JE Group Discourse
Post-Retreat 2015
September 30, 2015

I want to really delve into the first of the year, Soul Evolutionist. And of course, I’ve done a lot of “soul evolutionist” at Winter Park, so I want to continue driving the education forward. I have been doing more advanced courses for you all to help you to know where you’re going.

My goal was to give you a big overview of the Divine Beings that you’ve been in for eons and eons of lifetimes, and your advancement in consciousness, so that you realize that there’s a purpose, an important purpose, to your evolutionary process. That’s the most important thing … to be evolving, to be responsible for your spiritual growth, and that is the most important thing you can do for your soul, is to work in the best interest of your soul, however that comes out for you.

Now, I know that each one of you had some sort of breakthrough, and you don’t need to go into a lot of detail, but you’ve had a couple days to think about this. I would like if you would share for a short couple of sentences, whatever you can, to help the group know how they can support you also. I worked heavily on egos because the ego, of course, has to be subdued.

The ego is the thing that will keep you on the karmic wheel and it will advance in the next lifetime, creating some of the things you weren’t able to forgive and release this lifetime, will be back in the next lifetime. Or you master this lifetime, and you never have to come back again. Wherever you are on the merry-go-round, so to speak, but you are on the involution cycle.

So, you’re all going into involution of consciousness and involution takes many lifetimes. It’s not all done in one lifetime. It takes much responsibility. We become more and more responsible for our spiritual growth and more responsible for our everyday process that we’re going through. And also meditation and being in integrity with self, and doing that which is uncomfortable for us to do to support the movement forward in the process that you are going to find the Real self, and get rid of the false self.

The false self is the false self. But the false self is the vehicle you are driving around now, and you’ve been your false self for many, many lifetimes. In fact, probably I cannot even name how many we’ve gone through, or I’ve gone through with my false self-believing that it was real. Believing that it was important, and it was important that I believed those things. It was important because it’s all about intelligence, it’s all about the responsibility one takes for itself, its family, for its job, even on the third dimension.

That’s an important part of spiritual growth, to be responsible for what you’re doing right now. And do your forgiveness with family, friends, employers, employees, whatever, and it’s always important to be observer of self. If this lifetime, the only thing you do is become a magnificent observer of self, that will be so very vitally important for you in your next incarnation, because that will already be submitted in your subconscious that can be brought in. You will hear that or read that and it will be automatic, “WOW! I understand that. Gee, I don’t know why I understand that so well, but I do. Yeah, I got that.”

And, see, it will help you. So, whatever you are doing now is benefiting you magnificently. The first thing we always have to do is be in integrity with ourselves as best we can. We know when we’re off track. I always knew. Once I started opening my eyes and getting more insights, I knew when I was out-of- kilter. I knew when I was off track.

I was hoping that (spiritual partner) wouldn’t check me out on that. Oh, no, but she always was able to do that, and fortunately I was always able to do that for her. I knew what she had to do and how to help her, and she knew how to help me. We each had a totally different wave we were on … a totally different history as far as the lifetimes that we had together, but we understood those lifetimes according to our limited understanding, even though we were together.

So, this is that part of great value to you and one of the things that I want to stress and continue to stress, is that you live in the world of opposites. And of course you vacillate. And the people you’re with are living in the opposites and they’re vacillating. And once you completely understand that, you are going to completely understand every human being on this planet.

No matter what their first act is, the second act is a more important act. It’s like, wonderful, this is a great first act … but what’s behind that act? Is there something of value behind that? You know, we can all be smiles and be all nice, and be pleasers or be angry, or however we want to use our personality, but we all know the truth of ourselves. We know what we don’t like to hear. What we don’t like to hear is exactly what we need to hear—absolutely.

So, hopefully I got everybody on that place, that tender button that was a little bit offended or a little bit shocked, or a little bit surprised or off-kilter a little bit. Only when you wake up to these things are you really able to work through them. Otherwise, you are stuck in the mire of your own ego personality. And my understanding from all of you is that you want to overcome this ego personality that keeps you stuck and rise above it. It’s only done by becoming aware of it. You can’t change something you’re not aware of and you don’t so much understand that.

So it’s so wonderful to have somebody that’s in-body that you trust, that can show you where you’re missing the mark, so that you can step up to the mark. And that’s what the value that (spiritual partner) and I had for each other. Somehow we got rid of our egoic personalities and weren’t trying to maneuver each other. It was all done to support each other. You know when you’re trying to maneuver somebody to get what you want out of the situation. Don’t bother. Don’t go there with your partner or your group. Be as honest as you can. If you’re honest, they’re honest back with you as best they can.

