Jane Elizabeth
November 14, 2014
Observing Past Life Consciousnesses

Of course you all know Thanksgiving is coming and the energy is coming in. And I know you have all had the opportunity to move more quickly on your journey because, of course, this vibration and energy is pushing us and it will shove you one way or another. So you might as well go with the flow. It’s like an ocean of energy and it’s going to push you forward or crash you against the rocks. So I say let it push you forward…let it push you forward.

It’s always this time: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and my birthday. For me it’s a very, very huge—always a huge shift for everyone else. I don’t think anyone else has a birthday except for (student’s daughter) she has a birthday and Oh, you know who else has a birthday? (Student’s daughter) she has a birthday on the 26th of December, oh, and (student’s son) you have your hand up. Do you realize that all our kids are having their birthday? (Student) I’m the 17th. Oh that’s right, ha! (Student) is the 17th. Look at this…so everything, wow … everything is being pushed forward so there is a group of us that this time of the year is very, very important. This is wonderful as we go forward.

I had a wonderful time at my wedding…my grandson got married and the only thing the bride and groom asked me to do is to have a very short service, not more than 5-10 minutes max and not to mention God (laughing) and I did it! It was beautiful. It was quick and it was over and I think they didn’t realize what they were asking because it was really over in a hurry (laughing). What can I say? If I can’t mention God, there are very short vows and just a ring ceremony, where do you go from there (giggling), you know?

My daughter was sitting very close to where I was delivering the service and she said, “Mom, I could see where you were trying to figure out what you’re going to say without saying anything.” But, I muddled through it and it turned out fine. They were happy; they were very happy! They thought that was just great and all the grandparents and everybody that was there already knew that the bride definitely wanted to have a very short service with no God. It was clear to all the family that, that was what was going to happen so it was fun; it was fun! And then the kids went off to their honeymoon and the big reception is going to be a week from this coming Saturday. All is going forward very nicely.

Ok, back to the more important things…this is what I really want to get on tape so you might feel like I’ve already covered all of this so you can put your earplugs on and go to sleep because it’s things I’ve already talk to you all about. But nevertheless, I’ll probably put a couple little things in there. So, if you please, hang in there and see if you pick up the little undercover things that I’m saying to those who can catch it.
OK, the thing that I find that is so very, very difficult for spiritual students as they begin to move out of their comfort zones in the third dimension and the old things that were important to them aren’t important anymore. Or they aren’t exciting anymore or don’t have a lot of meaning. It starts to feel like everything is vanilla. As a spiritual student, we start grasping something to give us comfort or make us feel alive or make us feel important or make us feel loved because we are losing our identity. And of course this is what we want you to do — lose your identity and stuff; old desires and things that are not supporting your spiritual growth because they tangle you in the third dimensional world.

So, as you slowly but surely, because you’ve been on the path for a very long time and a lot of you have been through several, several different changes where you have moved out of old states of being and had to start to move into a new understanding of self and getting rid of the selfish self. The one that’s about “Me, I, what’s in it for me, how will others respect me? How do I get them to like me?” or all those things that the ego loves to eat on; chew on.

As you start to move out of that caring part of yourself, where you’re not invested in other’s opinions. As we move out of this space of wanting things for ourselves, wanting to be loved or cared for, it’s not going to happen because no matter how hard you want somebody to love and take care of you, it has it’s opposite effect on you and you will be so happy to be with that person and unhappy to be with that person because that is part of the scheme of developing your wants and not wants. Finally you get so sick and tired of all that, that you move out of all of it completely.

So, when we are thinking about this new part of ourselves that is being developed (because it is definitely being developed in us) we start moving out of those comfort zones that we had in the past. Those people that we always felt we wanted them to love us or we wanted to get even with or we wanted to control, that’s all part of the spiritual journey also. To unlock this from ourselves because we’ve made this decision in past lives through very narrow windows and those very narrow windows made us decide different things that were important to us as a soul. And it could be many things—it could be learning about science, music, ministerial, whatever. It’s all these different things that we put a lot of importance to.

In one lifetime, if we are unable to bring that particular thing, the respect we want or need, we will repeat it and repeat it and repeat it until we get what we think is important to us. And you know that is a futile journey. By now you have evolved enough to know that is futile. It doesn’t have any value because no matter what anybody does you are never going to be satisfied with it. Never. Never be satisfied. There’s always going to be “something” missing because in the beginning, that something missing was always wanting you to find out who you really are.

