JE Discourse
Right Suffering
September 16, 2015

The subject I’m going to bring up right now, and they’re all laughing in my living room and having fun…suffering. And I wanted to talk to you all about this because third dimensional people suffer the third dimensional things: happiness, sadness, you know, you’ve been working on this for years and of course there is the time where we start to move out of human suffering. To move out of human suffering, we start to open up the door to move into new opportunities to look at things in a different way and take care of the situation as you’re moving out of the third dimension and into the fourth dimension.

And that’s a suffering, because everything you’ve ever done or ever thought about in any lifetime is going to come up and hit you in the face. Your programming, all the things underneath the surface of the subconscious are going to come up and hit you in the face, and you’ll have to deal with all that stuff. And I’ve been very clear with each and every one of you for years, that you would have to deal with those things. You’re going to suffer in the third dimension, or you’re going to suffer moving off the third dimension going into the fourth dimension.

Third dimensional people suffer day in and day out, all the time, on all kinds of levels of things that are happening. Fourth dimensional students suffer letting go of their old personalities, their egos and all that stuff, but you’re moving out of human suffering forever. But it’s a suffering to look at all that stuff, that’s why they call it the Dark Night of the Soul because you are the ones that are going to dismantle your subconscious. No one else is going to do it.

But third dimensional people live in the third dimension and they just create more suffering and more suffering, or they get some fun and they think that’s the greatest, and then they’re right back to suffering a bad situation or the way they look at a situation in their life. So it’s this vacillating that we do, because we live in the third dimension. Everybody lives in the world—THE world—lives in the third dimension. They all have their suffering. They are all looking at their life according to their life plan and their soul’s history, which is eons and eons of history.

And once when I realized that this is what’s going on way back when, I said no more. If I’m going to suffer, I’m going to suffer getting out of jail, not staying in jail. It’s the same suffering! It’s exactly the same suffering, because you’re suffering destroying your ego personality self and that’s a suffering. But you have to do it on the conscious level, and you’ll have to do it this lifetime or another lifetime, or whenever you are really strong enough to take it on.

And hopefully it’s this lifetime that you’re willing to do that, and all my students have said that, that’s what they want to do, and they’re busy trying to take down their old frameworks of reference—their old past lives, their old limited information, their old limited decisions they’ve made in this lifetime and other lifetimes too. So, as you’re moving out of the third dimension, it’s a suffering, because to take down the ego personality, it’s a suffering—you suffer that because you’re so encompassed with that ego personality that you’re in.

So, it was a sad day when I had to take down my “Jane Elizabeth Fenton Hart Ego.” It was a big suffering, but I knew it was the way, the gateway, to my higher education. As long as I hung on to that limited self of mine and empowered it to make decisions, which I soon found out made terrible decisions, made decisions according to their life and other lifetimes that are now surfacing in this lifetime, I realized everything I was doing had no real purpose … no clear, true purpose except to work through karma, understand myself as an ego, and do the best I could in my lifetime I had planned before I came into body and the personality self that I chose to take on.

But then after I got here, I realized, yes, there was an ego. When I found out that I had past lives, that was BOOM, oh my God, I had other egos. I had other lifetimes with egos that were just as concrete as my own personal ego as Jane Hart or Jane Fenton.

So, with that piece of knowledge, I realized in the 60’s that I had a lot of work to do to destroy the ego of Jane Hart—the dress designer, the one with four children, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, you know the story. I’m not even going to bother to go into it because I’ve talked about it for years.

Once I began to take on the responsibility to unravel my karma with my out-of-body-teacher (OUT-OF-BODY TEACHER), then there was nothing that was hidden from me—NOTHING HIDDEN. So, I couldn’t deny what was being shown to me. I couldn’t say, “OH, I think you’re wrong.” NO. I knew what was being shown was correct. I knew what my problems were. I was a great people pleaser, and hated it. I was also very much on the 2nd Ray with a lot of third Ray and a lot of 1st Ray.

But my 2nd Ray wanted everyone to love it. So, it was very, very manipulative. You want everyone to love you, you are very manipulative. You want your children to love you, and your husband to love you, and the world to love you, and if they don’t, you’re very disappointed. And you’re very unhappy with the spouse that doesn’t tell you often enough that he loves you, or the wife that doesn’t pat you on the head. Or that you’re never really, really appreciated.

So, once that information was very clear to me, that was the time I needed to look at who I was and realize that there was only one person that was going to be able to do what needed to be done, and that was ME. If it was going to be unraveled, it was going to be unraveled by me with the help of a Master.

