Your life plan has its roots in the process of reincarnation. Your consciousness is always seeking to evolve and expand itself. You need a lot of time and many opportunities to come to the full realization that you are a God-Being. One lifetime isn't long enough to accomplish this exciting and wonderful goal!

Your soul has always wanted to express God more fully and experience more of what life has to offer. Ever since you were in the simplest mineral consciousness, this has been the truth of your being. In fact, the mineral/vegetable consciousness is the first dimension of consciousness.

After many years in the first dimension, God moved you into the second dimension of consciousness which is the animal kingdom. You spent many lifetimes exploring the world by incarnating as a variety of species. Finally, God pushed you forward once again into the third dimension of consciousness and you became a human being.

Once you're human, you gain self-awareness. As an animal, you weren't aware of your state of being. Now you've become consciously aware of yourself. Basically, you've moved into the world of opposites. You experience yourself as a distinct entity from the rest of the world. The opposites help you contrast what is you and what isn't you -- and therefore helps you define your sense of self-awareness. You begin to understand that you can take actions and make decisions that will help you grow and change.

At first the world of opposites is like a playground. You can experiment with life in all sorts of ways. You can form a desire, and then work to fulfill particular plan. Many incarnations are spent exploring all sorts of facets of your human identity.

You know, however, that the opposites also bring difficulties. You are happy, then sad. You feel safe, then anxious. You are gloriously aware of being alive, and painfully aware that one day your body will die. Most importantly, the opposites put you under the Law of Karma. As you build your self-awareness through the exploration of your many desires and interests, you create temporary balances and imbalances in the world around you due to your choices and interactions with others. (Later in the book, you'll learn more about the Law of Karma, how it affects you and how to free yourself from it.)

Eventually, you arrive at the point in your human evolution where you're tired of being batted back and forth by the opposites. You've gained enough self understanding and you're ready to take responsibility for the karmic imbalances you've created along the way. You might even find yourself bored and unfulfilled in a subtle, yet powerfully unsettling way. These are all signs that you are ready to move into the 4th dimension of consciousness. You are prepared to move out of the human kingdom and into the spiritual kingdom!

It may surprise you to know that you can remain in a third dimensional body on this planet, yet be fully operating from the fourth dimension, which is the realm of your soul. An animal in its second dimensional consciousness can't imagine being a human living in the third dimension. Now you are a human being and you're not able to conceptualize what life would be like in the spiritual fourth dimension.

You know about people -- the spiritual Masters -- who've made this great leap in consciousness. You can do it to. You WILL do it! It is part of the natural order of things! Scientists have postulated that humans only use a tiny percentage of their brain power. Evolving in consciousness means activating more of your brain's potential. You were biologically equipped to make these spiritual leaps ! It is a natural process to explore these uncharted parts of yourself. It is your birthright to have all your faculties fully operating. This is what all the spiritual Masters have done -- they have diligently worked to gain access to those "sleeping powers".

Over millions of years, you have moved from the mineral kingdom, to the vegetable kingdom, into the animal kingdom, and arrived at the human realm of existence. Moving into the spiritual kingdom is the next inevitable stage of evolution. You are going to move forward -- and your soul is aching to move forward!

Yet this stage of your evolution is quite different from the other transitions you've previously made. God moved you from the first dimension to second and again from the second to the third. Now you must CONSCIOUSLY and WILLINGLY choose to move from the third dimension into to the fourth. Once you have clearly made that choice, God will help you! As a human, you have free will and you must utilize that will. Your soul can urge you with "divine discontent" and a burning curiosity about spiritual matters, but you must ultimately make the decision for yourself -- and be willing to take specific actions.

This is where you're at -- you are poised to take that magnificent step into the next dimension of being!