Imagine a thermometer that measures your state of consciousness. "0" is the lowest consciousness you can possibly achieve, and "10" is God Consciousness and union with your soul. "5" is the border line between your higher consciousness and your lower consciousness.
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You have to balance your emotions and walk the thin line between the opposites. For example, you can't be swept away by romantic illusions nor can you hate intensely. The opposites pull you into Karmic patterns by getting your emotions riled up.

Your ego plays with you and holds you back by shuttling you back and forth between emotional opposites. Then you are distracted from the truth of the problem, the root cause and also from the highest spiritual solution. The ego doesn't want a spiritual solution because it's tricks won't work anymore and it will lose another piece of power over you!

If you are below "the 5", you need to take charge of your emotions and get up "above the 5", where you are more centered and feel the Presence of God. Call your soul and say, "Help me! I don't want to be stuck. I am "below 5" and I want to move up the scale!" Emotions are very gluey. They hold you back as if you're stuck in molasses. You can't get out of yourself long enough to see what you need to do.

It is important to develop an arsenal of spiritual thoughts to help yourself get "above the 5". Try to have a few friends who will also let you know when you are "below the 5", and will support you in getting out of your Karmic dramas.

Sometimes you win feel that you have mastered a portion of yourself, and you'll be surprised to suddenly find yourself back in the behavior. It can be necessary to drop low again in order to explore a new angle of healing and clear the issue up from a deeper perspective. Rather than becoming discouraged about your "failure", recognize that this behavior has dropped you "below the 5" and say, "OK God, what piece of this do I need to understand now? What else am I ready to see about this?" God might be sending you into your lower consciousness to "scoop something out".

When you get into a tough spot remember to say, "Thank You God!" That is a powerful statement because it changes the energy so you can lift yourself out of the drama and confusion to see the highest spiritual action to take.

Unless you have a challenge, you don't know what you're capable of. Your problems aren't awful -- they are the most wonderful tools to push you forward! Make up your mind how long you will be negative about the problem. If you choose an hour, worry all you want for that 60 minutes, then let it go and be-open for the solution and for the spiritual lesson behind the situation. Find the opportunity for growth by embracing the trouble! That's how you use your free will. Will you mope or will you call upon the support of the Universe to help you see the truth of your soul behind the problem? When you take that sort of responsibility, the entire Universe will help you shed light on the issue and to move you ahead in consciousness.