Jane Elizabeth Discourse
January 7, 2015
Happy New Year Talk 2015

Well it’s really great to see everybody here tonight and I’m sure at least one group got to do their first week’s course and the other ones will be meeting this evening, I understand, and some of the other ones are to meet at different times. But, this is really exciting and wonderful to get your feedback. We look forward to hearing from you what the problems that you have and this is very important to me to have your feedback.

Each one of you is so very different and each one of you will look at these courses in a different way and I want to hear that because you each represent a different part of humanity … different rays. Some of you are on one ray and some on another and so forth. I have within the group a gamut of all different types of personalities and learning how they learn and how they work with their own selves.

So by getting with the groups, you’re going to find out that this is going to be a lot of wonderful feedback for us because we put you together in the way that we put you together because we wanted the combinations to be able to work together and grow together and appreciate each other’s differences. You’re all very different and this is very exciting to me as you start working and moving with your group and you’re going to find out what works and what doesn’t work. This is what you are.

I was thinking about this, this morning and I remember when Sherry and I, when we first started working together, and you all know this story, I’m just going to briefly connect the dots here … when we first started working together we found out about the second year we were working together, that we were part of an experiment. The Masters had put 52 souls out into the universe, all over the world, and each one had a different situation, lived in a different country, had different problems but where all on the same wave length of spiritual growth.

So what they did is that they were able to see how each one of us out of the 52 handled our spiritual journey. Like for me, my spiritual partner and I were both married, we both had children. And after we got started on our journey … of course my husband didn’t like the fact that I was in this spiritual … well, he didn’t know what to call it…but he knew I was changing. My spiritual partner’s husband knew she was changing and he wanted to work with her on that. For my husband, it was scary. I believed in reincarnation … what has happened to his wonderful wife that baked the cookies and made sure his shirts were specially ironed. All of a sudden, she’s doing something that’s way out of the norm.

So, I represented to the Masters, somebody who had children, and a retarded child too, and how was I going to be handling the spiritual stress that I would be getting while going through the process of spiritual growth. Then my partner, who had children, had to have two more children after we were in school for two years, the Masters said that she was going to have two more children. And I know that you all know that story. That was such as shock to both of us. She was happy that she was going to do certain things … she was going to graduate school to be a psychologist and that got stopped. Of course we were praying and hoping she’d have twins. That, of course, did not happen. She had the boys within 16 months of each other.

That was another experiment that they got to watch: how was a pregnant mom still doing her spiritual work, still meditating every day with five children; me with a retarded child, still in spiritual school, still a great deal of responsibilities that we had to do. So we were two very prime suspects for them to get a lot of data from and it was very important to the Masters that they got data from us.

You know, what happens if one of the children gets murdered like mine did? Maybe there was another in Japan whose child got murdered. How did they respond to it? What was their culture? So all this was data that they needed to know. How much could they work with souls that are at home and have to maintain a family. I had to go to work and that was another whole thing, yet I kept up with every spiritual lesson that they gave me. My partner went to law school and she kept up with everything spiritual. And our spiritual journey accelerated while I was doing what I was doing, working for IBM, etc. My spiritual work was accelerating hugely, and so was hers while she was going to law school. So you can see all the data that they were gathering for the different types of people. They probably had businessmen, etc., etc.

So with all this information that they were able to get, they were able to get 35 years of information when they finally told us that their data was completed. And now they were going to use that data knowing that certain things could come down into the universe that could help souls now that wanted to be on a spiritual journey that weren’t able to go to India and have a guru. They were people that had families who had great responsibilities third dimensionally, but a great fourth dimensional responsibility. How do they handle all this? Well, they got a lot of data from us to be able to understand who they could take on this kind of a journey and who they would not be able to take. They would have to maybe make somebody take two or three years to take the same journey maybe what we did in 40 years. I don’t know; I’ve never gotten the statistics on how it turned out. But I sure know one thing, and that one, is this, is that I gave the a lot of data and so did my spiritual partner and all the other 52 also gave their part.