So this journey that you’ve had through many, many, many lifetimes has been to help you to find out who you really are and you’ve played many, many different roles — male, female roles — in this adventure of your history. And throughout eons of time, you have become more aware of the who that you are. The little i that you are is trying to become the big I and it will never get there because it never goes there. The i does not go there; it doesn’t belong in the next dimension of being. It’s like the squirrel trying to do the best it can to be a human without the proper intelligence to be one.

Spiritually you have to drop your old patterns, your old way of thinking, your old way of doing things in every aspect of your life —every aspect, it’s not just one little corner —every aspect has to be purified, cleaned up for one purpose and for one purpose only. And that purpose is to know who you are.

You are Infinite Intelligence. But right now you are Finite Intelligence.

Every lifetime you’ve had, you’ve been Finite Intelligence. Now, to move into Infinite Intelligence where you can view and see things from a higher point of view and detach yourself from all the things that the human being thinks important because you realize that it isn’t as important as you thought it was. And you know you’re never going to get the respect from the father, mother, sister, brother, the government or the teacher, whomever …will never give you the respect that you want because you have to respect yourself. You have to honor yourself. Not as a ego, not as “Oh, look at me!” But it is dissolving, dissolving from this Earth plane, this third dimensional plane, and moving into higher intelligence.

So, the world is Higher Intelligence. Right now you are a Finite Intelligence. You want to get into Infinite Intelligence. But in order to get into Infinite Intelligence, you have to let go of your Finite Intelligence because you could easily see or understand that it’s finite and it’s only going to give you half the picture — not even half the picture — I’m sorry, I’m going to tell you, this much of the picture (showing a half inch space between her fingers). You’re never going to get the whole because there’s a lot more on another dimension to see and to understand. It’s not here that the understanding can come.

This is why I push so hard for you to be the observer of self, to be in integrity, to be responsible for your every action or reaction so that you understand the self that’s living this lifetime, truly. And after you have that much understanding, then you start looking at other lifetimes that you’ve had. And the thing that happens is you start to understand what desires and what abilities you have worked on in other lifetimes to bring you here where you are today. But you only ever look at everything from your human point of view. And the human point of view, as you know, is only one-tenth and all the other stuff in the subconscious is under the one-tenth. You have to eliminate the subconscious so that you can move into the Infinite Intelligence.

Ok, I was talking about the evolution of your soul that has evolved through many lifetimes. You’ve learned a lot of things. You’ve developed a lot of talents and abilities and the importance of intelligence because intelligence is a very important aspect to this process. Because only human beings have intelligence of a human type where animals have animal intelligence and humans have human intelligence and then there is the spiritual intelligence, which is a whole another aspect of intelligence.

So, once we develop ourselves from the process of our abilities and our intelligence also laced with love, love and intelligence come together and synthesize, my favorite word here—you’ve heard it a million times from me—synthesize together as a whole and start to work into the intuitional part of your abilities. Now, many of you have had intuition in other lifetimes. You started that process because you wouldn’t be in a class with me in the first place if you hadn’t had some development from other lifetimes.

So, that intuitive nature of yours is part of the next dimension of being but it gets really, really honed it—it becomes more your operating system than any other operating system you have ever had, ok? It becomes your operating system and that operating system of love and logic and will because will plays a part in this. But will is the driving force that makes you push forward to look and ask for greater understanding of self. And this probably happened in several of your other incarnations where you started questioning in whatever way that worked for you in your lifetimes that you’ve had before.

But you’ve come in and I’m just going to put a number out there—10% of you were intuitive when you were born … some of you more, some of you less. But there is an aspect of understanding, there was a more or you wouldn’t even be on this journey because you know a lot of your friends, people you work with etc., etc., don’t even understand what you would be talking about if you were talking about your intuition. Or they will say, “Oh, the telephone is ringing and I think of Sue, oh my God, it was Sue! I’ve got intuition! Oh my God, how wonderful I am, I’ve got intuition! Oh, oh, this is great!” And they stop there. They stop. They think they’ve got it. “I’ve got it, I can tell when someone’s going to call me. I can tell probably who is knocking at my door.”