So, if you’re moving through these different phases, and they certainly are phases that we go through, as we’re moving beyond our false-self, our limited-self, our finite-self, or whatever you want to call this self that only sees one-tenth of what we are or what we are all about. And to be able to become two-tenths conscious in this lifetime is a huge, huge, huge step forward for you and you won’t lose it. You won’t lose it when you come in again. You won’t lose it. If you can come in 10%, 20%, 30% conscious, wow—you are majorly stepping up your possibility to master because you have to be totally conscious.

What happens is, as you know, and I tried to draw it on the board and put it as best as I could to you, the process you go through to become God-aware. And once you became more God-aware and human aware, the God part of you takes over the human part.

So, it’s almost like the more we are open to the criticism of our ego—what it’s doing to keep us stuck—if I do things to please others and that’s what I’m about, you’re going to run into a brick wall eventually … eventually. But, if you are, “No, I’m not going to please anybody,” which is just as bad as pleasing everybody … you have to have discernment here. We all have to have discernment as to what is our Achilles heel.

And by now, by now, I think you all know what yours is. We’ve been working too long, too hard to not know what that is. Personally, you don’t have to tell us in this group what it is, but as long as you know it, that’s what’s important to you. And hopefully, I punched a few little holes in your balloon, so that maybe some light came in, some new opportunities, some new revelations came in to help you to see more about who you are, and where you really want to go, because sometimes this is a rough road.

The more we move into the higher realm, the less the ego likes it. The more it struggles to take foothold and tell you, “It’s not worth it.” So I’ll tell you, if you have a choice to live in the opposites or live beyond the opposites, I’m sure you would take beyond the opposites. But in order to get beyond the opposites, you have to look at the opposites you’re in, and work with it in order to get beyond it, you see?

So, this is the responsibility. This is the whole thing. We have to look at the opposites we’re in and shut it down and move into the now … the moment that can really help you sort out where you are. That observer self which is there to help you sort out the lies, the things that your ego is telling, which is a bunch of things that you learned from the past or from now, that have to be diminished … diminished.

And only you can do it, as I’ve mentioned, the only one. No one else can do it, and that’s why these groups are very important … to be honest with each other, to help each other, to help each other see where they are, so that they have the opportunity to step forward. And everybody more or less has the same problem … we are living in the opposites … we all need to get out of it. Some are a little more successful than others because they’re more observant.

That’s the whole thing … they’re observing. It’s observing. And we know, we know we can’t get in the merry-go-round. We can’t get in the merry-go-round, but once we get in that merry-go-round, we lose. We lose immensely once we’re in the merry-go-round, because there’s no thinking straight. You just go around and a round and around in a circle, and then you go backwards and then you go boop-ditty-boop-ditty-boop.

And YOU have to break your own merry-go-round! You have to, and you know when you’re in a merry-go-round. I think by now everybody knows … do you know? I’m looking at my group… do you know? Do you know? How about you guys (on screen), do you know? Ok. You know when you’re in the merry-go-round, and the minute you spot that you’re in the merry-go-round, you have to pull yourself out of it.

You have to pull yourself out of it because it will take you down the drain. It will take you right down to nowhere, and then you’re boiling over with whatever you’re boiling over with, and it’s not helping you at all. So, hopefully everybody recognizes their merry-go-round and everybody can stand back and watch the merry-go-round and not get on it … not jump on the merry-go-round, whatever it is for you …whatever it is that you’re trying to do.

Whatever excuses you want to make to yourself are the ego-excuses. There is no excuse. There are no excuses. You’re all too advanced, there’s no excuse that I accept, because you’ve all been with me too long, and you’re too dedicated to finding the truth for yourself. So there’s nothing … nothing you can say to me that’s going to influence me to let you be on your merry-go-round and say, “Yay, yay, you’re a good little kid!”

That would be the meanest and nastiest thing I could do for you, is to support your merry-go-round … to not help you. And if I find that you’re in the merry-go-round and you won’t get yourself off, I’ll back off until you find yourself and get yourself off of it, because the only job I have is to push a hole in that, so that you’ll get off. And if you don’t listen and you don’t want to get off, I’ll let you spin in your merry-go-round until you get so sick and tired of that merry-go-round, that you’ll make yourself get off of it.

And I hope, I hope, that in the next 4 or 5 months that you’re working together in these groups, that you don’t let your partner or anybody in your group get into a merry-go-round. You have to vow, and this is one thing I want each one of you to do once you get in your new groups here, to vow that you won’t let anyone get in a merry-go-round. As soon as you see them doing a lesson and just mimicking the words back … you know that’s laziness and they haven’t taken it in, and they haven’t really thought deeply about those answers.