I’m telling you that story for one purpose and one purpose only … you are my people that I am working with now and this 2015, I’m asking each one of you to go through a class and work with each other and give me data. Why do I need the data? It’s because you each represent a different type of consciousness. And so if I get all 12 of you to help give the data to me about how this is working, what was good for you, what wasn’t good for you … I’m open to hear what was good for you. “I didn’t like that.” Or, “I did like that” or, “that really spoke to me … no, there’s too many rules and regulations; I didn’t feel free; I didn’t feel like I could do this or that…”

I want to hear that. Or, “I loved this part of it, but I didn’t like that part.” We’re not going to make every body happy, believe me. But I’m sure going to be able to get a lot of information from you on how to handle the future 2016. So, I appreciate you so much being a data collector for me. You will grow. I was a data collector for the Masters and every day I grew from my experience.

If you allow this work that you’re doing with these simple little things like the first one is about desires … well you all know a 1000 times about desires! This is not anything new to any of you. But it’s what’s interesting to me with all the things that you’ve learned the last, some of you 30 years, some of you 20 years, some of you 10 years and some of you 5 years … whatever. You all have known about desires. That’s 101: what is your desire? God will fulfill your desire.

So, you had those classes and you know what I say and what I mean and what I’ve been teaching and what I work on you for … well, with all that information that you have already gained through the many classes that you’ve been in with me, you will be able to see, “What has been my desire and how have I pursued my deepest desire? What have I given up for my deepest desire? Do I have 10 desires that I like all the same?”

See, this is going to be a lot of information you’re going to get about yourself and you’re going to find out just exactly where you are on the scale of things. This is what will help you to know how important it is for you to develop the tools, the understanding, to put it to work so that you work in the best interest of your soul. That’s the only thing that I’ve been interested in for all of you: to learn to work in the best interest of your soul; to love, to be kind, to do the best job possible, to forgive those in your family, your group, the people you work with. Whatever you have to forgive and all of that type of thing is here for you to grow and to change. Not for them to grow and to change! But it’s YOU that’s going to grow and to change. There are a lot of things we can’t do with our family or our kids or our bosses, but we have to grow and change as they teach us what we need to do to step up to the plate and do the best job possible.

I’m going to say, you’re going to be tested! You are going to be tested this next year. You are going to be put on your mettle. You’re going to have to look at yourself and really observe where you are and what you’re doing and how you’re living your life. How many times you use the tools you have and how many times you slough off and don’t bother; you’re too tired, you want to go play. It’s not that you can’t go play and have fun … you can go have lots of fun! I have fun all the time; I love life! But, that is just part of everything I do. It’s not what I do all the time. I do a little bit of a whole bunch of stuff. So, you’re going to be able to flow and be part of all the different things for your family so your desire … I think you’re going to work on desires for at least a month … so, this is going to be very helpful to each and every one of you. I’m so glad you are being a part of our data collecting.

One of the things that I’m going to suggest that everybody do, and I’m doing it too, I’m really watching how I spend my time. I’m organizing my house … you all know that I moved into a new house and this month of January, I am going to get totally organized. I am going to know where every thing is in my house and I’m going to have charts and have information so I know what’s in the garage. I know what’s in each and every room and I’m going to have a file that if you come in and you want to have an extra chair, where do you go? I know where to send you to get a chair.
In other words, it’s going to make my life a lot easier to support you and your life easier when you are at my house because Center for Enlightenment is your house too.

And so you have every right to know where the things are and where I put things so you can easily access them when necessary. I want my books in a certain place where you can come in and get a book if you need it and take it out. We’ll have a little library here to take a special book that you want to work with or maybe you never will want to take any books out. Maybe you have all the books you need but at least I can give you opportunities to pick out some Alice Bailey books, but you can’t have it unless you bring it back for another book. I’m going to have a lot of safeguards on a lot of this stuff because it’s important to the Center for Enlightenment to give to you a wonderful place for you to access specific information that you may need.