Well, that’s the beginning and too many see that as the beginning and the end when it’s just the tiny, little bit of the beginning because that says to you, “You have it; you have some intuitive nature.” But, that intuition is your foundation to move into total, God-Realization because it’s an intuitive game, so to speak. You intuit it, and it comes down through your brain and your mind and your abstract ability to think abstractly and to synthesize and to understand it all goes together.

And I’ve kind of pulled it out and given you little aspects of it, but when it happens, it’s a whole — it’s BOOM! It comes as one; it comes in a second; it comes as understanding, that a-ha moment you have, and I know you all have had it and you say, “A-ha! Oh my God, I got it … I got what you’re talking about. Wow!” What is that? It’s pressing into that intuitive part of you. Me just saying something to you to spur you into getting that “A-ha moment” because you’ve been slowly but surely leaking into it. And finally the moment comes when it’s an “A-ha! I’ve got it.”

What happens, many a time, as a spiritual student will take that into what we call a spiritual ego and say, “Oh, I know all about God now. I’ve touched this little teensy, weensy bit of it.” But you think you’ve got the whole and you know people like they’ve got the whole and you’re sitting there smacking your head and you say, “Um, hmmm, that’s just the beginning.” It’s like the elephant in the room, and you’ve heard this a million times, and you’re blindfolded and you feel the ear and you think that’s the whole elephant when it’s only the ear of the elephant. Then you touch the tail and then you realize it has an ear and a tail.

But this is what spiritual growth is about…you touch little aspects that start to build and you start to intuit from the higher dimension. I used to think about it in these terms, that helped me. I’d be sitting here, meditating and I’d feel a little thing go up, over my head go, “click, click, click” and I’m intuiting something. I know something’s in the ethers and it’s coming into my brain. It’s coming into my consciousness. I call it the brain, but it’s my consciousness, it isn’t coming in through my brain, no. It’s my consciousness that comes through but we talk about it, “It’s coming through my brain.”

But you know it’s coming to you from somewhere; you’ve never thought about it before and these are the scary moments, they’re scary because now you’re going outside of the norm. And when you go outside of the norm, that’s what we want you to do, you get scared and you run backwards and you say, “Oh, that’s too much for me. Oh, I’m scared, what happens next? I wonder if I don’t know where I am and I’m Alice in Wonderland where everything is weird and crazy.” And my spiritual partner and I use to laugh about that, “We’re in Wonderland …everything is weird, everything is upside down, everything is sideways.”

Well, we had to grab the thoughts and ideas into consciousness to understand. This is what you are doing when you’re on the journey and it depends on how fearless … hear the words … how fearless you are, you’ll move. And some of us really need to be grounded; we need to have that feeling of grounded. “I can still feel the table here, I can still feel the sofa here; I’m still grounded and yet there is something happening so beyond my understanding at the moment, but it’s coming!” It’s coming to you. It’s greater understanding of the real self on a higher dimension than you’ve ever been before.

And I’ve talked about this many times and I’m hoping that now that you’ve all advanced, as I started talking about this years ago. I’ve been poking at this and prodding at this and pushing you beyond your comfort zones and trying to help you understand that you are safe, this is part of the journey; you’re ok, but keep going. And it’s so easy when you get into those spaces when you start to learn some of your past lives. Not only learn, but experience them like that’s who you are at the moment.

I said something important. I hope you got it.

If you are really a spiritual student, this is your next step, guys. This is where you’re going and those who are not ready to see this won’t see it and that’s ok. But those who are ready to walk into another consciousness and have dealt with the current consciousness that they’re in and they understand it, they’ve been working in it, they’ve been observing it, they’ve been taking charge of it rather than it taking charge of them. You are in charge of it. You’re beginning to own it. You’re beginning to understand what makes you tick this lifetime.

Then, as that veil gets lifted to show you an important part about the lifetime that you’re living right now, how did it become the lifetime that you’re living. And once that starts unraveling within your consciousness, it breaks down your ego because all of a sudden you realize, “Oh my goodness, there’s other parts of me that I’m experiencing that I’ve never experienced before (in conscious mind) and since now I’m experiencing it and it becomes real to me and I’m observing it, and I hate chocolate ice cream!” OH! The big one was, I hate beer—Jane Elizabeth Fenton did not like beer! And suddenly I was in Michael’s consciousness and (husband) had a beer in the refrigerator and I started to drink that beer because I knew I was in Michael’s consciousness and I wanted to get more information. I was in charge; it wasn’t in charge of me. So I took the bottle of beer and I took about this much of it (sip of it), but then it helped me understand more about that consciousness and what a complicated consciousness it was.