But, then I had to be very, very, very clear…the information that I was getting, that I didn’t like to hear because I didn’t like to think that I was that kind of person, I had to ante up to it and say, “OK, yes, I can see, yes, look how I manipulate.” I was shown when I was this wonderful person that took care of all the youth fellowship in the 60’s and created that, that was for ONE PURPOSE! It was so they would love me and I would be important! It had nothing to do with selfless service—it had NOTHING to do with selfless service! I had a very manipulative reason to do it!

So, when I learned of that … I didn’t learn of that, by the way, until I gave it up. They told me, “Give up the group,” and I gave up the group, and about three months later, they started unraveling that whole piece and saying, “You never went there for service—to do something good—NO, you went there for approval, for being important, for being loved and for all those wonderful reasons. It was not service at all! When you do something that is only service, with no desire and no purpose but to serve, and you won’t get there, Miss Jane, because you have a lot of attachments to your service. We’re going to take them all away from you because they are no love at all…they are very conditional love.”

So, the service that I was giving was not service at all. It was to make ME look better, to make ME think I was doing something important—it was very hidden. Jane Hart didn’t know that, she thought she was doing wonderful things for all these people, “Aren’t I great, aren’t I appreciated!” And when they took that down and made me look at the ugly truth of that, I just cried my eyes out and said, “OH my god, God, take me on because I think that I am a piece of shit here, and there is nothing that I have ever done in this lifetime that has ever been pure love. Teach me pure love, God!”

Then I started desiring pure love—PURE LOVE—not with any attachments. Not with any desire to get anything special out of it. I wanted true love and I wanted to know what true love was. And it took me 21 years—21 years—21 YEARS to be PURE, 100% PURE OF MY LOVE. By the time I met you all, I was in that pure love state. Any service I gave was service with NO attachment.

If I had an attachment, it was to help you—to help you to help yourself. That’s what I care about, and that’s all I ever cared about, because this job I have is not for you to like me, because most of the time you won’t like me, because I’m going to pull those things apart in you that are keeping you stuck. And those things that are in you that are keeping you stuck are your precious gold that you want to keep hidden.

You want to keep your good feelings about yourself, and when I start tearing that wall down, you don’t like it! When I start saying, “No, look at what you’re doing, stop it!” And you can say, “I didn’t like that very well, I’m going to go home and cry and be all upset. I don’t like her at all. She doesn’t love me, she doesn’t care about me.”

So, you know you have to be without any, any ego in it, because there can’t be any ego in it at all or you can’t help anyone. It has to be pure love at the level I live in. Why am I doing a retreat … because it would be so much fun to see everybody? NO. NO, I’m giving a retreat because it’s for YOU. I’m hoping to yank you through a knothole. I’m hoping to tear you down as best I can. So, don’t come in here and think that I’m not going to be on you like a tiger. If I see something, I’m going to call it, because you all have got to move! You have to move through, and many of you have been stuck—stuck in your own little ball game, in your own little selves, own little egos. And I’ll tell you, cancel your tickets if you don’t want to come here, because I’m not going to be a loving little teacher that loves you and tells you how wonderful you are—NO! That would be such a disservice to you. That would be absolutely not loving you or caring for you AT ALL.

I want to support you to move in consciousness and if you’re stuck in a thought-form or an ego-centric thing, I’m going to poke it and kick it out as best I can and you will not like me! And the more you don’t like me, the more you KNOW I hit target. You’re going to know when it goes, “OH!” like that. You’re going to know I hit the target, because you’re not going to be very happy about it. But, you’re going to move and you will thank me someday, like I thanked my teachers over and over … “thank you, thank you, thank you, for never letting me get away with anything … never letting me get away with anything, I love you!”

And I’ll tell you, an OUT-OF-BODY TEACHER will never let you get away with anything, and your OUT-OF-BODY TEACHERS are really pushing me to push you, because I’m in-body, and they know where they have you and they know where you’re missing the mark, and they know where they need you to be six months from now, or two weeks from now, or a year from now in consciousness. And they’re going to put the pressure on you necessary to move you forward, and since you’ve been with an OUT-OF-BODY TEACHER for a year now or more, that OUT-OF-BODY TEACHER is pressuring me to pressure you.

I want to move your consciousness. Your personality, I don’t give anything for. Your personalities are plastic. They are just a big piece of plastic. You’ve had dozens of personalities in many lifetimes. They’re pieces of plastic that aren’t real—they are absolutely NOT REAL. And you’ve got to get that straight! You are a piece of plastic … you are not real! You think you’re real … you’re living in the reality of these plastic bodies thinking it’s all of great importance. It is not, it is a piece of plastic!

And I mean it, it is only a piece of plastic, that if we put a torch to it, it’s going to burn to pieces. Well, I plan to put a torch to it and burn it to pieces if at all possible. But you have free will. You have free will here, and I can poke at you and you can go home and feel very sad and sorry for yourselves. “Oh, I thought I was going to feel, ‘yay, yay, yay, yay, yay,’ Oh, that was so wonderful, I really got a lot out of that. Oh wow!”

