Observe Yourself and Embrace Your Changes
Jane Elizabeth,
August 7, 2009
Know that you are in a play that you’re acting in. When I started to look at my life like that, it helped me to stand back and be more of an observer of myself because when we’re involved in the process of life, we are overcome by the situations that come up daily. There are a lot of things that come into your life everyday that you have to handle.
The hardest thing is our emotions when we are going through changes. You may have had a situation that started with losing a job or changing relationships. Some of the prayer requests that I’ve had are from people in the hospital and the change that’s caused in their lives--the change of just being alive and experiencing life in a new way of being and thinking. Because when you’re on this journey that you’re on, what happens is your consciousness starts to shake you loose of all the old belief systems—old ideas—even about God! My consciousness has shifted so many ways about thinking about the creator of this Universe and not separating myself from that energy, that life, because that’s part of who you are.
That energy and light of God in YOU is striving to push you forward and it sometimes changes your world by tipping it over. I’ve had my world tipped over so very many times and every time I’ve had it tipped over, I’ve come out stronger, more capable of handling things, wiser, more resilient, more determined. Because every time there is a change in your life and you grab hold of that change, and you don’t let it drag you down, it builds you up. It changes you. You can’t be the same person, the same consciousness and go through a death of a person in your life or an illness.
Some of the illnesses that I’ve had where I was on death’s door and I knew at that moment in time I was experiencing this terrific operation where they thought I was going to die, and I rose from that and got stronger and more determined on my spiritual journey.
You see, it’s how we handle these changes that will support you. Your life is an adventure … your life is an adventure of change and this is the thing that so many of us are afraid of—change. Always I have to ask myself, when I’m in the avenue of change, (I don’t like giving up my comfort) we have comforts. We get comfortable in our space, comfortable where we are and it’s hard for us to let go of our comfort zones. It’s scary, scary if we let go of it.
But we have to let go of the old before the new can produce within you. We have to because otherwise we are going to get stuck in old thought patterns. Your movement in consciousness comes one step at a time, and as we take these steps, we let go of the old concept of what we had: what love is all about, what giving is all about, what emotional energy we spend trying to defend ourselves or justify ourselves.
When I could observe myself and how I would defend myself when I didnt need to just simply because I thought I had to or because I had some idea within myself that I was “right”and they were “wrong”. I started to stand back and move back from this and started to see how foolish I was. How wasteful I was of my God-energy. That I would be in this whirlpool, and I do mean a whirlpool, of emotions that where grabbing me up and that’s not helping me! Not setting me free, not moving my consciousness, not doing anything to support my spiritual growth.
So, observing, observing, observing of self is so very important because we uncover some of our old patterns and our old patterns are what keep us stuck.