As you meditate, you "plow the soil n of your mind so spiritual seeds can be planted. The results will "sprout" over time, and new ideas will filter into your consciousness. Revelations will come and change your perspectives. You will begin to understand things you didn't comprehend before.

You also sow by taking steps. Take action and let go of the outcome. Remove your ego from the results. Much of your life is about sowing seeds for the future. For instance, if you are looking for a house, maybe those houses you look at are not any that you're going to buy, but eventually you come upon the one that is best for you. You sowed for the right and perfect house. In the same manner, the right and perfect job comes by applying and interviewing. You sow many seeds as you move along your life plan. Each effort moves you toward the best situation for you.

None of your efforts are in vain, they are all part of the sowing process. When you are seeking anything, be it a job, a car, a relationship -- just sow and see what happens. Don't get hung up on the possible outcome or be overly disappointed that you don't get the job, the girl or the guy. Don't dwell on feelings of guilt and failure. Release the results to God Take action with all your heart and soul, then let go and accept the results, whatever they may be. This sense of detachment is an important skill!

Being detached doesn't mean being apathetic and uncaring about people and situations. Quite to the contrary, you can love move since you are not limited by your expectations about how people and events must be. It is a tricky balance to be 100% in the moment, fully embracing your current circumstances and future possibilities -- while at the same time being prepared to release those things at a moment's notice and move on to greater possibilities for your life. Be patient with yourself as you develop this delicate balance!!

When you have asked for guidance and received an answer, go forward, but give the results to God. In this way you won't make any more karma for yourself! When you're attached to the outcome, you create more karma for yourself -- since you'll be disappointed and will have desires that will need to be fulfilled later. It's hard to do because you can be self-righteous about gaining certain results from your guidance. If you don't get the results you expected, it doesn't mean you weren't following true guidance or that God isn't supporting you. God can give you a message to do one thing, and the results will come along much later. You won't even realized the two things were connected! Just take action and then let go! Otherwise, you spend lots of time being needlessly unhappy about your life.

Whenever you can move through an experience that isn't unfolding as you think it should, you are sowing for something better. Nothing is ever lost in God -- especially if your heart is sincere and you want to do what's best. You never lose! Say "Thank You God!" about everything. The energy of gratitude will propel you forward and will open many doors for you. Instead of being angry about what's happening, stand back and said, "Thank You God! What are the best actions for me to take right now?" You probably won't receive the answer you expect, but follow the advise if it passes the four question guidance test.