But, maybe you were a thief in another lifetime … you can’t go to the dime store and steal some trinket; but if you have the feeling that you want to steal something that you’ve never had any feeling that you ever wanted to steal something before; that never was a part of you and you’ve gone much further into consciousness than that to find yourself wanting to shoplift or something. You do not do it but you observe it and you say, “Ok, what consciousness am I in? Because this is not who I am this lifetime and I know it. Something else is trying to show me something and I want to see what it is.”

That’s where your journaling that you’ve learned to do over and over and over again—I’ve had you journal for years and years and never stopped you from journaling because I knew there were going to be times where that journaling was going to be of great value to your spiritual steps in the future. So, when we are working with you on developing this intuitive nature of yours, wrapped around love and wisdom and will and synthesizing it, it comes in and it breaks down the veils that need to be broken down so that you can understand yourself.

When Jane says, “Oh well, you were a princess in a past life and you were very rich and blah, blah, blah, blah … Oh that’s interesting, I’ve always felt that I’ve had a taste of that. I’ve always felt that I’m a bit of a princess or a king or a politician, or whatever, oh yeah.” But when you walk into that consciousness it’s like putting it on your head and it’s the most real thing and yet you are observing the real thing. You’re observing this real consciousness that you had 300 years ago. And you know how that soul felt and you know how it thought and you know how it made its decisions.

This is of utmost importance to your spiritual growth and this become scary. I’m spending time with this with you all and I’ve talked about this a lot and I’ve been easing you into this … easing you into it. Bringing it up often enough so it’s not like I’ve just dumped this on you today because none of this was dumped on you today, especially those who have been with me for 20/25 years, you have heard this, little snippets of this. A little of this, a little of that so that you were more comfortable with understanding that you had other incarnations. Or that I had to get you to understand that, that was a possibility; it’s part of your education.

And now it’s down and dirty. You’re going to start to feel things: look at the one you love, your child, your husband or your wife or whatever and see them in a different light that you’ve never seen them before. And you’re judging them in this queer way like you’re a man when you’re a woman now or when you’re a woman and you’re experiencing a man would feel and vice versa. These are the things that you are going to have to work with in 2015 and they are not going to be scary because you are hearing it, you are seeing me, you’re watching what I’m doing, I’m talking to you … don’t be scared! You remember, “A-ha, this is what she was talking about. Wow, I feel different, something’s going on with me.”

And you don’t get scared because when my spiritual partner and I where experiencing these things we were scared to death. We had nobody tell us what was going on. We were like these children that were hit over the head with this information that nobody told us about. It was an intuitive thing. And everybody laughed at us when we tried to ask about it. We found out the people that we thought were knowledgeable weren’t knowledgeable at all. They just saw it through their own little eyes and they put us down for it.

Even now, even now, you know, you’ve been in classes with me…you know how people love me and then they start to get the information and they start to move in consciousness how all of a sudden they don’t like a class of mine; they don’t want to be a part of it. They start to back up and move away, “I need a different teacher; I don’t know what she’s talking about.” I always love that because I know I’ve got them and they’re not going to be able to forget it even though they try. They might for the rest of their lifetime try to get out of that, but no, it’s there. It will surface when it needs to surface. So the work that I was doing was accomplished. You see?

So, with each one of you, you’re going to have some interesting experiences and some of you, I know because I’ve talked to you, have already opened this door wide and you’re having these now. You all that have already been talking to me about these different consciousnesses and you’ve been journaling them, you’re already very well prepared. But, as you know, when it comes upon you, it’s scary because it’s not you and you think you’ve lost your mind because you’ve never thought that way. You’ve never wanted to drink a beer; you never were interested in it. You never, ever would think about going and stealing something from somebody. That was never a part of your consciousness and all of a sudden you feel like a man when you’re a woman. You walk like a man, you want to dress like a man. Vice versa.