So, this next year, I’m going to make sure that those things are all there and in place for you. I’m looking at every thing that I’m doing; I started the first of the year. How many times have I gone to look for my glasses? That was a very exciting, interesting thing because I found out that I probably spent an hour and a half a day looking for my glasses (laughing). That’s all that I had to do to find that out! So now I have a way of putting my glasses in the same place so that I don’t have to look for them. Don’t ask me where my glasses are today, but I’ll tell you, there’s a pair in my bedroom and there’s a pair in my kitchen. It’s important to me because I don’t want to waste YOUR time! If you come to see me, I don’t want to be running around my house trying to find my glasses! I want to be able to sit down with you, have my glasses where I want them, have my book where I need it and I am on target.

So, I suggest each one of you go through your house. I see (student) here, she has just one room and so that will be easy peasy for her. She’ll be the star of the place because she’ll know where everything is in her room by next week. It’s going to take me up until the end of January, probably. But, I’m asking each one of you to do that with your places. Know where things are in your house and put things back where you got them! This is an important lesson to each and every one of you, especially you folks that have children. Now, this might be stupid but you’re going to find out that it’s going to help you a lot. It’s discipline; it’s making sure you are on target with your every day plan. That you are consciously aware because when we are consciously aware, the Masters can use us much better than when we just go through our day, “I feel in the mood to wash the dishes today, naw, I’m not folding the clothes, I’m going to let them sit. Oh well, now I have two weeks clothes to wash and iron. I’m just giving stupid examples; I know that’s not true for any of you. You know when you’re going to wash your clothes, etc. I just want you to fine tune yourself. I’m talking about fine-tuning now.

You’ve all been working on keeping your homes up and straight; you know they represent your consciousness. If you have a messy house, a messy room … whatever room is the messiest is the part in your own consciousness that’s the messiest. If it’s your office, that means your work ability is off because you don’t have your office in good standing. It’s just all of these things that you need to think about and work with. It’s the utmost importance to get things easily accessible to you so there isn’t a lot of, “Where is this stuff in my house?”

Why am I saying this and why am I pushing this today? This is the first week we’ve gotten together in the New Year and I want to stress this to you all so that you get on your medal in the next two weeks. By the 1st of February, you’re going to have your house straightened up, you’re going to have everything taken care of in your home so that we start in February in a new program. And I’m going to tell you it’s going to be fast and furious and if you haven’t done your homework, you’re going to find yourself behind because you’re going to be wasting time trying to find things, trying to do your homework; you just didn’t plan it this day, it’s too hard, I didn’t have enough time … that’s all bullshit as far as I’m concerned.

There is nobody here that can’t manage this group thing. There is nobody here that can’t step up to the plate. You’re all adults and you all know what’s required of you. There’s no one here that can’t get their homework done every week for their group. Even if you have two days, you know how to use two days. Even if you have four days before the next class, you’ve got your homework, you’ve got four days … hey, life is good. I think the homework goes out on Fridays? Friday, Saturday, Sunday and then Monday you start doing your thing. Hey, you don’t need more time than that.

So, anyway, get with the program. Be on target with yourself. Don’t waste the other people’s time in your group by not knowing what you’re going to talk about. Be there prepared. If you find yourself not being able to be prepared, then that’s going to be your trigger to understand, “Why am I the only one in the group that’s not prepared? What is going on with me? Why am I busier than the other four people I’m with, or three people or two people?” You see? So I’m asking you all to do that which you need to do to help each other and to be responsible to each other because this is very, very important.

