It is common to view God as a father who supports and helps. It's an important phase of spiritual growth, but there comes a time when you must leave that concept behind and begin to take responsibility for your own soul -- rather than thinking someone else is going to come along and fix it all for you! Learn to support and help yourself so you can begin to master yourself It's one thing to study spiritual topics, to read books and go to classes -- but then the time comes where you have to do it and put your spiritual' education into action. You can't say, “Oh, God, I don't know how to forgive, do it for me." You must take responsibility and do it yourself. You master parts of yourself by taking action. You're far more capable than you ever guessed! There is no separation between you and God! When you set out on your spiritual journey, God appears to be separated from you. It will take years to fully realize that you are one with God. You will realize this through your entire being, not just as an idea or concept in your mind. It won't happen all in one day. It is a gradual movement in consciousness.

It takes hard work to move into the next dimension of being, but moving forward in consciousness is a wonderful thing, because it makes you want to do it more. The more you know and understand and the more your soul gets excited about these revelations.

Recognize that you've put certain experiences in your life plan so that you can become awakened! I always thought becoming awakened was a one-time thing. I thought I would suddenly be in God. But that's not what happens. You have to work. Awakening is a gradual process. Every time you wake up to a new consciousness, it only means that there is another one coming. It gets frightening to go forward, you don't have the security of staying with something familiar. It's easier to have everything in it's cozy little place so you have the illusion of being totally in control of your life! But God comes in and pushes you to take another step.