learn.”

So don’t get complacent with yourself and say, “Wow, I’ve learned about past lives and I’ve been observing myself and I’ve taken my second initiation and I’ve done this and I’ve done that and I can do all these wonderful things.”

Forget it, because that person is going to leave all those talents aside and move forward, because there’s more for you to learn; there’s more for you to gain here than in real life. That was a slap across the face and it was a good slap across the face because it woke me up. “Thank you, thank you, Teacher, for slapping me across the face and saying wake up!” And that was a big slap because I’d felt it through out my whole body. I knew that somebody had jarred me and said,

“Get your ass going, babe. You’re complacent and you think everything should work perfectly for you—you have no idea what perfect is! You have no idea what living in the higher consciousness is and this is just a step towards something greater and then something greater after that. And each time you take a step, my darling Miss Jane, you’re going to have to release the step you just took and go on. Never get complacent!”

So, I’m saying to you guys, DO NOT GET COMPLACENT! NO MATER HOW WELL YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING! Or how bad you think you’re doing, it doesn’t matter. It’s all a lie anyhow. You’re in an illusion of I’m doing really well or I’m doing really poorly. Both of those are an illusion. You want to go beyond the illusions into Truth…to the Truth.

“The only thing I’m interested in is the Truth and do not bother me with anything less than the Truth! And if you have to dismantle me a hundred times, I’m willing to get dismantled. I will take my step and I will do my part and then I’ll dismantle that part!”

You know how many times I’ve changed, you guys, you’ve seen me change and change and change and change, and reinvent myself and reinvent myself over and over and over again. I’ve gone way out of my comfort zone and then I got comfortable of going outside my comfort zone. Then I was happy going outside it.

“Oh! Great! I have another opportunity! I have another opportunity, thank you!”

I had to be able to walk through my limited self at every moment. Do not get stuck in a limited consciousness. Take charge—take charge—take charge—take charge—take charge! YOU take charge…nobody else is going to take charge. You are advanced enough to take charge of yourself and not to get lost in your own minutia. Your own false beliefs about yourself or the falseness of what’s going on in your life because it’s just a plateau you’re on to move forward—it’s just a plateau to move you to another space of understanding of who you are in the process of all of it.

So embrace your problems—embrace them! “Oh God, thank you! Thank God I don’t have any money. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m going to learn something from this experience. Thank you, God, that I haven’t heard about my latest job that I’m interviewing for, thank you—thank you! I’m going to learn patience. I’m going to be free. I’m going to be able to be where I need to be in the moment.”

And I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to be in that state of consciousness where everyday is your daily bread. Everyday is your daily bread. What I mean by that is, whatever you need today is there and it’s done. And tomorrow whatever you need is done, and it’s done. So everyday, there’s no responsibility that I have accept to stay in the now and do what I feel and know from my heart what is mine to do.

Otherwise, I don’t have a worry in the world because I know from where I sit—where I am in consciousness and I want you all to be just exactly where I am and more! Hopefully I’m going to start gaining more understanding of this new place I’m at and it’s unfolding and unfolding and unfolding and it’s great.

But you have to go through the different grades to get here. I’m almost 81 years old, my God! And I can say, “Yes! Oh my God am I happy I’m here, Oh my God I’m happy I’m in my 80’s, thank you, thank you, thank you, God!”

This is the greatest and most wonderful thing—it’s wonderful! I have made it to this point and I’m going to go on and make it some more. It’s a sure thing. My goals have been met and I’m here for one reason: To help humanity. Otherwise I don’t need to be here. This is not where I need to be except I want to be here. And when I leave, I’ll be with my Counsel, with the other Masters. I will sit in the circle with them. I sit in the circle now even though I’m sitting here in my room right now; I’m never outside of them. They are always in me and through me and I’m always with them. It’s not something I have to call forth or do anything it just simply is because “I am”.

I am the light giving forth of my own body. Do you hear what I’m saying? I’m giving life to my own body.


Do you hear what I’m saying? I’M giving the life to my body, that’s what’s happening. I am giving my own life to my own body and that’s where I want you all to be. Where you’re giving your own life to your own body and you are in charge of it. And you are in integrity with it, and you are totally lined up with it.

And there is no other way, but my life is my mission right now. My life is expressing who I am through you and helping others. My light goes out towards helping everybody and everything. I am expanding it and expanding it as I am moving into other aspects of myself, and I know that.

There are times when I feel as big as Florida. I use to feel as big as the surroundings I was in, not anymore, it’s getting wider and wider and wider. And I’m giving life to this body as I am everywhere else present. I’m trying to explain omnipresence to you. Even though you don’t quite understand all that I’m saying, I’m saying I’m omnipresence because the thing is you give it to yourself! Nobody hands it to you…you give it to yourself!