I know that I have until the 1st of February to get this house in perfect order. Decorated, everything moved, everything in this whole place has to be completely taken care of and it will be! Believe me, trust me on that one! I will have it done. As busy as I am, I will have that done because that’s part of my responsibility because the 1st of February, I’m going to be doing a lot more work with the Masters on what’s going on with the Plan that we’re starting to bring down now. I’m going to spend a lot more time with the Masters every day and I have to be able to function very quickly and fast here and be able to complete and have my things done because I need to spend at least 3-4 hours a day doing that. And I will plus making sure you’re all taken care of and my house is taken care of, my children are taken care of and it’s all possible! It’s all possible.

And another thing, if They want to start taking you more and more beyond time and space, which I talked to you about I think within the last month I know I discussed this about being prepared to go beyond time and space, They won’t take you an inch beyond time and space if you’re not in integrity with your work. They won’t bother with you if you haven’t done your work. If you’ve done your work and you’re keeping up, you’re going to find yourself being able to do more things and more things in a lot less time than it’s ever taken you before. And that’s the only way I’m getting everything done here is that I go beyond time and space and get things done.

Look at how far we’ve gone in the last three weeks since I’ve moved in here. Just look at this house and the way it’s been put together and all the things that had to go together to make this happen. And of course, I’ve had all the help I could possibly help or need from my spiritual family that’s living here and my own family.

So, I say to you, this is a new year … and the month of January is, “Get all your ducks in a row.” Really focus on this … how do you spend your time? How much do you waste a day looking for things? How much time do you waste at the grocery store without a list? You know what you do, I can’t speak for you, but you can speak for yourself as far as what you need to do to support yourself and to get these things done because I will know who’s working hard and who isn’t.

I find the people in this group that have the most responsibly, the children and all that, get more done than those who don’t have as much responsibility. What did they use to say? “Ask somebody who’s really busy to do the project and they’ll get the project done.” You try to find somebody who doesn’t have a lot to do to do a project and they probably will never get it done because they never finish anything. So there you are. I’d rather be with the person who has a lot on their plate and gets it all done. That’s the way I live my life and I certainly hope you all will step up to the plate and do that for yourselves because that way the Masters can move you faster if you are serious about your spiritual growth. You will get the ear of the Masters; many Masters. Instead of having one, you’ll have several helping you and that’s even better than having one. But one is pretty dog gone good, I’ll tell ya.

I know that some of you are going to meet at 9:00 tonight; you’re going to have a group meeting so I’m going to make sure that when we meet on Wednesday nights that I cut it short and make sure that everybody gets out of here and go home so they’re able to have a 9:00 o’clock appointment. So, I will be short and sweet and do what I need to do so that you are free to do what you need to do. I will do my part for you; I will make sure that if I’ve got something to say that I say it first and foremost in the meeting and then we do our meditation. I’m going to try to get you out of here by 8:15. From 7:00-8:15 every single week, I commit to doing that for you. That will give you the time you need to go home and get yourself prepared, you folks that have a 9:00 appointment with the group. I will help you and support you.

It’s very important to me that this week and the next two weeks that you really look at your life and how you spend your time. Even if you’ve looked at it before and you’re, “Oh I know what I do, so what?” I’ll tell you, this is a new year with new requirements and you need to do this for yourself and I’m asking you to do this. What time do you go to bed? Do you stay up until 3:00 in the morning and then get up and go to work? I mean, how stupid is that? That’s pretty dumb. Or, you know, what do you do with your time? I have no idea, but you know. I pretty much know what you guys are doing; you don’t have to tell me 90% of the time. I’m very aware of who’s doing what and why.

I really support you all in this new responsibility that you have taken up; that you have decided to go forth with and it’s going to help you to grow and to change and it’s going to help the Masters to help me to do what I need to do for 2016. We are going to now have a little meditation time. I’m not going to go around and ask everybody questions because we really don’t have time for that sharing. But you are going to have time to share in your groups and that’s important. Every once in a while I’ll ask you each to share a little bit, a sentence or two, so that the whole group gets to know how you’re doing in your work. So that will be a sharing time too.

After we get started here and we have a couple weeks under our belt, then I will do what I need to do to support you all. With all that said, let us all just still our minds and quiet ourselves.