Steps in Spiritual Awareness

From "Words from the Hart"
April 2008 - May 2011
by Jane Elizabeth

Awareness Brings Revelation

March 26, 2009
Spiritual growth progresses as we take small steps in awareness. With each step comes a revelation which leads to a greater understanding. Our consciousness then expands and lays the ground work for another revelation to come forth.

Expanding Consciousness

August 19, 2008
The goal for all of us is to not limit our consciousness but to expand our understanding of what lies beyond our limited self and seek a more elevated state of awareness which will advance our soul.

Welcome Every Opportunity to Grow

March 16, 2010
We are never put into circumstances which are insurmountable. Our soul is completely attuned and capable of taking the challenge on. Situations are in our life to help us evolve to a higher state of awareness.

Action to take: Welcome every situation or problem that comes your way with,
"Thank you for this opportunity to learn and grow into God consciousness."