One of the first steps in supporting your life plan is to observe your life so far and try to understand how you planned it out.

Write down the major emotional and spiritual hallmarks in your life. Recall and record major events that are meaningful and significant to you. This is a very insightful exercise. Note the times when you had awakenings to a greater part of yourself. When did your yearning begin? At what times did it get stronger? When did you go against yourself and then realize you wanted something better?

There are places in your life plan when you had opportunities to take major spiritual steps -- find them! Ponder how these steps led you along until you've reached the point where you'd pick up this book. Something in your life plan has made you curious about God.

Whether you realize it or not, you are constantly making commitments to God to move forward. When you look at your life plan, those commitments will be revealed to you. You’ll see the events that took place, the people who came into your life, and the choices you made.

Look carefully at the characters in your life plan with whom you have the most trouble. Often the people who make your life difficult are the source of your greatest growth. They push you forward by forcing you to examine yourself. It is a giant step in your spiritual growth to change your attitude toward these people. Forgive them! Then you can open your mind to see them in a new way. You can see what they are offering you by challenging your ego. Then it is possible to learn the lesson with gratitude.

You need to look at things about yourself you don't like looking at, because these are the things that are holding back your spiritual progress. Your consciousness won't be open to the new options for you if you stay in the old mind set. You will never do anything in any of your past lives, or current life, that is more exciting than moving your consciousness to the next dimension of being. Even through it may seem hard and your personality doesn't like it, be assured that your soul is loving it! When you feel like you're getting out of control and you don't know what's going on, you'll know you're really getting somewhere!

It is good to ask yourself, "What is behind my motivations and behaviors in this lifetime?" They have their roots in another time and space -- maybe 300, 500, or 1000 years ago! It could be that someone is in your life to support you, because 500 years ago they didn't help you. Or perhaps you helped them long ago and now it's their turn.

As you become aware that everything has a link to the past, you can begin balance your Karmic Record. You must consciously balance yourself. In order to work in the best interest of your soul, you've got to understand how your personality self (ego) is running you now. Then you can release narrow attitudes and make the better decisions from a higher perspective. Certain choices will move you forward, and others will hold you back.