So, these are the things. Don’t go ahead and do it, but journal it. Stop and write. Stop and write. Your soul is trying to tell you something that it wants you to be conscious of. The Infinite Intelligence is coming in now to balance your soul and to help you have greater understanding of yourself. So, now as you move into this new phase of yourself, you’re going to have to be a better observer than ever before. You’ll have to use that blue sword and say, “I’m not moving, no. I’m holding it and I’m saying no. I’m not taking any action. This is strictly for information only.”

These are the things that you’re going to experience and I’ve given you an example but I’m going to give you the same example again because many of you will remember this …with my child that was retarded … one day I woke up and I just HATED her. This is Miss Jane who adored her little girl. All of a sudden I couldn’t STAND her. I wanted to wring her neck. Every word she said to me, I wanted to attack. But I knew. God was showing me something; I wasn’t going to attack. I was going to observe my feelings and then when she went to school, I said, “Wow, that was pretty awful, but, when were we together before? Why do I need to see this? Where is this going to take me?” And I got the information I needed. Not right that day, but it started leaking in and I knew where to put it. I knew it belonged in that lifetime because after you get opened up on those things, you get a little glimpse here and a little glimpse there and a little glimpse over there and then it becomes a whole. And then you understand that whole part of you and I always found out that the things that were shown to me where the things that I was caught up in that I made decisions about in another lifetime. And they were still running my life now.

So, I had to untangle them so that I would be free to be, to experience, to express all that needs to be experienced and expressed. You are on a journey; a BIG journey. It’s not, “Let’s go play games” because this truly is a HUGE journey you are on and you’ve got to be aware, you’ve got to be committed, you have to journal, you have to observe. This is the most important time of any incarnation you’ve ever had. You are getting great information and believe me, if you are not getting any information, don’t worry about it; it’s only because you’re not prepared enough to get it. And that’s not anything bad at all. It’s just where you are.

But those that are in this place where I know you are, this is going to come more clear and more clear and more clear to you. So, get your pens and your notebooks ready and start making sure that whatever you’re doing, you’re doing in the best interest of your soul. By making it in the best interest of your soul, you’re also supporting everybody else’s soul too. It’s a favor to them that you do this work. It’s a favor to your group that you do this work. It’s a blessing because you want to move out of this space.

Now, some of you are going to have another lifetime after this lifetime and you are going to remember some of this; it will come to you. You will remember and you’ll get more information and you’ll be moving on and getting more of your desires met because some of you have really deep desires to do certain things. And that is very honored and very supported by the Masters and it’s important that you do that work. But if you have a project that you’re on that has already been assigned to you, continue that work because that work is important to your soul and to me and to the group. So nothing is lost in God; nothing is lost. Everything is moving forward and as we evolve, we will evolve quicker and faster.

And if you leave this planet without all this work being done, in the next lifetime you’re going to be “boom!” You’re going to come right in and if you’ve done what the teacher told you to this lifetime, you’re going to get an in-body teacher who’s going to take you the rest of the way; I promise you that. I know that’s true. So don’t worry about it; you’re not going to lose a thing. It behooves you to do the best you can with what you’ve got right now and not be a slacker. Not just kind of sail through life, moaning and groaning — pick up the gauntlet and fight for yourself; fight for your soul. Fight for it! It’s the biggest fight you’re ever going to have in your life—in any life.

Your ego is your biggest enemy because it is so doggone sneaky and it so much doesn’t want to let go. And the ego, the ego that you have this lifetime, has been infiltrated with all the little i’s that you’ve been and I can explain more to you later but I want you just to take that into consciousness and let that kind of dissolve in consciousness for you to understand, “What did she really mean by that?” I’m leaving that to you to find out and then when I feel enough of you have found out the answer to that, then I will go on to explain more about that.

So, there you are. So that’s the message for today. 2015 you’re going to have lessons every week that we’re going to be putting out to you but believe me and trust me with this: you’re going to take those lessons to a deeper degree than you every have before. We’re going to talk about commitment and desires. “Oh, we’ve heard about it, I’ll go to sleep, this is a piece of cake!”

UH-UH! NO, NO, NO! Take it to another place; another understanding. When you were young, you were taught as a child. Now you are an adult and you’re still getting child lessons but you’re using it with adult consciousness. So, let’s have a few moments of meditation. Probably about 10 minutes because I know you are busy people and you have things that you have to get done.