NO. I hope you go back home with your tail between your legs and say, “Oh shit, I have a lot of work to do.”

Then I feel like I’ve done my job, because I want you to feel the pressure that you are under to get out of the third dimensional law of cause and effect. And it’s just going to be just as hard to stay in the third dimension to deal with cause and effect as it is to to deal with this cause and effect. And you’re going to end up a better consciousness and Being because of it! You want to hang onto the old things that you think are so important—well, you’re going to die someday and they’re going to die with you, so why not give them up while you still can see them and you’re still conscious.

You have to be conscious to do this work. You have to be in a body to do this work. You will have to come back in another lifetime to do this work! Why not do it now when you have a Teacher sitting here talking to you? Supporting you, helping you, pushing you, because it’s not fun being stuck in the third dimension and you know what your life is like! How many times a day have you been upset over the world and yourselves and the things that are happening in your life? How many times!? Probably a dozen. Hopefully you have enough spiritual understanding that you are observing that and working through it.

That’s why that observer self…why I have been pushing on that for years, and years and years, so that you’ll be so good at your observer self that you aren’t going to let a darn thing get by you. Not one kind of crappy thing that you did get by you. And hopefully you have done enough work on yourself that when you come, I can really help (with) some huge, huge, huge roots and pull up a root for you.

You’ve been chopping down and chopping down and chopping down, and now I want to yank the root out of you, if you will let me. And you can go home and say, “Yay.” Don’t come, cancel, you’re better off, don’t spend the money, don’t bother because you’re going to go home not happy if you think you’re going to be entertained for two days. You will not be entertained for two days. It is not a joy trip. It’s not a “Let’s go see everybody and drink, swim, walk in the sand…” You may do that, but it’s not the purpose of any of this.

And I want to bond the group together. I’m going to let different people go out to dinner with each other. I’ve got a game plan for each and every one of you so that you can get a little sense of everyone—the honesty with everyone. Now that you’ve been in these groups for almost a year—these little groups.

This is an important, important trip that you’re taking. That’s why I say get your house cleaned up. Get your house cleaned up because that means you’re getting things in order so when you come, you can go back to a clean house, ready to do your work. Instead of getting into a dirty house, a junkie, stuff all over the place or you pushed it under the bed or in the closet and the house is “clean.” Ha ha ha. I’ll tell you what’s happened there … you’ve wasted a lot of time cleaning that stuff out that you could have cleaned out before you came, because you’re going to have to go home and you’re not going to get the lessons because you didn’t do your homework.

It’s really silly to say, what does your closet look like—“Well, I shoved everything in the closet. I wanted to get everything out of the way, but my house really looks great.” NO! Top to bottom! Inside/outside! Important! I’m cleaning MY house. I’m reorganizing, I’m moving stuff around, everything is being changed as much as needs to be changed in this house, because I want to walk away, after the retreat, with a clean house and say, “OK, here it is. I‘ve done what I needed to do.” I’m bringing you into the new energy, not the energy that was here two weeks ago/three weeks ago.

Hopefully, I’ve cleaned it all up and I’m busy, busy scrubbing the corners. And I say, hopefully you are doing the same. If you say, “Oh, I haven’t had time to do it.” Make time! If anybody hasn’t had time to do it, it’s me! I’m busy every single day and yet I’ve found time to do this so you can find time to do it. I do not believe for one minute that you don’t have time. Lazy, yes. Time is important to you. Priorities are important. Clean the house, scrub the floors, vacuum the corners, get that work done.

Very important—as above, so below. You can’t move around in a dirty house. If you have a bunch of junk in your refrigerator that has to be tossed, if you have a bunch of junk in your pantry that’s been sitting there for a while, get rid of it. If you’re on a diet and you don’t want to get fat, get rid of all the food in your house that will make you fat. Or don’t do that, keep it in there, it’s quite alright with me, but you’re not going to move much—uh, uh. You’ll bring your ‘slow but sure’ self, and it will be the methodical moving forward like a lumbering, lumbering forward … I’m lumbering forward, blah, blah, blah.

Well, it has to be dynamic—dynamic—DYNAMIC coming! Bring your dynamic self here. That part of you will do the work. It sees the value. If by now I haven’t shown you the value of this work, then I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what else to do. I don’t know how else to push you forward. I don’t know.

So, I’m going to give my very, very best effort when you’re here. This time I’ll try and do it one more time to get through to you all, because I know that the good is there. I know that the desire is there. I know that there is a will that’s there, and I’m picking up on it and pushing it. Don’t let your limited-self get in the way, because man, does the ego just love, love, love itself. It just gets so put upon. “Oh, I’ve got so much work to do. Oh, oh, oh! Oh!”

