It is important to develop the ability to be an objective observer of your life plan, and not merely a subjective victim, automatically reacting to the events in your life. You will become less involved with your life in an agitated way. You will still be connected to yourself and others in a lovingly balanced manner.

Step back and observe your behaviors, so that you can be in charge of your life, rather than merely reacting to problems. Once you begin reacting, you are not thinking clearly. Drama will never support your life plan, it merely propels your ego.

Get out of your emotions. Don't make decisions when you are emotionally involved in the problem! You'll never get the right answer, since you can hear any God In-Put. It will be drowned out by the roar of your emotions. But when you get clear, you can receive the God In-Put and you will make the decision that benefits all the people involved in the best way possible. Getting out of drama is very important because it stops Karma. It helps you see a way out of the present Karma and keeps you from creating more Karma in the future.

When you start to feel, "Oh, this is too much!", say to yourself, “I have all the equipment I need to handle this situation. If I meditate, I can contact my soul, get into a state of clear thinking and I will intuitively know how to handle this situation."

By being in touch with your life plan, you can make balanced choices. You won't take actions based in anger, sadness or over-excitement So many "choices" you make are merely reactions to Karma. That's not freedom! That's being in your ego, not your soul. It is far better to move ahead with clarity -- and to love and forgive people as you progress.