Jane Elizabeth
Strong Desire Moves Consciousness

You kind of want to, but you’re kind of scared and you kind of want to do something, but you’re not sure. And you’re kind of pushing on yourself and you’re kind of taking two steps back on your feelings and your consciousness and that’s when you really get in the mire of the situation.

So your desire to move always has to be stronger than your desire not to move. Many, many, many times we are put in that situation where we desire, like the alcoholic that finally says, “I’ve got to get sober; I’ve got to do it; I am at the bottom end.” That’s the one that’s going to use the help it’s getting and move forward. We as souls are like that also. We have to get to that point that we want to move so badly and we want to have what is in our life taken care of so bad that we feel so down and out that we just know that we have to move out of the consciousness that we’re in. That’s when we can be moved out of something.

But it can’t be, “I’d like to do this but there are three or four things before I do that.” It doesn’t work that way. It works only with our desire and tenacity to do that because that gives you the momentum to take the step … the Master, the Teacher to be able to sort it out and push you. You always have free will. I’m always looking at how much of your free will you want to have here and still take your step. Do you follow this here? (Student requests deeper explanation….)

You want to be free of X, Y, Z. But if there is a part of you that is lingering in the enjoyment, the needing it to make yourself ok … on the spiritual journey, you have total free will. Your free will belongs to you. At the beginning, I said, of your spiritual journey…

What I am having trouble with here, by talking about that is that I have all these diverse souls sitting here looking at me. It’s so hard for me to simplify something that’s so complex to the individual. If I make a general statement, it’s too vast and it doesn’t fit. Because you all have a certain will, everybody has a part of them that has made certain decisions of their lives … from the past and playing out their game of life right now in the present.
In order to truly to be able to change karmic pieces for you, which I have done for all of you at different times, and that is indeed the truth, or erase things or move you beyond things, I’ve already been doing that for 17 or 18 years because I have connected with your desire to do something that is stronger than your desire not to do something.

I’m trying to make something so complex into a general statement, and it cannot be a general statement! It’s impossible. Because you’re all individual, you’re all moving. What I did with [student], that particular thing, her soul was ready to overcome. So that is why that whole thing got smashed like it did. But, [student] is not ready for that yet. That would be unfair for me to try and do something with her that she is not prepared for, but she IS preparing for.

[Student] and [student], you have been preparing for certain things. My spiritual partner had been preparing [student] for certain things. [Student] is being prepared in certain ways. I think many, many years ago we talked about you having your own office and you having your own clients and you having the things coming into fruition for you. Now is the hour, it wasn’t the time four months ago, it wasn’t the time four months ago. The time is now, you see. This is the time that everything is lined up … you might say the stars are lined up, everything was in perfect alignment for you to do this. You were spiritually prepared. You were consciously prepared. You were physically prepared. You were emotionally prepared and also you were educated to do that which you need to do. So you had all those things aligned and now comes the time you have your own counseling service and now you’re read to bring in those souls who need support and love from you.
So, you have come into this thing and have been working very hard over many, many years to let go of your own fear of going out on your own, so to speak, standing up on your own, and doing that which is yours to do and that’s the thing that has all come together. Those are the things that have to be aligned to make movement.
I talk about free will. All the things I do with [student], [student] and [student] and with all of you in one way or another, you had the strongest desire to do it and it was time to move it forward.

I don’t know if that’s helpful or not. It’s so hard to talk about generally when you’ve got all different souls at different levels of development.

I will say probably we’ve been here [in Orlando] a month, and in a month, these 18-20 days, and I’m not sure because it comes when it comes…I give a dissertation. And I am talking in my dissertations, I will be sending them to [student] to type up … I am speaking from God-consciousness and what it is like to be in God-consciousness and what it’s like to be in a third dimensional world … maybe [student] can talk about it better than I can…

(Student speaking)
What I would say, as Jane Elizabeth continues to evolve into the Seventh plane, she is not with us more and more on the third plane, even though her body is here, she is really on a different plane. Jane is explaining what it is like on the Seventh plane of consciousness and have to live in a body and exist on a third plane of consciousness. What it is like for her to make adjustments, and to be able to walk, to be able to just really exist in this environment. Also other observations that she has and other realizations that she continues to move forward and move us forward as she is evolving.

(Jane Elizabeth speaking):
It’s been one of these things where I’m speaking on being on another plane of consciousness talking about why it’s important that you evolve and how much better it is to be in this other state of being rather that this relative state of being that you’re in.