If you have children or you don’t have children, you always feel like there’s too much work to do. There’s never enough time to do it. Learn to go on beyond the opposites and beyond time and space! It’s a lot easier. It’s a lot easier. So, life is what you’re going to make it, guys. You’ve got another week to get your acts together. And some of you don’t have your acts together yet. And you will know who you are. I don’t have to call you out on it … you know who you are. You know how you procrastinate and so do I. So, figure out where are you with all of this? Are you leaving things until the last minute?

If you do, you’re going to be lost. You’re not going to get out what you need from this retreat. Be prepared. I mean prepared: mind, body and consciousness. Be open. And you can decide how you want to suffer: moving out of the third dimension or staying in it. You’re going to have suffering, period—end of report. I’d rather have the suffering of moving out of the third than staying in, because the only thing that’s going to happen is you’re going to have another lifetime of suffering … until finally you get it through your head that there’s something MORE! And start to move out of this wonderful, third dimensional world that doesn’t have anything for you except what you imagine is there, which is only in your imagination.

That’s all it is, it’s your imagination. You imagine all kinds of stuff. You imagine all kinds of crap. Some good stuff, some bad stuff, some in-between stuff, but you have a great imagination. Your imagination creates all kinds of thought-forms. Your imagination can tell you that your spouse is cheating on you. Maybe he isn’t at all, but your imagination can feed you and make you believe that. Oh my god, you’d bet $1000 on it.

Better you intuit and understand from a higher degree what’s going on and know it from a higher dimension, because this dimension, it lies and lies and lies and lies. You lie to yourself all the time. You lie to yourself to make yourself right sometimes. You lie to yourself to make yourself wrong sometimes.

So, it’s up to you. It’s just up to you. And I’m sorry that (student) isn’t on this line and (student). And I’m sure (student) is going to listen to this well, but I hope the other three listen to this because it’s an important thing, preparing. It’s a preparation.

If you only knew, if you only knew how simple it is when you surrender and let go and take responsibility. It’s so much easier than the fight you have with it. The ego will carry you all kinds of ways. It will tell you you’re not perfect and you can never be perfect, so give up. Or, “I am so perfect, wow, wow.” That’s a lie, too. Perfect for what? Perfect. That’s a joke! I laugh at those ones who have to be perfect. They are the biggest, funniest people in the world because they are such fools and they fool themselves 24/7 … 24/7. And that’s their way of getting out of work, “I can’t do it perfectly, so I’m not cleaning my house.” Or “I can’t do it perfectly, so I can’t do my homework. I can’t do it perfectly because blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!”

Don’t we love being perfect, according to us, according to the person that’s thinking it. It’s a bunch of shit! It’s crap! There’s no such thing as perfect, because perfect is in the opposites and the opposites aren’t true! So, why are you worrying about that? Why are you putting yourself through that? So, you can put yourself through as much as you want to and you cannot move then … goodie, goodie, you don’t have to move. You don’t have to get out of yourself, you don’t have to do a thing! You can just sit back and say, “I’m so unhappy.” NO! Get off it! Get off it now!

I really desire with all my heart, with all my heart and soul, to help you to help yourself … to have new glasses on to see things new. And see things in the higher purpose, not in the lower purpose. The lower … by now, you know you’re under karma, you know you’re creating your future life with what you’re doing now and your desires. You know the truth of all that. So, you’re not dumb! You’re not like the person next door or down the street from you that doesn’t know that! You know it!

So, there’s no excuses for a person to know that. It’s like the drunk, “I know if I take a drink, I’m going to be hooked back. I’m going to try it, maybe this time it won’t have the same effect.” Well, you know that’s not true. You know that will haunt. Pretty soon, leads to ten and now I have to get sober again and start all over again.

Well, this is the same with you with whatever you are doing that creates that kind of continuously circling the same problem over and over again, and trying to change it without changing yourself. It doesn’t work.

So, I don’t think I can say anymore to you. It’s a quarter to eight and let’s have a meditation. I really am looking forward to seeing everybody. I truly am. I love you very, very much or I wouldn’t be bothering with you, I’ll tell you. It would be a lot easier not to bother with it at all. But, I’d rather be with you than anyone else in the world. I’d rather be with you next weekend. I’d rather be with you guys more than anyone else in the world … you’re the ones I want to be with.

You’re the ones that have loved me. You’re the ones that worked. And you’re the ones that are going to change. You’re the ones that are going to carry the Light for the future. You’re the ones that are worth my time and my effort and my love. You are worth it. And so, with that said, it will be my joy to see you, because I love and honor you, and let us meditate.