These questions that are here, these things that you have to work on are golden. They are golden. They will help you grow, they will help you change … it’ll help push those buttons that need to be pushed, so that you will understand yourself at the level that you need to understand yourself, so that you can pull yourself out … out of the third dimension, out of human-hood.

Because, as long as you’re dancing in human-hood, you are drowning … drowning in human-hood. You don’t want to drown in human-hood, because you know now that, that’s an ocean that you cannot get into. That’s a consciousness that you cannot get into. If you do, you will drown. And I mean that. You will drown in your own emotions. And I think it would be wonderful, as these different groups are, if you see one of your group members drowning in their emotions, it is your duty … YOUR DUTY … to say, “Stop, you’re drowning in your emotions, give me the truth!”

If you stop them and you help them to see that, they’re probably going to argue with you that they aren’t drowning, but the more they argue, the more you know how much they’re drowning. It’s like the person that’s drowning and you try to save them and they say, “No, no, I can swim, I’m doing fine!” And they’re drowning. What the lifeguard has to do is kind of knock them out in order to save them.

Well, you can’t knock them out, but what you can do is say, “look it, you’re drowning,” and of course any drowning person is going to argue with you … “no.” Any person drowning in their emotions will fight with you with their emotions, “No! I didn’t do that! No, that’s not what I meant!” Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And you know that they’re dancing in that cycle. Dance, dance in the cycle … back and forth and round about.

So, love each other enough to stop it. Put your finger in the bubble and help them break through and just really be a super friend here. And if you are a pleaser, then you better get out of your pleaser person, because you want to be a friend that is a friend … that is a real friend. And then, of course, they’ll turn around and say, “Oh, but you’re in your ego,” (laughing) Oh I love that one! I love that one! “Get out of your ego…no, no, you get out of your ego!”

You know that one, we saw that one this weekend! We saw several of that happening this weekend, so you know that as long as that is the cycle, you can’t get out of it, because you believe you’re right no matter what. Nobody can tell you that maybe you’re wrong, or that your ego isn’t trying to grab it up and embrace it, because it wants to be ok with what? I’m not sure what they’re trying to be ok about. I haven’t figured that one out myself. Must be somehow they feel entitled or something. I have no idea what that ego is that needs to do that.

So, watch yourself. You see yourself, watch it. Love yourselves. Love your partners. Love them enough to not let that happen. So, I’m giving you a little more leeway in your groups to be more supportive. Remember we were just talking, that there has to be some sort of point where you have to be able to address some of this stuff when they get stuck. And I don’t know how, but try to work it out with your groups and report back to me how it works, because if there’s a lot of ego stuff going on, then we’re going to have to back out and figure out a way to handle some of this in a different way.

So, try it. See if there’s too much dominating or whatever in the groups. So, this is really great. This is a step up from what you did the last “give your three-minute report” and then it’s done. I think that’s what it was, am I right? Five minutes, whatever it is, ten minutes, whatever, but that’s yours to do. Keep that, but know that you see these people getting stuck and they’re saying the same thing every week, they’re complaining about the same thing … well, not complaining because they would not dare complain, because that’s not part of the deal. But if you see them stuck in the same little subject and don’t progress, then there has to be an intervention. Anyway, we’ll try to work with that in the best possible way.

As we move forward here, and of course, I loved having everybody here, that was very special to me. I love you all so very dearly and you really touched my heart with your dedication to your growth, and being responsible for yourselves in a new way … a more dynamic way—dynamic way.

It’s interesting, the more we become responsible, the more things are revealed to us, because the things that we don’t want to see, we begin to see are the root things that are causing us a lot of pain this lifetime. And you have brought those things, of course, from other lifetimes, and it’s been quite a challenge to dismantle the whole shebang. And it’s not easy, but whatever you get through, honor yourself … not your limited self but your Unlimited self, who is trying very, very hard to support you, and to set you free from your false beliefs about everything.

So, I congratulate you in becoming less human and more on the spiritual, unlimited part that you’ll never be sorry for. As long as you are in tune with your Higher Self and really work with that, the more you will advance, and the more you will be free from the mundane, third dimensional things that catch you up and make you unhappy and make you happy—both, because both of them are just in the opposites. You want the peace that passes understanding … that peacefulness, that peace that we know that we are … that we know that we are in that sacred place within ourselves, where you are totally, 100% in the Infinite.

So, as we meditate now, close your eyes and just be with me … be with the group …