I think once I talked to [student] about the fact that my spiritual partner and I moved so far from the third dimension into the fourth and further that it was very hard for us to relate to third dimensional situations. I remember saying to [student], would you write a book on the bridge from the third to the fourth. I tried to write a bridge of the third to the fourth, (laughing) and it’s interesting! The observations and what it’s like to be in another whole state of being that is so far removed from what a third dimensional person thinks or feels.

However I can appreciate where you’re coming from, but I think you’re really silly (laughing)!! I think it’s really silly for you to get caught up in little problems and little thoughts of “me, I, what’s happening to me and how other people are affecting me and how I feel because that person is affecting me!”

Be it your job, like [student] who doesn’t care for her job and she has to be there and there’s people affecting her and she’s sleeping through all of this as we can see (laughing and laughing!). Good morning, it’s morning! She’s sleeping, that’s ok; she must have had a hard day today.

Nevertheless, it’s just interesting because I see such a bigger picture … why are you focusing on this although I understand it because I know where you are, but there is something so much greater, so much more to your existence. Which one of you would choose to go back to being an animal? Like your dog or your cats, or whatever … which one of you would choose to go back to being an animal? None of you! None of you would choose that! Why?

Because that’s a relative state of consciousness you no longer want to be in. You wouldn’t know how to be in it! Because you’ve come so far in the consciousness you’re in and through many of the evolutions that you’ve had. So you would never in a thousand years want to go back to that limited thinking, you’d go nuts if you had to go back to that limited-thinking consciousness. In fact it would be a disservice to your soul … it would never happen anyway.

I guess what I’m trying to get across to you tonight, is, yes, I hear your problems. Yes I hear you are on a roller coaster. It’s difficult when you’re on the roller coaster because your emotions are on the roller coaster. Your emotions are big time on the roller coaster. I am so grateful to you all that you realized that you are on the roller coaster. So many people do not even recognize that they are on one when they don’t even know what is going on in their life.

So, you’ve come a long way of observing yourself and recognizing, yes you are on a roller coaster this week. So you have to sort things out and come out on a higher level. I can listen to you, sympathize with you, like you can with your children when they hurt their knee and they’re bleeding … bandage it up, kiss it, tell them they are going to be ok … But you can’t do it for them. You can’t take that pain. You can’t take that on because it’s impossible.

I guess it’s so hard to talk about, the other dimensions of being. And the reason I’m trying so hard to talk about this, this last month is because being in a physical body when you’re so far out of a physical body, is a very interesting experience. That’s why I’m writing about it. I know there’s going to be a time where you will be where I am and you’re going to have to make those adjustments and this way there is talk about this.

I was asking [student] the other day, if she read anything with Meyer Baba and this is what she said:

(Student speaking)
What I said was, Baba said his leg, his thigh area, almost became like stone, because in order for him to be here in the third dimension he had to keep hitting his leg to keep himself centered so he could stay here. He was so far beyond the third dimension. His whole thigh become like a rock.

(Jane Elizabeth speaking)
It’s just that this last month, I had to constantly pull myself into my body, pull myself into what I am doing. Some days I do better than other days. Some days I just AM — Another whole level. On other days when I do come down, I am focused and I get 25 things done. And that’s what happens. I may be up here, but when I do land, I will move a mountain in just a short time. Or move you in just a short time. Everything is faster where and quicker I live than where you live.

I am trying to adjust to being able to be of service to you and bring the energy down. Plus the fact that so much of me is off in a totally different place doing something totally different from being here now. I am trying to bring it into words because there have not been that many Masters that have spoken of this, they don’t write about this. Maybe Meyer Baba talked to his group but they were never able to write about this because who would understand it? Only pieces of it which you understand.

I’m probably talking nonsense to you. I am sorry. I am having trouble making sense of what I’m trying to tell you. But just bear with me and I’ll get my act together one of these days (laughing!) I love my life! I love my life; it’s wonderful! I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else or do anything else, not to have the kind of worries you have! Not to have the concerns! Maybe my life is: oh I fall and hurt my finger, so what … it doesn’t matter a bit; it doesn’t change who I am; it doesn’t change my essence or my peace of mind or my beingness AT ALL! It doesn’t change it, it just simply is. It’s so much easier to live in this.
I’m trying if anything to encourage you to keep going; I wouldn’t want you to not succeed. My goal is for you to succeed this lifetime to that greater state of being. Because you never, ever want to go back to human-hood because that human-hood is so in the third dimension and so in the opposites ALL THE TIME [big sigh!] So why don’t we meditate in the higher consciousness.