You do the work
You give it to yourself
You own it!

I don’t have to say, “Mother may I?” I say, “What is it I want to do in this moment?” While in this moment I want to give you the energy to pick yourself up and move forward and to not get in anyway shape or means, get into complacency. Do not get into complacency!

I want to see each and every one of you be an I Am Presence and own your own self and put your own energy in your body and be the I AM that you are! Since I am sitting here with you and I am embracing you into my consciousness right now even though you’re sitting right here—I am giving you my life because you’re living in my consciousness.

You have a much better opportunity to move forward, and I can send even to all my students that are out on the internet with me right now, the life of God in you! The life of God in you is there. All you have to do is keep working, keep working. There’s so much here, there’s so much fun to play in the Universe! I never knew how much fun I would have. It’s been wonderful the last many, many years. It gets more fun as time goes on too.

And you’re in “joy”. It’s joy. You take life seriously but not seriously because there’s nothing serious about this. This is just a place for everybody to go and do their own thing until they are ready to do the thing that their soul wants them to do, which is to move in consciousness. Otherwise you are going to stay, forever, in another body.

The last thing you want to do is leave this planet and get another body without a knowledge about what your new body would do for you if you don’t get through the whole course this last lifetime. You want to be able to pick up where you left off and continue—you don’t want to be anything less than that.

So you are working in your future right now because most of you are going to take another body up because there’s only so much you can do in one lifetime. But you take all the talents and abilities that you’ve learned now to bring them into the next body and then you’re going to be so ahead of anyone else because of what you’ve done this lifetime.

So there’s nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing that you do not take with you when you’re a spiritual student. You take it all with you because your soul is dedicated, your spirit is dedicated, your I AM PRESENCE is dedicated in and through you. It’s there for you to become enlightened! Become alive, alive with energy, alive spirit, alive with an energy to fill a room. Give life to the plants that are in it, give life to anybody that’s in it, the sofa you’re sitting on, give life to it because it is life, it is life.

It is life in love.
Life in love.
My life is in love.

My life is in love because I wouldn’t be here if my life wasn’t in love, do you understand? Because I want to help you, I want to support you. I do not want to enable anybody and I won’t. If I see any inkling of that on my part, I’m going to walk away and slam the door on you. And believe me if I do that to you, you know that there’s more work for you to do on your own and you are capable of doing it. Otherwise I wouldn’t walk away. I can trust that you will do your work. I will not ever enable you not to do your work.

And to give you little glimpses of understanding, little glimpses of movement of consciousness. I will give those little glimpses so that you can see down into your consciousness and have more revelations. And you should be getting a lot more revelations now from the first of the year. They should be piling up faster and faster and faster and faster—moving!

Look how everyone has had to move in the last year. Look at what’s happening to all of us, we’re moving, there’s movement. There is no staying stagnant here. There is no stagnant water, it’s moving to a higher portion of who we are. And that’s where we all are in consciousness. That’s where we all are.

As you all can see, you are all moving, slowly but surely, you’re moving and you’re taking responsibility, isn’t that wonderful? And the thing is as you are moving and more things are coming into play for you. And being a multi-tasker is one of the things that is extremely important in your spiritual growth is being a multi-tasker. Being able to slip from one thing to the next to the next to the next and handle it all. And not get stuck in any of it.

But learn from these different aspects of what you are working on. So every little lesson you get, you’ll get it and feel in integrity with yourself. As I look around to my wonderful group—and this is so much fun. So thank you for supporting me and supporting the Center. And in supporting the Center your supporting your own Center-self. You see, you’re supporting the Center, the physical Center. You’re giving your time, you’re giving your talents, you’re giving your abilities to the Center, which is here. But in doing so, it’s a multipurpose thing. You might be doing things third dimensionally for the Center, but you’re really doing it fourth dimensionally for your spiritual growth.

Do you hear what I’m saying here? It’s never lost, even though you may be. And this is why I love the name, Center for Enlightenment because you’re doing what you need to do physically, mentally for the Center, the help I need I get from each and every one of you. But that is also helping your own Center—your own Center within.

So anytime you are helping the Center—me—the Center, what I represent, you see? You’re representing the Center for Enlightenment in YOU as well as the Center for Enlightenment in ME and it all goes together. And we are all in this game, so-to-speak, together to support each other and as above, so below.

So, if you’re supporting the Center third dimensionally, you’re supporting your fourth dimensional growth also because it all goes hand-in-hand. There’s nothing ever lost when you’re working for the Center. The Center is your Center for Enlightenment.

That Center of Enlightenment, of course it’s within you. So you’re always working in the best interest of your soul as you support and do what’s necessary for THAT Center for Enlightenment because that Center for Enlightenment is your Center for Enlightenment also. I just wanted to mention that because I really sensed that tonight.

Let’s do our mediation now….